Best Online Casinos in India 2024

Online casinos have become more prevalent than offline casinos in recent years. And rightfully so! Why take the trip to an offline casino when you can have access to online casino games from the comfort of your home?

But the availability of so many online gambling websites has put the Indian players in a pickle. They are confused about which casino to sign up for. Luckily, has an easy fix to all of your casino problems!
At, we offer the best recommendations and casino guides for our Indian players. From letting them know about the things to look out for and consider, we provide all the solutions to your problems in one go!

Best Online Casinos in India

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  • Indian Rupee as a currency
  • Very Competitive odds
  • Website available in Hindi
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  • Over 50,000 events per month
  • Flexible payment modes
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  • VIP program
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  • Over 50,000 events per month
  • Flexible payment modes
  • Easy navigation
  • VIP program
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  • Good selection even for the fringe sports
  • Bonus for registration in the amount of 100% up to $150
  • VIP program
  • Live stream
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$150 On First Deposit
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  • Good selection even for the fringe sports
  • Bonus for registration in the amount of 100% up to $150
  • VIP program
  • Live stream
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Visit Vave
  • Accepts cryptocurrency and fiat currency
  • Loads of live and pre-match betting options
  • Good selection of bonuses and promotions
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1BTC Welcome Bonus
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  • Accepts cryptocurrency and fiat currency
  • Loads of live and pre-match betting options
  • Good selection of bonuses and promotions
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Is It Legal To Play Online Casino in India?

Every state in India has different laws for gambling. Currently, there are very few states which have a prohibition on gambling for Indian punters.

The majority of the states do not have any explicit law set in place which restricts people from gambling online. Therefore, yes, it is legal to use online casinos in India.

Is It Legal To Play Online Casino in India

Which Online Casino Is The Best And How Are These Rated?

As we know, the number of iGaming platforms have amplified in the last couple of years. The sudden rise in the number of players has led to the availability of multiple casinos online.

All of the online casinos listed above offer A-grade online gambling experiences for their users. So, you do not have to take the trouble of researching because we have already done the research for you!

Which Online Casino Is The Best And How Are These Rated

Our recommended list of casinos contains all the criteria and features that a user would expect from an average to top-rated casino. And not just that, we have also taken additional features which sets these casinos apart from the regular ones that most players are used to.

Which Online Casino Games Should A Casino Offer?

The top-rated casinos have a wide variety of games like slots, blackjacks, roulette, baccarat and a lot more to offer. The wider the list of games, the more options a user will have while playing online casino games.

These are some of the most common yet popular casino games that should be made available by all iGaming platforms.

Online Slots

Online SlotsIf you head to any iGaming website, you will notice that around 70% of the games are online slots. That’s right, this category of casino game is that popular!

Over the years, many changes have been made to the classic online slots that was initially introduced. Luckily, these changes have only enhanced the quality of the game, making it more enjoyable for players. Slot machines are controlled using a software with an RNG. This ensures that there is no pattern in the outcomes. The three different types of online slots that exist include classic slots, video slots, progressive slots and branded slots.

Nowadays, the branded slots are pretty popular as they follow trendy themes from movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc.


Games of LuckOriginating from Paris, this game of chance has a solid fan base in the world of casino gambling. What’s more, different variations of this game exist today. We have American roulette, French roulette and European roulette.

To play a game of roulette, you will have to place your bets first. Next, you will have o press on the roulette wheel. Once the wheel starts to spin, the ball that you see on the screen will stop on any of the numbers. If you win, you get to cash out your wins.


Blackjacks are slightly more difficult than the online slots and roulette. However, you too can master the rules and techniques once you have gained enough experience.

BlackjackIn a game of blackjack, the first task for any player is to join a table. The dealer will deal 2 cards faced upwards for all the players on the table. Next, the dealer will also take two cards, with one faced upward and the other faced downward. The key is to reach 21, or as close as you can possibly get to it using the buttons of hit and stand. Once you have made your move, the rest of the players will do the same. The dealer will then show the card that he had faced downwards.

So, if your hand is a lot closer to 21 than the dealer, you win. There are plenty of strategies for a game of blackjack that you can find online.

