Best Football Betting Sites in India

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Popularity of Football Betting India

Apart from cricket, football is the second most loved sport in India. The true emergence of the football fanatics began back in 2019 when the Indian football team qualified for the Asian Cup Game.Despite the popularity of national games, major international football events like the FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, Champions League, etc. are also enjoyed by punters in India.
In this soccer betting guide, we will point out some of the most predominant soccer bets in India, along with the best football betting sites that you can bet on. Some of the common betting markets and a couple of the most renowned players of the football domain will also be reviewed in detail.

Top 5 Football Betting Sites

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  • Indian Rupee as a currency
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  • Website available in Hindi
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Best Soccer Betting Sites

With plenty of football enthusiasts in India, more and more people are getting involved in the soccer betting scene. Betting sites are generating a substantial amount of revenues every year, giving the Indian betting industry a solid source of earnings.

Soccer Betting Sites

If you are looking for one of the best football betting site in India, then you should definitely check out Betonic. The Betonic sportsbook has a long list of betting markets and sports for punters to choose from. The iGaming site also provides enticing bonus offers, therefore attracting more bettors to the betting platform regularly.

Which Football Leagues Are Good To Bet On?

Football fans in India have been placing their bets on majority of the A-listed games available in football. Nevertheless, having good knowledge about football betting itself is not enough. You also have to have an idea of the leagues you are betting on.

The best football leagues include the following:

UEFA Champions League (Europe)

UEFAIf you are new to football betting, then let us fill you in about the most prestigious league of all time, the UEFA Champions League (Europe). In this league, all of the teams are pitted against each other to win the cup for being the best in all of Europe.

The Champions League has a total of 32 teams and every team has its own set of skills which makes them very competent. However, this makes betting predictions s a lot more difficult as you can’t really tell which team will win or lose.

Therefore, the right way to with this is to gain enough experience so that when you place a bet, you are at best 99% sure about bagging in the wins.

What’s more, the Champions League offers plenty of promotions and betting odds for users to make the most profits.

English Premier League (England)

Premier League Logo.wineWith a total of 20 teams, the English Premier League has some of the best soccer betting markets for punters in India. The oldest league of all time, the English Premier League is very competitive.

The bookmakers of the online football betting sites are well aware of the popularity of this event. This is why they make the most profit from it by creating the greatest odds that football betting India has ever seen.

La Liga (Spain)

laligaLa Liga comprises of a total of 20 teams, and is considered one of the toughest leagues in all of football. Some prevailing team names in a classic game of La Liga in 2021 include Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Seville, Valencia, etc.

Punters in India should be delighted to know that derby matches are held every week where two of the best teams are always against one another.

Which Tournaments Are The Most Important In Football Betting?

Yes, the leagues are great. But so are the football tournaments listed under the sports section of every soccer bets website.

Here are some of the most hyped football tournaments that you can place your bets on:

FIFA World Cup

If there is any sporting event that can be tagged as the ‘most watched’ event of all time, it would be the FIFA World Cup. Popular on an international level, every four years, 32 teams qualify for the first round of the finals.

The last FIFA World Cup was won by France, which was a slightly unpredictable outcome given the popularity and history of winnings for Brazil, Argentina, and Germany, etc.

One of the most popular soccer bets markets in FIFA World Cup is the outright winner. What’s more thrilling about placing bets in a football tournament that is as massive as the FIFA World Cup is that every year, one underdog team rises to the top.

A good example of this is the last world cup where France was in the finals against Croatia, which is an underdog team.

Football Betting

Africa Cup of Nations

When football wasn’t as famous as it is now, it used to be the most popular sport in Africa. This makes the Africa Cup of Nations one of the oldest existing football tournaments with a total of 24 national teams participating in the finals every two years.

If you have been placing bets on the Africa Cup of Nations, then you know that the most popular kind of bet that can be found in various soccer betting sites is the single match bets. A little tip for punters for soccer betting in this tournament is to make one on the outright winner once the initial phase is over.

