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Are you looking for the best cricket betting tips in India? We show you with which bets you have the best chance to win. Our experts give you cricket predictions for T20, ICC, IPL, Asia Cup and many more leagues. Follow our cricket betting tips and become a winner - Learn more now!

Here you will find the most important cricket betting tips in India. We love nothing more than a game of cricket. And one of the major reasons for this is the Indian cricket team. Star players like Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni have set the bar high for cricketers all around the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that they love betting on this sport as well. Every year, numerous cricket betting events take place throughout the world.
And the sportsbooks in India offer every international and national level cricket event for their bettors. If you too have been a part of the betting scene in India, then you already have a good idea about just how prevalent cricket betting is. So without further ado, let us dive into the cricket predictions of 2024 for all our Indian readers out there – Read on now to benefit from our expert cricket betting tips!

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Cricket Betting Tips: Which Leagues Do We Cover?

Which Leagues Do We Betting Cover

At, we cover all the major cricket betting events that our punters could possibly want to bet on. This includes both national and international cricket betting events held worldwide.

These are the list of cricket events that we cover at regularly.

ICC Cricket World Cup

If you want to bet on one of the most prestigious cricket tournaments of all time, it would be the International Cricket Council World Cup (ICC World Cup).

Every cricket fan in India religiously watches this One Day International championship which is held every four years. Since bettors have to wait four years before they get to enjoy another ICC World Cup, there is a lot of hype behind it.

So, there is no doubt that it is a well-anticipated event to bet on a majority of the sportsbooks in India. What’s more, the event alone has plenty of matches for bettors to wager on!

There are 4 stages in the ICC World Cup. The first stage consists of the super 8, the second stage comprises 6 teams, the third stage is the semi-finals and the last and fourth stage is the finals.

If you love to bet on the ICC World Cup, you can definitely use to your benefit as we put up all our cricket predictions beforehand. Plus, you also get several cricket betting tips throughout the tournament or series. This can help you plan your betting moves a lot better.

To date, the most successful team in the ICC World Cup is Australia.

ICC Champions Trophy

Initially, this tournament was known as the ICC Knockout Tournament, which was established in 1998. Ever since then, this cricket tournament has been held every four years. This is another One Day International that is as popular as the ICC World Cup.

In 2002, the name of the event was officially changed to Champions Trophy. The next Champions Trophy is set to be held in 2025, Pakistan. Famous cricket players like Chris Gayle have made the most runs (791) in the championship.

If you would like to participate in the most awaited ICC Championship Trophy in 2025, keep an eye on our site as we will list down the cricket predictions of the greatest odds for you to bet on!

And not just that, we will also provide you with helpful cricket betting tips which will surely benefit you throughout the tournament.

The last winner of the ICC Champions Trophy was Pakistan.

ICC Champions Trophy

T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is organized by ICC every two years with a total of 16 teams participating annually. If you have been looking for an opportunity to bet on the T20 World Cup, you are in luck for the tournament is scheduled to happen this year in October!

This tournament has been a popular cricket event, ever since it was first inaugurated in 2007. The format of this game, as you can tell by the name, is T20 International.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the trophy itself weighs up to 7.5 kilograms?

If you like cricket betting on shorter tournaments, then the upcoming T20 World Cup is the perfect time for you to start! And we will be there to guide you with our cricket predictions, as well as cricket betting tips so that you can bag in as many wins as you can!

West Indies has been the most successful team of the T20 World Cup held to date.

Indian Premier League

Who isn’t a fan of the Indian Premier League? Indian punters wait desperately for this cricket tournament, which is held every year. The Indian Premier League brings about a festive summer season for bettors in India with its nerve-wracking games which keep punters at the edge of their seats.

If you didn’t want to miss out on this year’s IPL, you are in luck! Because it is scheduled to take place during the month of April and we can already tell that this season is going to be as exciting as the previous 6.

Every team has had their auctions very recently and they are all set to begin this season with new additions to their teams. The most successful team to have won the IPL is the Mumbai Indians.

Our cricket predictions and cricket betting tips for the IPL will be up on our site so that you can already start thinking about your betting strategy this season!

