Neobet – Betting Site Review 2024

Although very new to the world of betting, Neobet has everything that a regular punter in India will be looking for in his sportsbook. The sportsbook was established in the year 2018, precisely 4 years back. Ever since then, it has only amassed a massive fan base among the people of India for being one of the most competitive sportsbooks out there. Our Rating /100
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With the emergence of so many sportsbooks over the past couple of years, most of the iGaming websites fail to stand out due to the lack of innovation. While some offer a great user interface, others offer a vast range of betting markets.

However, for punters to have a smooth gambling experience, certain criteria need to be met for the iGaming site to stand out. So today, we will be looking into one of the most popular sportsbooks which is well-known for being an innovative operator for gambling in India – Neobet.

Neobet’s official quarters are based in Germany and is as popular for punters in Germany as it is in India. Neobet also offers an app for its users so that they can opt for mobile betting through their iOS or Android devices.

Pros & Cons of Using Neobet

If you want to have an overall idea about Neobet, the best way to do it would be by glancing through its pros and cons list. You can simply decide whether or not you want to read into the details by taking a quick look at the pros, as well as the cons of a particular iGaming website.

Plus, this will save you a lot of time, especially if you are in a hurry to sign up for a top-notch iGaming website in India.


So let us begin with the pros of Neobet, shall we?

  • The biggest pro of an iGaming website like Neobet is that it offers a good range of sporting events for its punters. Let’s face it, it is not fun to place bets for a minimal number of events available at a website. This limits a punters ability to try out different sorts of games. Luckily, Neobet offers a wider range of sports for its punters.
  • The extensive list of betting markets is another reason why punters should sign up at Neobet.
  • It is important for sportsbooks to have a great user interface as it allows punters to navigate through the website easily.
  • Neobet is a secured iGaming platform that uses state of the art encryption for its users. This is why bettors can easily place their bets on this website without having to worry about any sort of security breach.


  • Neobet doesn’t offer a separate casino platform for users who do not want to place bets on sporting events.
₹8000 Welcome Offer 100% on First Deposit
/100 Rating

Which Markets Does Neobet Cover?

Without an extensive list of betting markets, sportsbooks aren’t generally able to attract as many users as they would want to. This is why it is essential for sportsbooks to have a wide list of betting markets to offer to their punters.

Did you know that most punters who visit a new iGaming website determine whether they want to sign up or not based on the number of betting markets offered by the sportsbook?

Luckily, for Neobet punters all over India, the sportsbook offers a vast range of betting markets for its Indian bettors. What’s more is that it also has a massive number of sports to bet on, which can keep punters hooked to the betting events for hours.

Some of the sports events that you can bet on include – football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, American football, table tennis, rugby, volleyball, Aussie rules, darts, handball, snooker, cricket, mixed martial arts, bandy, boxing, floorball, field hockey, squash etc.

neo bet india betting Sports betting Indian offer

For all of these sports mentioned above, punters will be able to discover multiple events every day, which are updated regularly. For example, in the time of writing, basketball itself had 76 matches in total for punters to bet on.

Another sport that is as popular as cricket and football in India is ice hockey. It had around 133 matches available for bettors at the time of writing. On any given day, an Indian bettor can browse through the sports section to take a look at the events that are available for the day.

What’s more, since there are so many sports available to bet on, the bookmaker often updates the betting markets to keep things fresh and interesting for bettors. So for any preferred sports like table tennis or volleyball, for example, you will be able to bet on numerous betting markets.

List of Markets

At Neobet, you can find some of the biggest sporting events that are available at other A-grade betting sites available in India. This helps punters with their fear of missing out as they can bet on the most popular sports taking place all around the world.

Some of the most common yet popular betting markets for these events include the following:

Moneyline Betting

Different types of betting markets exist to make the betting scene more profitable for bettors in India. One of these profitable betting markets includes moneyline betting.

If you didn’t already know, moneyline betting is one of the most common types of betting markets available in the betting industry. If you want to place a moneyline bet at Neobet, you will be able to discover quite a number of sports offering this specific type of betting market.

Moneyline bets have been a part of the betting world for a long time now. In a moneyline bet, the number of outcomes will depend on the specific sort of sports you are betting on. However, in most cases, there are only three outcomes to bet on.

