New Online Casinos in India

The online casino industry in India is booming with new iGaming websites every day. It has become a better alternative for land-based casinos as people do not have to step out of their homes for recreation.

In the last two years, the number of online casinos has multiplied. Users are coming across new online casinos regularly, with different features and better functions. However, with so many options available to the players, it can get quite difficult to choose one single casino from the lot.
This is where steps in to help ease your problems. Our list of new online casinos is frequently updated to help you keep up with all of the latest casino features, games and trends. And not just that, we also offer you in-detailed guides which might come in handy while navigating through an online casino platform in India.

The Best New Casino Sites in India

Welcome Offer
Bonus Conditions
More Information
₹10.000 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to ₹10.000 on First Deposit
  • Wager: 5x Bonus
  • Min. Odds: 1.4
₹9.000 Welcome Offer
  • Welcome Offer: 100% Bonus on First Deposit
  • Wager: 5x First Deposit with Min. Odds 1.5
  • Receive 100% of first Deposit as Free Bet
₹10.000 Welcome Offer
  • 100% on first deposit
  • Wager: 6x deposit and bonus wagering at odds of 1.6
₹20.000 Free Bet Offer
  • 1st Deposit - Free Bet up to ₹20.000
  • Wagering at odds of 1.3+ to unlock free bet
₹12.000 Welcome Offer
  • 150% on your first deposit
  • Wager: 16x bonus in 60 days
  • Min. Odds: 2.0
₹10.000 Welcome Package
  • Bonus code BETONIC100
  • Wager: 16x bonus
  • Min. Odds: 1.8
  • Bonus code SELECT100
  • Wager: 16x bonus
  • Min. Odds: 1.8
  • 100% on first deposit
  • Bet your bonus: 6x in 30 days
  • Min. Odds: 1.4
₹20,000 Welcome Offer
  • 100% on first deposit
  • Promo code “30fb”
  • Min. Odds: 1.5
₹16.000 Welcome Offer
  • Promocode: DSFDB160INR
  • Wagering: 15x Deposit & Bonus
  • Min. Odds: 1.5
  • Place a bet of at least ₹2,000 odds of at least 1.80
  • 50% free bet (max. ₹5,000)
₹4.000 Welcome Offer
  • 100% as Bet Credits
  • Wager: 12x Deposit
  • Receive up to ₹4.000

Is It Legal to Play Online Casino In India?

Is It Legal to Play New Online Casinos In India

A lot of people are often confused about the legality of online casinos in India. And with plenty of new casino sites being introduced to players every day, it is essential to know about the legal details now, more than ever.

To simplify it for you, every state in India has adopted different laws for online gambling over time. The states are free to make or abolish any gambling rules that they deem fit. Luckily, gambling has only been banned in very few states in India. The majority of the states still remain pro-gambling.

Hence, although the brick and mortar casinos have been banned in some states, players can still have access to new online casinos in India.

Which New Online Casino Are The Best & How Are These Rated?

At, we only suggest the best online casinos for our readers. Since so many new casino sites are emerging every day, readers have to choose quality over quantity. For instance, an online casino can offer an extensive list of games that you may not find elsewhere. But if the casino does not have a license to show for itself, it is not worth signing up for the website.

All new online casinos listed above have gone through a filtering process to ensure that you only use the best iGaming platforms. Apart from the basic features that a regular online casino must-have, these websites also have additional tools that users can appreciate.

Therefore, you no longer have to spend hours browsing from one casino site to the other. You can simply choose one from the list provided above and get started with your online casino gambling.

Which Online Casino Games Should A Casino Offer?

Which Online Casino Games Should A Casino Offer

A broad and fresh list of casino games is one of the aspects which attracts a visitor into signing up for new casino sites. It is natural for users to seek variation in the pattern of games being offered by new online casinos. Playing similar kinds of games on repeat can make players lose interest.

Fortunately, iGaming providers have taken it upon themselves to create casino games with fresher themes on a regular basis.

So, let us take a look at some of the casino games that you will be able to indulge in at most iGaming platforms.

Online Slots

Online SlotsIf you have been to a brick and mortar casino, then you have most definitely tried your luck with the slot machines. Online slots are the digitalized version of physical slot machines where users can test their luck.

Most beginners start their casino gaming journey by playing online slots. The online slots have simple rules which are easy to grasp and hence is a fan favourite among beginners. Did you know that around 70% of the games which are listed at new online casinos are slot games?