Asia Cup

As popular as the cricket tournaments listed above, the Asia Cup is organized by the Asian Cricket Council. The first-ever Asian Cup was held back in 1984 and is still one of the most publicized cricket tournaments held every two years. The format is changed alternately between T20 and ODI.

Some of the most popular teams in the Asia Cup include India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. India has been the most successful team in all the Asia Cups that have been held so far. offers the best odds for any cricket tournament that you want to bet on. Our expansive research on every match makes our cricket betting tips and cricket predictions one of the best out there.

However, do note that these are not the only cricket tournaments we give our predictions on. You will find plenty more at as we keep our cricket predictions up to date on a daily basis.

Daily Cricket Match Predictions & Updates

Daily Cricket Match Predictions UpdatesThe daily updates at comprise of every upcoming and ongoing cricket odds predictions for the bettors in India. We have a team of skilled researchers who do their best to find the greatest odds for you.

In fact, our odds are not just limited to the basic 1×2 odds. offers a variety of cricket betting odds including over and under, double chance etc.

Moreover, our services come free of cost. This is unlike most other websites as they usually charge a hefty amount for bettors who want to have access to the best odds during cricket season. We also offer free cricket betting tips which can come in handy while you place your bets in real time.

So, the next time you are losing your mind looking for daily cricket betting updates, you know which site to look for! Is Not Just another Tipster Service

So what makes our tipster service better and different than the others in the market? Let’s find out!

Free Service

For starters, at, we don’t charge you a dime! All our cricket betting tips are free of cost. If you head to any other tipster service provider, you will see that they generally charge hundreds of Indian rupees from punters in India. So if you want a free tipster service, is the place to be!

100+ Tips

We offer hundreds of cricket betting tips every week for our bettors to benefit from. So you are just not getting one or two tips to place your wagers in the upcoming events. Instead, you’ll have plenty to note down so that you can be fully prepared before making your bets on a cricket tournament.

Hard Stats

Unlike other tipster services, our cricket betting tips are not influenced by human emotions. Yes! You saw that right! We use artificial intelligence to ensure that none of these tips are biased. Furthermore, there is no favouritism at play here.

So you can rest assured that you will receive unbiased tips from which are derived from facts and hard statistics.

Best Site to Place Combined Betting Predictions

22Bet is one of the most top-rated sportsbooks to place accumulator bets for cricket betting. Accumulators are actually pretty popular among bettors who have a good experience in sports betting.

For those of you who are not acquainted with this sort of bet, it is a combination of multiple selections in one single bet. 22Bet offers the best odds that you can find for accumulator bets throughout India.

22bet 22bet Review 99/100
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How Are The Cricket Betting Tips Created?

Our cricket betting tips and predictions are published by professional match analysts. Every prediction has tons of research that goes behind it so that our readers can decide carefully before placing their bets. Various factors are taken into consideration before we put out the predictions every week.

Odds Comparison for the Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions – Live updated

Finding the best odds for a cricket tournament is no easy task. It can take your hours to browse through the internet to come across the best odds. Even then, there’s a chance that you might skip out on some.

So that you do not end up missing out on the best odds for every cricket tournament, at, we do it for you! The odds are listed from a total of 30-40 iGaming platforms that are available for punters in India.

We invest hours of research publishing odds for the bettors. Therefore, only the finest odds from all of these betting sites are listed down for you to choose from.

How to Have Success When Betting On Cricket?

Cricket betting requires skill. And that skill can only be achieved through experience and your passion for cricket. Although we do quite a bit of the work for you by offering our cricket predictions weekly, you can still influence the outcome of your bet by ensuring the following factors.

Purpose of the Bets

Whenever you participate in an online cricket betting event, you should have your mission stated right in front of your eyes. If you do not know what you want to achieve by placing your bet, or where you want to go with your cricket betting expertise, it might be difficult for you to be consistent with your wins.

Therefore, ask yourself about your long-term betting mission. See what it is that you are really seeking. This will give you clarity for the next betting event and you will know exactly what you have to do!