Other casino games include baccarat, Keno, Craps Bingo, Video Poker etc.

Can I Get Bonuses/Promotions When Playing Online Casinos?

Punters who have been to brick and mortar casinos know that they do not offer bonus offers or promotions for players. This is perhaps one of the major differences between online and offline casinos worldwide, including India.

Can I Get BonusesPromotions When Playing Online Casinos

Before we step into the details about these bonuses, it is crucial to understand why they are offered to users in the first place. Without enticing bonus offers and promotions, online gambling websites would not be able to attract as many players as possible. Generally, these offers are shown on the homepage of the iGaming sites so that visitors can decide for themselves whether it is worth signing up or not. The best online casinos will offer both recurring bonuses, as well as new ones to keep punters excited.

Wondering what recurring bonuses are? Unlike welcome bonuses, recurring bonuses can be availed more than once. Examples include free spins and reload bonuses.

So let us see what bonus offers at these online casinos usually look like.

No Deposit Bonus

As you can probably tell by the name, No Deposit bonuses do not require you to make deposits. All you have to do is sign up and get started with your casino gaming.

No deposit bonuses are a great way of trying out an iGaming site without having to make any expenses. Users must go through the terms and conditions of no deposit bonuses as it contains valuable details like offer limit and wagering requirements.

Usually, the wagering requirements for no deposit bonuses are very high.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is the very first bonus that you can avail at an iGaming platform. More often than not, it is the welcome bonus of an online casino that entices visitors into signing up.

As the competition is more due to the emergence of a new operator every day, iGaming sites are always trying to make their welcome bonuses as tempting as possible. The more competitive the welcome bonus offer, the higher the chance of a visitor signing up for a casino.

Welcome bonuses can either come in the form of a package or as a singular bonus offer like free spins.

Reload Bonus

Contrary to other bonus offers, reload bonuses are given whenever you make a deposit to your casino gaming account. Although very rare, if offered, you should claim it as the offers are usually very enticing for reload bonuses.

Reload bonuses are one of the recurring bonus offers one can claim from any online gambling platform.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are usually offered when you have hit a wall with your casino gaming online. For example, there may be weeks where you may not have been able to win a single game of chance. This is where some operators will step in to keep you motivated.

So on your next deposit, the iGaming platform may offer you a cashback bonus.

Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus can be claimed by players who have used the iGaming site before. For example, if you have made more deposits than usual, the site may offer you a loyalty bonus. Another example could be when you have spent more time in the casino than you usually do.

There are many more bonus offers you can explore by signing up at different casinos online. Only the best online casinos will offer multiple bonus offers at once.

Which Online Casinos Gives A Welcome Bonus?

As mentioned above, a welcome bonus is received by a player after they have signed up for a particular operator. This welcome bonus varies from one operator to the other.

Which Online Casinos Gives A Welcome Bonus


Before you join an iGaming platform, go through the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus offer. The terms and conditions page contains important details which we often miss out on. This includes wagering requirements and deadlines for using the offer.

Here is a list of the most enticing welcome bonuses for casino lovers in India.

Which Online Casinos Give A No-Deposit Bonus in India?

To reiterate, a no-deposit bonus eliminates the process of having to make a deposit. This gives users a jump start on the games as they do not have to wait for any transaction to get through.

Even the no-deposit bonuses have wagering requirements and deadlines that you must maintain. The no-deposit bonus gives users a chance to experience the functionality of a website before spending any money on it. The list below shows the no-deposit bonuses that you can currently claim if you are a casino player in India.

What Is The Win Rate On Games?

What Is The Win Rate On GamesA win rate simply refers to the frequency at which players can win a certain casino online real money game. If you sign up for the best online casinos in India, they will most likely offer you plenty of games with a higher win rate. It is also very satisfying to play these games as it motivates you to make more deposits and continue playing.

On the other hand, there are casino games that have a lower win rate. In these cases, the price is usually higher. Since the operators make it so difficult, players have to give their best before they can bag the prize.

Generally, most casino games with a low win rate have a larger payout. So if you want more payouts, you will have to win a game with a low win rate.

What Are The Advantages of Playing Casino Online?

The advantages of online iGaming platforms are plenty. Let us take a peek at a few, shall we?