An example of moneyline betting includes where a bettor will have to place his bets on one of the two teams playing a game of basketball, MMA fights or boxing. Due to no point spread in this type of betting, the moneyline bet is actually a lot less complicated than any other type of betting.

If you play your cards right, chances are that you can bag in huge amounts of profit from a moneyline bet on any of the sports it made available for.

Spread Betting

Did you know that spread betting is the second most common type of betting used by punters after the moneyline betting due to its simple rules?

In a classic spread bet, the punters have to place their bet on a value that is either higher or lower than the one that has been fixed by the bookmaker. Although spread bets are generally made available for the most prominent iGaming sites in India, it is now accessible to most punters in India due to its immense popularity.

However, there are certain formulae that you have to note down before you can place a spread bet at Neobet or any other gambling website for that matter.

For selling a spread you will need to use the following formula:

(Selling Price – Result) x Stake = Win/Loss

For buying a spread, you will be required to use this formula:

(Result – Buying Price) x Stake = Win/Loss

And as for the odds, the usual odds amount is set at -110 for any gambling website for spread betting in India.

Apart from basketball, you will also be able to find the spread bet for exotic games to bet in India like rugby. in Test /100
  • Excellent cricket portfolio
  • First-class bonus in two attractive editions
  • Modern website with innovative operation
₹8000 Welcome Offer Visit

Special Betting Market for Football

Although Neobet is extremely popular and has multiple events available for sports like cricket, tennis, basketball, it also has a considerable amount of events available for footballers in India.

In fact, the website was offering a total of 475 matches at the time of writing. This is higher than any other betting matches available on the Neobet Website.

Some of the most popular betting markets for football at Neobet includes the following:

1 x2 Betting

The reason why 1 x 2 betting is so popular at Neobet is that it has the simplest rules that the entire betting scene has to offer to its users. In terms of availability, one can find 1×2 betting in almost all of the betting sites available for Indian punters. 1×2 betting is also known as 3 way betting as it has a total of 3 outcomes available for its users.

Some of the most common sports which offer 1×2 betting includes football, cricket etc. The three outcomes for 1 x2 betting includes a win for the away team, a win for the home team and a draw.

In general, there are three different types of 1×2 bets available for punters in India, which includes the following – 1×2 First Half, 1 x2 Second Half and 1 x2 Handicap.

If you are new to sports betting and are looking for an easy bet to make at any preferred sporting event, you could, without a doubt place a 1×2 bet. Moreover, as this is an extremely popular yet common type of bet, one can find plenty of innovative betting markets offered for 1×2 betting by bookmakers at Neobet.

Over Under

In case you are looking to place bets that will ensure you lucrative wins, then you could try out the over under betting at Neobet. If we had to give you an overview of what the over under bets are really like, it would somewhat be phrased in the following manner – in an over under bet, a value is set by the bookmaker for the event you are betting on.

Now, the punter will either place a bet on the value over or under the one set by the bookmaker. The over under betting is also known as totals bet in case you are being unable to look it up on different betting sites.

An easy way of looking for the kind of bet you are looking for is to use a betting exchange website. Although you will have to pay a small commission for using a betting exchange, it is still helpful in the sense that you do not have to spend a lot of time looking for your preferred betting type.

The over under bets are available for a bunch of sporting events such as soccer, ice hockey as well as football.


A handicap is a type of betting which offers the underdog team an advantage over the favourite team. This is because if you had to place a bet on two teams that have an evident difference in their skill set, it would be pretty boring to place a bet on them. Mostly because you already know which team is going to win.

Through handicap betting, the advantage that is given to the underdog team creates a balance between both teams, giving the underdog team a head start.

Live / In-Play Betting

If you head to the Neobet website, you will find a number of features that are available for their punters. One of these features includes the live betting option.

neo bet sports betting live Live sports betting

If you have been placing bets for a long time, then you already know about the perks of live betting. You can ask any regular punter and you would get to know how much more fun live betting is when compared to any other type of betting.

Fortunately, Neobet offers a number of live betting events for its bettors in India. For example, if you want to bet on live cricket games, you will find popular events like the international test matches, twenty20 big bash leagues, as well as the New Zealand Ford Trophy under their live betting feature for cricket.