There are different types of online slots that are available at new casino sites every day. Newer themes and symbols help casinos to offer something new to the players on a regular basis.  The first type of slots that you will come across are classic slots. Popularly known as three-reel slots. In order to win the three reel slots, the user has to land three similar symbols after a spin.

Up next, we have the five reel slots, which are widely known as video slots. Five reel slots are the most common slots that you can find at offline and online casinos.

The odds for five reel slots are great as it has more paylines than the classic three reel slots. If you are lucky enough, you can even bag in huge wins at one go with video slots!

Other varieties of online slots include six-seven reel slots, progressive slots, interactive slots, virtual reality slots and many more.


RouletteOne of the most popular casino games after the online slots is roulette. It is a game of chance that casino lovers play often. The game originates from the city of Paris, sometime during the 17th century.

A classic game of roulette can be of different types. These include European and American roulette, French roulette, multi-ball roulette, multi-wheel roulette and live dealer roulette.

The basic rule of this game of chance is to first place your bets and click on the button on the roulette wheel. Once hit, the wheel will start spinning and the tiny ball inside will land on any of the numbers on the wheel. If it falls on the number the player had placed the bet on, then the wins can be cashed out.


BlackjackThe blackjack is assumed to have originated back in the 1700s by the French. The purpose of the game is that all of the players will aim to go as close to 21 cards as possible.

Jacks, King and Queen are a solid 10 in value. The aces can either be counted as 11 or 1. The remaining cards go by their face value.

Although these three are the oldest yet most popular games of all time, people can still try out other casino games like- baccarat, craps, pai gow, bingo, keno, etc.

Can I Get Bonuses/Promotions When Playing New Online Casinos?

Can I Get BonusesPromotions When Playing New Online Casinos

Sometimes, players can have consecutive losses which can demotivate them. In such instances, bonus offers or promotions given by new casino sites can come in handy. Claiming these offers can boost a player’s confidence and keep them glued to the screen for hours.

When we talk about bonus offers, we refer to new ones, as well as recurring ones. Top-rated new online casinos will have both under the bonus offers and promotions sections. For example, apart from the usual welcome bonus, players can also claim reload bonuses, free spins as well as cashback bonuses which are also recurring offers.

Let’s take a look at the most common and popular bonus offers that can be found in all the new online casinos mentioned above.

Welcome Bonus

As the name suggests, a welcome bonus is the bonus offer that a player can claim once they have signed up for new casino sites. It is the very first bonus offer that a user gets to avail after signing up at an online casino.

Some welcome bonuses contain cash prizes, while the others contain a package of free spins, a cash prize and a mixture of other bonuses. New online casinos advertise their welcome bonus offers on the homepage so that visitors face no difficulty finding them.

Furthermore, since the competition between rival websites is usually intense, the welcome bonus offer is constantly being updated to bring in more players.

Before availing a welcome bonus offer, or any bonus offer for that matter, players should read the terms and conditions of the offer. This lengthy page contains all the information that you need regarding the offer. This includes the deadline of the offer, the prize of the offer, the rules, as well as the wagering requirements.

As long as you do not meet the wagering requirements, the casino will not allow you to cash out the prize.

No-Deposit Bonus

No-deposit bonuses eliminate the process of having to pay a deposit before playing casino games. All you have to do is just sign up to get started with any of the casino games that you prefer.

Generally, the wagering requirements for no-deposit bonus offers are quite difficult to meet, when compared to welcome bonuses.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are recurring bonuses. These bonuses are provided to players on a regular basis after they have made a deposit. Reload bonuses are slightly rare. They are only offered at a few online casinos.

Cashback Bonus

For those of you who do not know, cashback bonuses are offered to players who have had successive losses throughout a week or a day. This is usually offered to cheer up the players and entice them into trying again.

VIP Bonus

New casino sites often have a VIP bonus for members who are loyal members of the site. These bonuses are only reserved for players who are a part of this VIP club. So if you have a regular membership, you will not be able to avail the VIP bonus.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses can enable you to win huge prizes without having to spend a single penny. Whenever a new slot is introduced to an online casino platform, free spins are offered with it. Hence, players get to try the new slot along with the free spin bonus offer.

Other bonus offers that you can explore at new online casinos are loyalty bonuses, reward multipliers etc. Online casinos can create more bonus offers depending on how innovative they can get with their ideas.

Which Online Casinos Give A Welcome Bonus?