Physical gambling is prohibited in a few Indian states. Luckily, online casinos are not banned in these areas. So you can still enjoy casino games even though brick and mortar casinos are barred.

No Commute

You do not have to take a trip to the casino in order to enjoy the games. You can simply log in to your computer from the comfort of your home and play the online games of the casinos through the screen.

Bonus Offers

If you have gone through the bonus section above, then you already know that bonus offers are only given for online iGaming platforms. And these offers play a huge role in keeping users motivated. What’s more, bonus offers like the cashback bonus is helpful when you have had consecutive losses at one go.

Play Anywhere

To be able to enjoy offline casino games, one has to travel to a brick and mortar casino. But for casinos that are online, people can enjoy the games while being home, office or from anywhere they want to.

No Time Limit

Offline casinos are usually open for limited hours and might be closed on a specific day. But there are no such issues with iGaming platforms. You can have access to the games at any point of the night or day.


One other advantage of online operators is that you can practice the games for free on some of the free websites. However, this is not possible for brick and mortar casinos. Therefore, if you do not know how to play baccarat, you can perhaps play on free versions before signing up for a casino online real money.

Payment Options

Land-based casinos do not have a whole lot of options for players while making withdrawals and deposits. But online gambling platforms usually have an extensive list of payment options listed on their banking page.

The best online casinos will offer cryptos, e-wallets alongside the traditional payment methods.


A land-based casino can only accommodate this many games under one roof. This is where online platforms differ from them. Casino websites develop new games every day and introduce them to the players in intervals so that they never get bored of playing the same games repeatedly.

Furthermore, casino online real money games also have different themes which makes them very unique from other games of the same category.

What is a Live Casino & How Do You Play It?

What is a Live Casino How Do You Play ItOne of the most popular features of an online gambling operator, live casinos aim to provide a more realistic gambling experience to players. They do this by making the games a lot more interactive. The players get to interact with other players from all across the globe along with the live dealer himself.

The iGaming software looks over all the aspects of live casino games to make them as accurate as possible. All the users have to do is learn how to make the most of the live casino feature.

Which Supported Devices Do The Best Online Casinos Support?

Which Supported Devices Do The Best Online Casinos SupportNowadays, most online operators have a dedicated casino app for players. Users can have access to the casino games using a mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet. All you have to do is download the app, log in and get started.

Plus, these devices also allow you to complete transactions with a few taps on the banking page from your preferred mode of device. For the websites which do not have an app, you can simply log in to the website using any of the devices. So if you do not want to take the trouble of downloading the app or software, you can just use your browser to log in.

The best online casinos in India offer the flexibility of using the casino across all devices. Meaning that you can use your phone, laptop or any other device to play casino games online. Furthermore, these websites also ensure that the gambling experience remains the same no matter which device you choose to use.

Which Features Are The Best For The User Experience?

If you want to experience the best casino gaming experience, there are some features that the online operator must have to make it to the best online casinos rank.

A Fun Website

Recreational online platforms like casinos have to be a fun place where users can feel like they have dived into a whole new world of gambling. But this experience is impossible to attain if the website has a dull appearance and average gaming features.

When choosing a casino platform, see if the theme colours, design of the website and the games seem appealing to you. Check whether the site offers huge and easy wins too!

Slot Games

Slot games are the simplest games of chance known to casino players. Top online casinos will offer multiple slot games with various themes from cartoons, TV shows or movies. Apart from the new ones developed by iGaming providers, users will also find the classics and fan favourites.

Live Casino

The live casino feature gives the players a more immersive experience in the world of online casinos. The live chat option in the live casino games allows players to interact with one another, while also being able to interact with the live dealer.

In short, live casinos are as close to the experience of physical casino platforms as you can get online.

Players will find poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and many other casino games in the live casino section of an operator.


The number of casino games being provided by an operator has a lot to do with the number of players signing up at that website. The broader the list of games, the more the number of users on the casino website.


Easy navigation enables users to use the online gambling platform with ease. Whenever you visit a new iGaming operator, see if the features function smoothly. A good user interface can enhance a player’s entire casino gaming experience.


