Casino Bonus

Online casinos is one of the fastest-growing industry in India right now. And why wouldn’t it be? These iGaming platforms have been swarming with Indian players for the past decade!

One of the reasons why the online casino industry is so lucrative is because of the casino bonuses. Don’t know what they are? We don’t blame you!
These enticing bonus offers are exclusive to online casinos only. So keep reading to find out more about these casino bonuses!

Top Online Casinos with Bonus in India

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  • Indian Rupee as a currency
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  • Website available in Hindi
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  • VIP program
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  • Bonus for registration in the amount of 100% up to $150
  • VIP program
  • Live stream
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  • Good selection even for the fringe sports
  • Bonus for registration in the amount of 100% up to $150
  • VIP program
  • Live stream
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  • Accepts cryptocurrency and fiat currency
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What Is A Casino Bonus?

What Is A Casino Bonus

A casino bonus is an additional reward that is offered by online casinos. This is an optional promotion that you can either accept or decline as per your wish.

Casino bonuses are provided to stimulate the player’s engagement with the casino games. Did you know that casino bonuses are used to attract more visitors to an iGaming website?

Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses can be offered in the form of free spins, free bonus cash, cashback bonus, reload bonus, welcome bonus etc. So let us walk you through some of the most common casino bonuses provided by iGaming platforms.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is one of the most mainstream yet tempting bonus offers that a player will come across at an online casino platform. Welcome bonuses are usually advertised on the homepage of the casino website to attract visitors. A classic welcome bonus offer can look like, ‘’Deposit ₹1000+. Get 150% up to ₹15,000.’’

Welcome bonuses can only be availed once after a player has signed up for an online casino.

VIP Bonuses

The VIP bonuses are exclusive to VIP members of the online casino only. You can become a VIP member too to claim exciting bonus deals which are far better than those used by regular players. For example, the wagering requirements might be smaller for VIP membership holders.

Free Spins

If you like playing online slots, the free spins bonus can be an exciting bonus offer for you. It is a recurring bonus that can be claimed whenever you want to. You just have to choose a site that offers the best free spins deal.

Free spins can sometimes be offered individually, or they can also come in a bonus package. A welcome bonus package may contain both free spins and prize money.

No-Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, a no-deposit bonus is one that you can avail without paying a deposit. No-deposit bonuses are quite rare to locate. But if you look hard enough, you’ll surely locate a few while browsing.

Example, ‘’ ₹1,000 No Deposit Bonus + 170% up to ₹23,000.’’

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is given to a player if they deposit more money into their casino gaming account. This is a neat trick used by online casinos to tempt the player to deposit more money. Reload bonuses are one of the recurring bonuses offered by iGaming platforms. Meaning that this bonus offer will be made available to you frequently.

For example, ‘’40% reload bonus up to ₹400.’’

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are often given to keep players motivated. Especially if they are going through a losing streak. It is not easy to lose a lot of money successively. At times like these, cashback bonuses can really boost the confidence of the player.

Payment Method Bonuses

Some online casinos offer special bonus offers for players who opt for the payment method specified by the online casino.

For example, the online casino can specify that you will be given an exclusive bonus offer if you use crypto as your payment option. So, if you sign up and select cryptos like Bitcoin as your mode of payment, then you can avail this offer.

Bonuses Specific to Devices

Online casinos can also design bonus offers for using a specific device. The offer could read ‘Log in from your mobile to get an exclusive no-deposit bonus offer of ₹500.’

Refer a Friend Bonus

Users can also claim bonus offers if they refer the online casino to someone else. These bonus offers require no effort. All you have to do is recommend the online casino website to a friend and claim the offer.

Birthday Bonuses

Yes, you saw that right! Plenty of online casinos provides birthday bonus offers to make your birthday gambling session a lot more profitable. So do not miss out on this chance on your birthday.


One other factor that is associated with a casino bonus is the wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is a prerequisite for the bonus offer that a player claims. The number of times you have to wager a bonus offer is written in the terms and conditions page.

The range can vary from 1x, 2x, or even 20x, depending on the casino you have joined. All of the examples of casino bonuses mentioned above will have individual wagering requirements.


Players can withdraw their wins from a casino bonus once they have met the wagering requirement. If the requirement was 10x, the user will have to wager the amount 10 times before they can withdraw the wins.

Example of How a Bonus Works

Example of How a Bonus Works

Say that the welcome bonus at a particular online casino reads ‘150% Up To ₹12,000.’ When you click on the terms and conditions of the bonus offer, you see that the wagering requirement is 5x.