New casino sites have a bunch of bonus offers for their users. One of the most enticing bonus offers that one can find at any online casino is the welcome bonus.

Essentially, a welcome bonus is a bonus given to welcome a new user. The welcome bonus offer can only be availed once after you sign up for new online casinos. The list below contains some of the best welcome bonus offers that you can claim if you are residing in India.

Welcome Offer
Bonus Conditions
More Information
₹10.000 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to ₹10.000 on First Deposit
  • Wager: 5x Bonus
  • Min. Odds: 1.4
₹9.000 Welcome Offer
  • Welcome Offer: 100% Bonus on First Deposit
  • Wager: 5x First Deposit with Min. Odds 1.5
  • Receive 100% of first Deposit as Free Bet
₹10.000 Welcome Offer
  • 100% on first deposit
  • Wager: 6x deposit and bonus wagering at odds of 1.6
₹20.000 Free Bet Offer
  • 1st Deposit - Free Bet up to ₹20.000
  • Wagering at odds of 1.3+ to unlock free bet
₹12.000 Welcome Offer
  • 150% on your first deposit
  • Wager: 16x bonus in 60 days
  • Min. Odds: 2.0

Which Online Casinos Gives A No-Deposit Bonus in India?

If you have gone through the bonus section above, then you are familiar with what a no-deposit bonus is. But in case you haven’t, here is a short explanation to brush up your memory.

A no-deposit bonus can be claimed without making any deposits. This type of bonus is very popular among casino players, despite the wagering requirements.

If you too want to claim the best no-deposit bonus that India has to offer, take a look at our list.

What Is The Win Rate on Games?

What Is The Win Rate on GamesThe win rate varies greatly from one casino to the other. Every game offered at these new online casinos is different. While some are easy to win, others are equally difficult to make progress in.

Top-rated new casino sites usually offer both. You may enjoy playing a casino game with a higher win rate but low winnings. Similarly, you may also enjoy a game with a lower win rate but huge wins.

So why give up the opportunity to make huge wins alongside new wins? Choose whichever floats your boat.

What Is The Advantage of Playing Casino Online?

Ideally, people used to go to offline casinos for recreation. However, this has greatly changed in the last couple of years. More and more people are joining new online casinos to indulge in casino games from the comfort of their homes.

Here are some of the greatest advantages of playing at casinos online.

No Commute

If you want to enjoy your time at an online casino, you do not have to take the trouble of commuting. This removes long hours of having to sit in traffic, waiting patiently for two hours of recreation.

Signing up at new online casinos will save you the time of the commute and you can have access to all the games as soon as you turn on your preferred mode of device.

No Legal Issues

We have already covered that some states in India have a ban on land-based casinos. For those of you who happen to live in those areas, online casinos can be a lifesaver. Since there is no explicit law that prohibits online casinos yet, you can indulge in as many casino games as you want to.

Bonus Offers

One of the best things about preferring new casino sites over land-based casinos is that you get to use bonus offers. The sole purpose of bonus offers is to keep players motivated throughout their casino gaming experience.

From time to time, players may end up losing bets. So whenever an online casino notifies them about reload bonuses or cashback bonuses, their confidence is immediately boosted. And not just that, they become more willing to try out their luck one more time, until it favours them.

Some of the bonus offers at new online casinos include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spins bonus, cashback bonus, VIP bonus, etc.

Any Device

Another great thing about signing up for new casino sites is that you can use the casino website from whichever device you prefer. Most sites offer apps that can be downloaded on mobile phones or laptops. If not, you can also use your browser to log in.

The freedom of mobility makes online casinos preferable for users. You can even use the website while you’re outside for a break.


Making payments has never been easier. Thanks to online casinos, you can make payments through your mobile phone or any other device that you have logged in with.

Not to mention, transactions take less time to complete when using your phone. Whereas for offline casinos, the usual mode of payment is a bank transfer, which is slightly more time consuming than e-wallets or cryptos.

No Time Limit

Offline casinos are sometimes closed during the holidays. Unlike them, online casinos can be accessed 24/7. You can play for hours without any thought of ‘having to go home’ looming in on you. What’s more, you do not even have to worry about what time of the day it is. You can simply sit down in the middle of the night if you want to.


New casino sites often have free versions where you can practice games of baccarat, roulette, blackjacks etc. This gives you the opportunity to try out the website for free and hone your skills for the game of cards.