If you do not like cricket, you will also be able to place bets on sports like football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, table tennis, volleyball etc. Bonus
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Offers/ Bonus/ Promotions

Every sportsbook offers enticing bonus offers or promotions for visitors in order to get more of them to sign up at the Neobet website. Just like any other sportsbooks available in India, Neobet also offers a bunch of bonus offers for its punters in India.

neobet bonus

For example, it offers a handsome welcome bonus for players who make their first deposits at Neobet. Their welcome bonus requires you to place 2000 INR as a deposit in your betting account and lets you win an extra 4000 INR. This means that once you have made the deposit, you will have a total amount of 6000 INR to start placing your bets with.


It is crucial for any betting site to offer some of the best and most competitive odds for Neobet. The better the odds, the better the profit margin for punters to benefit from. Since most of the events contain decimal odds, it is very easy for punters to get a good grasp on the odds.

Even if this is your first time placing a bet at an iGaming platform, you can get a hang of the odds pretty easily!

Moreover, the bookmakers at Neobet are working 24/7 to make the best odds possible for bettors to take advantage of. However, it is slightly difficult to specify the odds for all of the events since Neobet offers plenty.


Everything has been digitalized in the past few years. So much so that even gambling sites now offer dedicated apps for their users to make use of. This eliminates the task of having to open up your desktop every time you want to place a bet at Neobet.

neo bet mobile app Mobile app

What’s more, if you want, you can also place your deposits and request withdrawals through the mobile app offered by Neobet. If you are an Android or iOS user, you will be able to use the mobile app in order to place bets, check the odds or make use of any other feature that is available to you in the desktop format.

VIP Program

Neobet also offers VIP services for some of its punters which gives them access to some of the best bonus offers at Neobet. So, if you want to avail of additional bonus offers through Neobet, we suggest you try out their VIP membership which will open doors to some of the best bonus offers, as well as promotions available in the entire gambling industry.

Operating License

The Neobet website is licensed by one of the best licensing authorities available for the iGaming websites – Malta Gambling Authority. Being a quite strict operator of authorizing licenses to iGaming websites, it offers top-notch encryption systems for Neobet.


Neobet offers some of the best features that any punter can benefit from. This includes the live betting option as well as a list of the upcoming events on the website. You can also avail other calendar features to see if they can cater to your gambling needs in terms of the dates set for the events.


You can use the following payment options for placing bets at Neobet – debit/credit cards, e-wallets like Paypal and Google Pay.


For placing deposits, head to the Neobet website, and look for the payment option. Select the deposit option and choose your payment option. Enter the amount and voila! You’re done!


There are around 12 payment options available for making both deposits and withdrawals at Neobet. Although deposits are transferred almost immediately, it does take a while for withdrawals to get transferred.

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As mentioned above, Neobet has state of the art encryption being used on its website for its users. This means that all of the information that you offer at Neobet, including your bank account details as well as your passport and address will be stored with utmost security. This prevents any possible security breach while placing your bets.

Not to mention, betting involves having to make deposits. So if you want your money to stay safe and complete successful transactions, then we suggest you sign up for Neobet as it is one of the most secure iGaming sites operating in India at the moment.

Customer Support

Neobet offers 24/7 customer support for its bettors. They have a live chat option available which allows punters to get in touch with any one of their operators who will be more than happy to sort out any issues you may have. You can also get in touch with them through email and they also offer a call back service.

Additional Services

Although a casino website would have been extremely beneficial for an iGaming website like Neobet, sadly it does not offer its services in the casino scene. However, you will be able to avail of other services including e-sports betting and bonus offers.

If you didn’t already know, plenty of betting options are also made available for e-sports betting at Neobet. Some of the popular e-sports games include Dota 2. The betting markets offered for esports include – moneyline bets, spread bets and total bets.

Our Experience with Neobet

All in all, Neobet is one of the best betting sites for any punter in India. Especially if you want to have access to more than 500+ events at an iGaming platform.

Another thing that might interest you to sign up at Neobet is the list of 12 payment modes available on the website. This offers flexibility to the punters so that they can make their payments according to their preferences. The reason why an extensive list of payment options is important is because you want your betting transactions to be absolutely safe and secure.

So, if you are thinking of joining Neobet, we suggest that you surely give this website a try as it can offer you a number of betting markets, secure payment options, sporting events and competitive odds that you may not be able to avail from other websites.

₹8000 Welcome Offer 100% on First Deposit
/100 Rating