FA Cup

Although the FA Cup is not as consistent as the other tournaments for football betting India, it is still held every 3 or 4 years. With around 12 or 16 teams participating every year, this tournament is prevalent among South Americans.

The last time the FA Cup was held, Brazil became the champions of that tournament. For the most successful soccer betting, punters in India will have to do thorough research on each of the groups of this tournament. As mentioned above, the easiest way would to be to bet on the outright winner.

Another betting strategy that is mostly opted for during the FA Cup is the accumulator’s bet.

The Odds in Football

To use it in layman’s terms, the odds represent the probability of an event occurring at a football match. When you see an odds table for any sporting event, you have to know that they show the odds of an event taking place using mostly Fractional, Decimal, and American odds.


Nonetheless, you can also find other kinds of odds available on some of the best football betting sites. An example could be a football match where the odds are 5/1. Here, if you win $5 say for $1.

Punters can find the best odds when opting for an underdog team in a bet. Bookmakers generally create the best odds for underdog teams as they have the least chances of winning. So the higher the risk, the greater the odds and the greater the win.

If it is obvious for bettors to predict which team will win in terms of soccer bets, then the odds are generally set at their lowest, 2/1.

Which Markets Are Usually Available For Punters When Betting Online?

The best football betting sites India have a wide range of betting markets to offer. Some of these include the following:

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is one popular betting market that is prevalent among Indian bettors. It requires complex calculations for calculating the odds and this is why it is more suited to bettors who are proficient in the art of betting.

This type of soccer bets is generally used when one of the team is a better performer than the other. The key goal of placing a bet like the Asian handicap is to ensure that the outcome is not a draw.

The Asian handicap is extremely popular in the best football betting sites of India. In case you do not feel confident enough to do the critical mathematical calculations to place the best odds, you can also take the help of the odds calculator.

In this bet, the underdog team is represented with an advantage over the favourite team due to the disparity in their skill sets. Most skilled bettors generally opt for the Asian handicap is because even if the team they have bet on loses, they will still end up making a bit of profit.

This is why when you head to the sports betting section of any iGaming website, you will see that the underdog team is represented with a (+) sign. On the other hand, the favourite team is denoted with a (-) sign.

Short-Term Betting In Football

Betting is all about enjoying the thrill and the adrenaline rush. And this only happens when you impatiently wait for the outcome of the event to settle the bets. However, for those of you who do not like waiting for the results to show up, they can place short-term bets. This is because these kinds of bets tend to offer instant results.

Some examples of short-term predictions include ‘most goals scored,’ ‘total goals scored in a match,’ ‘winning team’ etc. However, you have to note that the short-term bets generally do not have greater odds, which means that the pay is also not that good. But having said that, the bright side is that you will not incur a loss that you cannot recover from while making short-term bets.

Long-Term Betting In Football

Are you a punter who thrives when sitting at the edge of their seat waiting for the game to be over so that you can finally see the outcome? Then you should opt for long-term bets when placing a bet in football betting sites in India.

What’s more, when you place long-term football bets, the profits are a lot greater as the odds are greater. However, it is perhaps imperative for us to inform you that long-term bets are more suited to bettors who have done their research properly. Long-term bets are not compatible with punters who are relatively new to the betting scene.

Live betting/In-Play betting in

It is no news that punters who love placing bets on different sportsbooks generally opt for the ones which offer the live betting feature. This is because you get to see the outcomes live while the match is being played. This makes the entire experience of placing bets a lot more exhilarating for punters.

888sports live betting

A lot of Indian sportsbooks offer this feature to attract more users to sign up to their iGaming website. Bettors are known to enjoy the most during the knockout or final stages when placing bets in an in-play betting platform.

The reason surrounding the adrenaline rush during a live betting game is that you can never tell what will happen the next second. You never know when someone might be injured or when it will start to rain or which underdog player will rise up to shine at the very last minute.

However, one advantage of live betting is that it allows you to place counter bets or edit your accumulator in order to incur the minimum losses.

The Best Betting Sites For Football

One can find plenty of good betting sites for football in the Indian online gambling industry. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, we thought it best to let you know about the one site we think is the best for placing bets on football in India.