Offline casinos are land-based casinos where you can only fit in this many games. New online casinos, on the other hand, can offer you a vast range of table games including roulettes, baccarat and blackjacks.

In fact, iGaming providers are always developing newer versions of these games by introducing new themes, colours and tools.

More often than not, developers use themes inspired by TV shows and movies which brings in a lot of hype causing more people to sign up.

What Is Live Casino and How Do You Play It?

What Is Live Casino and How Do You Play ItLive casinos are the closest versions of offline casinos that you can experience at an iGaming platform. If you have experienced casino players around you, they will most definitely tell you how much more fun live casino games are than the regular ones.

When you play live casino games, you have the option to interact with other players, along with the live dealer on the screen. A chat box is also available for direct interaction. This gives the players an immersive experience of what it is like to play at a brick and mortar casino.

Which Devices Do The Best Online Casinos Support?

new mobile casino sites

As we have already mentioned above, plenty of devices can support new casino sites. More so, if the casino website has a dedicated app to its name. Apps can either be downloaded on your mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablets.

If not, you can always use the browser of your preferred device to use the casino. It is ideal to try out the free versions of these casinos before you make your first deposit at the website. This acts as an opportunity for you to test the features of the website.

Logging in from devices like your mobile phone means that you can use the online casino platform while walking around. You can also shift the position of your laptop from the couch to the bed for comfort.

Which Features Are The Best For The User Experience?

Every time you visit new online casinos, you have to consider whether the website is offering all the necessary features of an iGaming platform. Without them, it might not be wise to sign up for that website.

Here are some of the features that are worth considering while browsing through different online casinos.

Fun Outlook

People sign up for online casinos as a part of their recreational activity. Naturally, they would expect their casino gaming experience to be fun and engaging.

However, this is not possible if the theme of the website appears extremely dull. Therefore, if the casino is not offering an overall fun outlook, do not sign up for it.

Slot Games

We have already given you a brief description of how popular slot games are. Even the most experienced casino player enjoys a classic game of slots from time to time.

Once you have gained enough experience, you can also try betting with higher odds to turn in more profits. Not to mention, developers are always trying to make slot games better by enhancing the tools, features and themes.


What is the point of using an online casino if it doesn’t have enough casino games to offer? Games are the most important aspects that one should consider while signing up for an iGaming website.

The more extensive the list, the greater the number of players signing up for the online casino.


New online casinos should always be checked out for a smooth user interface. Because while you’re at it, you might as well see whether the casino offers smooth navigation. It is also important to check if the commands or tools work properly before joining the online casino website.

Live Casino

Live casinos are interactive sessions that you have with live dealers and other players. It gives you a similar experience to offline casinos where players get to talk to those sitting at the same table.

New online casinos often offer a variation of games that are only exclusive to the live casino section of the platform.

What about Security?

new online casinos What about SecuritySecurity is another aspect you must consider while browsing through an online casino platform. At an online casino platform, players have to make deposits using personal and banking details.

To prevent these details from being snooped on by third parties, new casino sites must have proper security tools set in place.

Which Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Are Available?

An extensive list of deposits and withdrawals are very helpful for players who seek flexibility in this area. When you make a deposit through your online casino account, you want it to be dealt with right away. The transactions take their own sweet time to complete when you choose payment options like bank transfers.

On the other hand, if you choose payment methods like e-wallets and cryptos, you can have a much better chance of completing transactions faster. If we had to recommend, we would definitely ask you to opt for cryptos like bitcoin as it provides anonymity. You can make as many transactions as you want to, without having to enter any personal details about yourself.

What about Payouts?

Players always want fast payouts after a big win. But payouts usually take longer than deposits.

This is when users have to make smart choices like choosing cryptos or e-wallets for making transactions. Do note that you might be charged more depending on the bank or casino you have joined.

If you sign up for the best online casinos, they will offer you high withdrawal limits. This will enable you to cash out large amounts at once. Conversely, regular online casinos will provide you with small withdrawal limits.

Why Is The Customer Support Golden?

Why Is The Customer Support GoldenCustomer support is a crucial part of any new online casinos. It exists to help the players with just about any queries that they may have. The live chat option has agents who are usually there 24/7 to look after your needs.

Apart from the live chat option, casinos also offer email addresses, phone numbers, fax etc. All you have to do is reach out to them with a query before you sign up. Note down the time they took to get back to you. If the customer support was not prompt, you should opt for one which provides instant replies.