The first task for you would be to finish the sign up process. Once you have signed up, you will make the deposit to claim the welcome bonus offer. After you have availed it, wager the amount 5 times to cash out the wins.

Find the Best Bonus

info 1In order to find the best bonus offers, you will have to compare them across online casinos. Choose two of your preferred online casinos and compare their welcome bonuses. The one with the better deal is the online casino you should sign up for.

Besides looking at the bonus offers, go through the terms and conditions. Consider the wagering requirements along with it. The lower the wagering requirements, the easier it will be for you to cash out the wins.

Should I Sign Up at Casinos for Bonus Offers?

Be selective when choosing casinos based on bonus offers. It could be that the casino bonus offer is one that is hard to resist. However, you have to ensure that the casino is also offering you basic features like the following.


Without a license, an online casino website can never be trusted. See if the casino has a license from licensing authorities like Malta Gaming Authority or the one for Gibraltar.


See if standard security tools are in place for preventing security breaches. A standard SSL encryption can provide state of the art security for users.

Payment Methods

Check whether the iGaming website is offering a long list of payment options for you to choose from!

User Interface

Smooth navigation is a lot when it comes to online gambling. Give the website a trial run before you sign up for it.

Customer Support

Customer support amenities like phone numbers, email address and a live chat option can be extremely helpful, especially if you are new to online gambling.

5 Casino Bonus Tips for Players

Worried about claiming casino bonus offers? Here are 5 tips to help you out!

5 Casino Bonus Tips for Players

Bonuses Can Be an Opportunity to Experiment

Every casino bonus offer is different across iGaming platforms. And not just that, there is a lot of variation that online casinos bring about to design these offers in order to stand out.

So, if you too want to try out new bonus offers, just for the thrill of it, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to experiment, every time the casino gives you a bonus offer.

Remember To Read the Terms and Conditions for the Bonus

The terms and conditions of casino bonus offers always vary. There’s a different time limit for each and separate wagering requirements. The time for completing the wagering requirement also differs from offer to offer. For example, if a deposit bonus has a wagering requirement of 2x, the wagering requirement for a reload bonus can be 6x.

Experts always suggest skimming through the terms and conditions so that you do not miss out on the offers and utilize them before time runs out.

Don’t Always Settle For the Offer That Seems To Give You the Biggest Bonus

Check whether the online casino offers other features that are as great as its bonus offers. For example, if the user interface is not good, you will face difficulty using the website. Therefore, do not claim the offer for great value only. Consider the features of the online casino as a whole.

Don’t Always Go For the Gold When Utilizing a Bonus

The terms and conditions contain a lot more details about the casino bonuses. It is great if the bonus is offering you a whopping reward, but it is not worth it if the wagering requirements are extremely challenging to meet. So read the terms and conditions before you claim the casino bonus offer.

Stay within the Terms and Conditions So the Bonus Doesn’t Get Invalid

The terms and conditions of a casino bonus offer act as a prerequisite for the user. At first, the player has to be eligible for the offer. Once they have claimed the bonus offer, the wagering requirements and other preconditions have to be met. Otherwise, the bonus offer will disappear.

Terms and Condition Regarding Casino Bonuses

The Terms Conditions of a Free BetYou already know that casino bonus offers contain several terms and conditions with them. So what are they?

Let us take a quick look at some of the common terms and conditions for casino bonuses.

Wagering Requirement

This factor has already been discussed at length above. We will still reiterate it for you in the simplest words possible.

The deal with wagering requirements is that unless you fulfil them, you won’t be able to withdraw the winnings.

Time Limit

Casino bonus offers have a timer which you have to comply with. Once the deadline is over, you will not be able to use the offer. Intricate details such as the time limit are only mentioned on the terms and conditions page.

Time for Wagering

Not only is there a time limit for utilizing the offer, but there’s also one for the wagering requirement. Online casinos will usually offer you a week or two, depending on the wagering amount to complete the requirement.


Some offers might be exclusive to a specific game. For example, if you have availed a free spins bonus offer, a precondition might be to only use it for Starbursts.

Pros & Cons of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses have their pros and cons too. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?