Betonic Sportsbook

The Betonic Sportsbook was first launched in the year 2021. It generates a revenue of £100,000,000 every year due to its unmatched service compared to its rival sportsbooks.

The iGaming site has an extremely good user interface making it very easy for bettors to navigate through the website. Not to mention, the site has more than 20 sports with multiple events listed regularly for punters to make their pick from.

Moreover, Betonic also has an extensive list of betting markets, even for the most skilled bettors in India.

Betonic Betonic Review 91/100
  • Very good betting odds, especially in football
  • Multi-view in the live centre
  • Virtual sports and casino on offer

FAQ for Football betting

blankIs Football a good sport for betting?

Yes! It is one of the most-watched sports worldwide with some of the best leagues and tournaments taking place all around the year. It is even more exciting when the odds being offered are great and you are placing bets in an in-play betting.

blankWhat are the profits like for online football betting?

Online football betting sites have some of the most innovative bookmakers who offer great odds. Whenever the odds are great, if you play your cards right, you may end up winning a huge amount which you can later cash out.

However, in order to place the right bets, you will have to do your research on the game, players, and the teams. You will also have to take in external factors into consideration when calculating the odds.

blankHow do I best get started by betting in football?

The first course of action would be to sign up for an online football betting site that offers a good range of sports as well as the betting markets. Once you have done, that you will need to get used to placing the most common bets, which include the 1×2 betting or the over / under betting.

Once you have enough experience placing the easier bets, you can move on to the more complicated ones.

blankIs football a safe and fair market to bet on?

With billions of fans throughout the world, football is an extremely safe and fair market to bet on. Moreover, most sportsbooks are backed with an RNG which ensures the outcomes are fair for the users. In terms of safety, SSL encryption is used in majority of the popular websites to ensure the safety of the information provided by users.

The stars in Football

There are plenty of stars who have amassed a great deal of fans from all over the world in football. These include the following:

Christiano Ronaldo

Every football bettor is a fan of this man. There is literally nothing that he cannot do when placed in a football field. From winning our hearts to playing for real Madrid to playing for his national team Portugal during the World Cup, he has won our hearts multiple times through his skills and hard work.

Bettors who are aware of his proficiency and excellent track record, usually end up placing high stake bets on him because they know he will pull through no matter what!

Lionel Messi

Being the best left-foot there is in the football arena, and the best footballer that Barcelona has ever had, Lionel Messi has as many fans as Christiano Ronaldo. He is the only other player who has gained so much popularity because of his insane football expertise in the field.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan has broken the barriers that existed for women in football. Football fanatics have great expectations from her and place their bets on her since making goals in football comes to her almost effortlessly. She has also been a player in the FIFA Year Finalist.

Wilfred Ndidi

Be it for playing in Leicester City or for the Nigerian National team, Wilfred Ndidid is considered one of the best defensive midfielders of all time. The player is well-known for the long-range strikes and the fans are always high stake placing bets because they know they can count on their favourite to shine through.

The best teams

Here is a list of some of the best teams in football:


BarcelonaEver since Messi’s magical kicks, Barcelona has only risen up the bar in terms of its overall skill as a team. The bonding between the team members of Barcelona is evident from their good tuning when playing on the field and hence is considered as one of the best teams in the history of football.


1200px Logo Confederacao Brasileira de FutebolWhen it comes to football, there is no team as good as the Brazilian team. The team has been reigned by some of the most popular players of all time including Pele, Ronaldinho, Ramrio and now, Neymar. This team has gifted us with some of the best performances of football that the world has ever seen.


Real Madrid

Real Madrid LogoAlthough the fans were heartbroken after CR7 left the team, they are still happy about the overall performance that the team has been showing lately. Zidane, who is the manager of the club is trying to create a blend of some of the best players so that the team can see days as good as the CR7 days in the near future.


Bayern Munich

Bayern Muenchen LogoIf you didn’t already know, this German club has won 3 top-tier titles leaving their fans crying in happy tears. The club has gone through an immense transformation over the years and now consists of some of the most talented footballers as their players.