Every responsible punter should have a bankroll that they should be capable of managing. You cannot blindly place your bets and end up losing a lot of money in the process. Keep yourself in check by managing your bankrolls to ensure that you are wagering within your financial limits.

Betting System

A smart punter will have a betting system set in place so that they can keep track of their online betting goals. Therefore, if a systematic long-term approach is adopted towards sports betting, you can rest assured that you will maximize your betting profits through it.

Be Realistic

It is crucial that you do not set unrealistic standards for yourself while betting. No one can win all the bets that they place. Think about the deposit money as your expense for enjoying a fun recreational activity like sports betting.

Do Your Preparation before Betting

Do Your Preparation before Betting

Yes, you might have looked into the cricket predictions from But there’s still a lot more that needs to be done if you want to maximize your profits.


The first thing that you should be doing is to do plenty of research even before you look into today cricket match prediction. One of the key reasons behind this is that it will give you the extensive knowledge that you need about the game, the players and the team itself.

Weather Conditions

One other aspect that most bettors forget to look into is how the weather conditions affect the performance of the players. The online cricket betting tips from our site will definitely help you, but you also need to see previous performances to stay on top of the betting game.


Although our cricket betting tips will enable you to make smarter betting choices, you have to do your homework on understanding the odds before you set out to wager.

Odds can get pretty tricky, especially if you are not an experienced bettor. So, take the time to study the different types of odds for cricket betting.

To cut down the hassle on your end,’s cricket predictions and cricket betting tips are here to help you!

Are The Betting Tips Free?

Yes! Our cricket betting tips are absolutely free for those who want to avail our tipster services. will not charge you a single penny for the online cricket betting tips we publish on our website every week.

Why Follow our Betting Predictions?

As we have mentioned above, bases its predictions on hard statistics. We ensure that our predictions are not influenced by any human emotions.

In fact, you’ll find more than a hundred betting tips on our website every week that you can avail for free, which you would otherwise have had to pay for.

Not to mention, we compare the odds from 30-40 betting sites, ensuring the best results!

Cricket Prediction Success Rate

Cricket Prediction Success RatePredictions can never give you a 100% chance of winning. But it can increase your chances of winning the bet you have placed. has a 70% success rate for its online cricket betting tips and predictions. The rest of the 30% can easily be covered by bettors with their sound betting skills and research.

Tips for Cricket Betting

Here are some tips for our readers who are into cricket betting online.

Have A Look At The Team’s Motivation Going Into The Match

The energy of the team alone can tell you a lot about the outcome than you will ever know from any site offering stats on ‘Today cricket match prediction.’ Hence, see if the team as a whole is confident and motivated to take over the match.

Stay Up To Date Regarding All News About The Teams

Daily news updates can help you make better decisions before placing the bet. They contain valuable information like any sudden injury of a player or the decisions made by the captain etc.

Is The Team On A Losing Streak?

Generally, teams with a losing streak are demotivated and lack the will to win the match. But if your instincts are positive about your preferred team, go with your gut and place the bet already!

The Favourites Don’t Always Win

The underdogs do win from time to time. This is why you should definitely consider them while betting. Not to mention, the odds are also greater for underdogs. So you will actually be making a lot of profit if you place the right bet for the right team.

Don’t Make Any Bets In Frustration

Losing your cool while placing bets can often lead to wrong decisions. So keep calm, and make steady progress by considering all the factors at play before wagering.

Have The Weather In Mind

As we have already mentioned above, weather conditions can have an effect on the player’s performance. Look up previous videos to know more about how each player reacts to a sudden change in the weather.

Take Advantage Of The Betting Site When You See Great Odds

Great odds can take you a long way in your betting journey. can help you with match predictions if you are having difficulty looking for the best odds. Do not skip a chance to avail the odds before a bookmaker decides to change them during in-play bets.

Have discipline when betting

Sticking to your betting principles will always ensure that you are on the right track. So try not to lose sight of it while placing your bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

blankWhen is the betting predictions posted? publishes the betting predictions, roughly six days before the cricket tournament. We try to work on it as soon as the odds have been given by bookmakers.

blankWhich kind of markets does offer predictions in? offers betting markets like tournament outright winner, best bowler, series winner, series score etc.