  • Head Start – Perhaps the best advantage of claiming a casino bonus is that it gives you a head start to the online casino gaming experience. Not to mention, it also gives you the opportunity to try out the website for free.
  • For example, if you have availed a no-deposit bonus, it will allow you to play the casino game without having to deposit any money whatsoever.
  • Very RewardingIt is possible that some players might be on a losing streak. For those users, online casinos often offer cashback or reload bonuses. This helps to keep up the spirits even after a few losses. Users are more motivated to win big after availing these bonus offers.
  • Try New GamesEvery time an online casino introduces a brand new casino game to the users, they dive right in to claim the best bonus offers. This is a brilliant way of making players engage more with new games without having to pay any deposit money.
  • Helps to Extend BankrollWhen you use up bonus offers that contain free spins, for example, it allows you to try out new slots. So in case you do not win the casino game, your gambling money still remains intact. This is because you use the free spins you got from the bonus instead.
  • Packaged BonusesSometimes, online casinos will gather different types of free spins, cash prizes and other offers all packed in together. This helps try out multiple bonus offers from a single claim.
  • VIP BenefitsOnline casino platforms offer additional rewards for users who have signed up for VIP membership. If you happen to be one of those beings, you’re in for the real deal. This is because casinos will offer some added perks like lower wagering requirements and extended time limits for players.


  • These are the cons of casino bonus offers.
  • Wagering RequirementsSometimes the wagering requirements can be extremely difficult. It is doable to wager it once or twice. But when it ranges up to 20x or 30x, it becomes frustrating for players to have to wait that long before they are able to cash out the wins.
  • Time LimitationsAs if the lengthy wagering requirements weren’t difficult enough, the time limitations make the casino bonuses even more challenging to utilize. Furthermore, there are time limits on wagering requirements as well.
  • The problem goes up a notch when the wagering requirement is high and you are offered very little time to complete it. If you are not able to meet these deadlines, the bonus offer will disappear.
  • Geographical restrictionsSometimes, some of the offers are only made available to some locations. Therefore it is a possibility that you might not be able to claim an enticing online casino bonus offer that is available for European users.

Which Casino Games Will Have Bonus Offers?

Almost every other casino game will have a bonus offer that can be used for it. This includes online slots, roulettes, blackjacks, etc.

The free spins offer, for instance, can be used on as many online slots as you want to. However, if you go through the terms and conditions of the offer, you might come across preconditions that restrict the offer to be used on a particular online slot game only.

Where Can Players Find The Best Casino Bonus?

Where Can Players Find The Best Casino BonusLike we have specified above, in order to find the best casino bonus, one has to browse through multiple iGaming platforms.

This is somewhat a time-consuming process, one which requires you to have your patience. But unless you compare the casino bonus offers being provided at these websites, you will not be able to claim the best offers.

Another way of availing best casino bonus offers is using third-party platforms. Some of these platforms are paid, while the others are not. These websites not only give you the best casino bonuses, but also provide in-depth guides to help you know more about casino gaming online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casino Bonuses

The guide contains an overview of all the things that you might need to know about casino bonus offers. But here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions by most users surrounding casino bonuses.

blankWhat is a casino bonus?

It is a promotion that can be claimed by players to get a kick start on their casino gaming.

blankWhere can I get a casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are available on most iGaming websites. All you have to do is look up different online casino platforms and sign up for the one which offers the best casino bonus.

blankWhich casino bonus is the best?

Generally, a welcome bonus is the best casino bonus offer at an iGaming platform. Welcome bonuses are advertised on the homepage in order to tempt more visitors to sign up.

blankCan I use more than one bonus?

No you cannot. It is only possible to use one casino bonus at a time.

blankHow often will I be offered a bonus?

Usually, an online casino offers more than one bonus offer on its website. Recurring bonus offers will be offered on a regular basis. A welcome bonus on the other hand will only be offered once.

blankCan I wait while utilizing my bonus?

You can. However, you have to keep in mind that every casino bonus offer comes with a time limit. Once that time limit has passed, you can no longer use the bonus. It will disappear the minute the deadline has passed.

blankWhat is a bonus code?

This is a requirement that has to be met for certain casinos only. Usually, the bonus offer can be claimed right away for utilization. However, for some online casinos, you will need a bonus code to activate the offer.

But there’s no need to worry about it. The iGaming platform will give you the bonus code right in time for you to be able to activate the casino bonus offer.

blankAre bonus offers worth it?

A casino bonus offer is the only feature that is exclusive to online casinos only. You will never be able to claim them at a brick and mortar casino. So, why not give it a shot since it is the reason why most visitors sign up for an online casino platform? We can assure you that claiming bonus offers can enhance your gambling experience at any iGaming website.

blankFor which casino games can I use the bonus offers?

If the terms and conditions page has specified a game where you will have to use the offer, you cannot opt for any other game. The bonus offers can usually be used for blackjacks, online slots, baccarat, poker, video poker, roulette, etc.

blankCan new users use these bonus offers only?

No. There are plenty of recurring bonus offers that can be availed by regular players too. Only the welcome bonus offer is for new players.