Is Reputation Important?

Nowadays, everything can be found online. Even the reputation of new casino sites can be found out right away, thanks to user reviews.

So if you are unsure about signing up for an online casino, you can check out the reviews that have been given by other players. This will give you an overall idea about what to expect from the site and what not to.

Therefore, yes, reputation is extremely important. You do not want to regret it after making your first deposit. The smarter option would be to do your research thoroughly before spending money from your wallet.

Should The Casino Support Responsible Gaming?

Should The Casino Support Responsible Gaming

People have become more conscious about the time they spend gambling online. And rightly so! You do not want to lose control of your gambling impulses while trying out new casino sites.

Most people find it useful to set an alarm so that they can get on with their daily activities without getting carried away. Others set a limit on the money they wish to deposit on a particular day.

It is a good practice to think that you are having fun at the cost of your money. That way you will not be tempted to splurge more on making deposits if you have been having consistent losses.

Nowadays, professional help is also provided to those who want to gamble responsibly.

Which Licenses Should I Look For?

A valid license will ensure that new online casinos are fair and reliable. Especially the casinos which have no reviews online.

Some of the most competent licensing authorities are the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Costa Rica Regulatory Organization, Curacao eGaming, Alderney Gambling Control, The Isle of Man Gaming Commission, and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, etc.

Let us take a look at two of them individually.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

If you had to pick one of the oldest licensing authorities, one of them would surely be the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. Not just the oldest, the Gibraltar Regulatory also happens to be one of the most trusted authorities to ever exist. The licensing authority can provide you licenses for the following – gaming machines, lottery promoters, bookmakers, betting intermediaries etc.

Malta Gaming Authority

If you have browsed through new casino sites recently, you have probably noticed that most of these casinos have been licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The Malta Gaming Authority is famous for only providing licenses to the most competent casino sites available for Indian players.

Frequently Asked Questions

blank1. Which casino is the absolute best for players in India?

You can rest assured if you have chosen any one of the new casino sites that we have listed above. This is because we have only chosen the best online casinos for you, considering all the important features and tools in mind. always updates its new casino sites list frequently so that you do not miss out on any new casino with better features.

blank2. What are the advantages of playing in an online casino?

Although this part has already been covered above, we will reiterate to brush it up for you. The best advantages of playing at an online casino are the enticing bonus offers, not having to travel, the flexibility of payment options, and mobility.

blank3. What is a payout percentage?

This refers to the amount of money that you will make depending on the money you have wagered on a particular game. The payout percentages will differ from one casino game to the other.

blank4. How can I deposit money in online casinos?

The easiest way to deposit money in online casinos is to log into your casino account through your preferred device. Once you have logged in, click on the banking page. Here, you will find two options – deposit or withdrawal. Select the deposit option and transfer the funds.

The time taken for the completion of the transaction will vary depending on the payment method you have chosen.

blank5. Is my money safe in a casino online?

Safety issues always come first when it comes to online casinos. If new casino sites have a license and security tools like SSL encryption, your money should be safe in the casino account. Furthermore, reliable payment options will also have a role to play in keeping your money safe.

blank6. Can online casinos be trusted?

Only if the online casino has a license and proper security tools.

blank7. How much money can I win?

Casino games are games of chance. Therefore, the amount of money that you can win will also depend on your luck. If the odds are in your favour, you can win huge amounts and even cash them out.

blank8. Which casino games are the most popular?

Slot games, roulette, baccarat, blackjacks, craps, keno are the most popular casino games out there.

blank9. Which slot machine is the most popular?

In India, Mega Moolah, Goblin’s Cave and Starburst are some of the most popular slot games among users.

blank10. Which casino has the best payouts?

RTP has a huge role to play in terms of payouts. Hence, if the RTP percentage is high, the payout will also increase.

blank11. Which casino game has the best chance of winning?

The games with the best odds increase your chances of winning at an online casino. Experts suggest that the most wins are made from a classic game of blackjack.

blank12. Which online slot machines have the highest RTP?

These are the slot machines with the highest RTP. Mega Joker – 99%, Ugga Bugga – 99.07 %, The Catfather – 98.10 %, Ooh Aah Dracula 99% and Jackpot 6000 at 98.8%.

blank13. Can online casinos be rigged?

RNG’s exist to ensure that the casino games are reliable and fair. Therefore, if the casino has an RNG software in place it cannot be rigged.