One of the most crucial aspects that you should look into before signing up for any iGaming platform is whether it has multiple language settings. If not, it should at least have English or your native language so that you have no difficulty piloting through the website.

Other features that you might want to look into include payment options, odds, etc.

What about Security?

What about SecurityIt is not safe to play casino games on platforms that do not provide proper security. When signing up for an online gambling account, players are required to provide personal details. This usually consists of a person’s name, address, email, phone number, etc. for verification purposes.

Therefore the site must have standard SSL encryption to store such info safely. Not to mention, to play casino games, players have to make deposits too. In order to do that, you must input your bank account details for completing the transactions. To protect this valuable information, iGaming sites need to provide a safe space for users.

Top online casinos use state of the art security tools to ensure user safety.

Which Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Are Available?

Only the top online casinos of India offer multiple payment options for players. Various payment methods give users the flexibility of choosing their preferred payment mode. This applies to both withdrawals and deposits.

Apart from the basic options like bank transfers, you should also check if the operator allows payment methods like e-wallets and cryptos. The availability of cryptos will ensure the fastest and most secure transactions. Cryptos like bitcoins do not require you to enter any details about yourself. Most users opt for cryptos because of the anonymity that it provides.

What about Payouts?

Which Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Are AvailableImagine winning big in one of the casino games and not being able to cash it out for days. It would be frustrating for most.

Payment options like e-wallets and cryptos are the fastest payment modes that exist today. Both of these methods can ensure fast completion of transactions. Especially cryptos like bitcoin. Bank transfers are slower than cryptos and e-wallets. It might take a good 7 days to complete transfers through a bank.

If you have signed up for one of the top online casinos, you will see that they offer high withdrawal limits. This is a major difference between an average and a good casino. Additional charges may be added when making withdrawals. However, this will vary from one payment option to the other.

Why Is The Customer Support Golden?

Users may have multiple questions while using an iGaming platform. Especially if they are new to casino gaming online. So that every customer need is looked into, online operators should provide various customer support options.

The most useful customer support tool that top online casinos can provide is the live chat option. You can type in your query and a professional agent will get in touch with you to resolve your issues. Other useful methods could be sending an email, calling on the customer support number provided, faxing, generating problem tickets, etc.

You have to ensure that all of these services are prompt. If the site takes more than a day to get back, it might not be worth your time and money. You can use the live chat option before signing up to see if the customer support service is prompt, polite and well-organized.

Is Reputation Important?

This is one of the most important issues that you should look into before signing up at an iGaming platform. You can check out the reviews provided by previous users to take the decision.

For example, if a website has plenty of bad reviews on the internet, you should consider not being a member no matter how enticing the bonus offers look. This will prevent you from having to face the same issues that other users did.

On the other hand, if the reviews are great or even near perfect, you can sign up for the operator.

Should The Casino Support Responsible Gaming?

Gambling is a fun recreational activity. Moreover, since you are being able to enjoy casino games from the comfort of your home, some might get carried away without keeping track of time. This can affect your regular life greatly.

This is why it is essential for these platforms to provide you with the tools you need to gamble responsibly. For example, some operators have a temporary lock for players who are unable to hold their gambling impulses. You can also set an alarm for yourself when you sit down in front of your computer. That way, you will be notified every time you lose track of time.

Nowadays, professional help is also provided to those who need to get their gambling impulses under control. One thing that seems to have helped players is that if you think of the deposit as the payment for your recreation, the losses do not affect you as much.

Hence, it is crucial for the casino to support responsible gambling for users.

Which Licenses Should I Look For?

Any legit online gaming casino website will have a license. Licensing authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority or the one in Gibraltar are good authorities for casinos that operate online. They only provide licenses to casinos that are legitimate in all aspects.

Which Licenses Should I Look For

You can take a look at the license number of any casino by scrolling to the end of the page. Clicking on it or simply browsing it will give you more info about the licensing authority.

Here are some of the most competent licensing authorities for any casino online real money operator.

Malta Gaming Authority

If you have browsed through various top online casinos, then you may have come across the Malta Gaming Authority. It is one of the most popular and competent licensing authorities for casinos online.

It was first established in 2001 and is still in operation. The Malta Gaming Authority ensures user safety and guarantees fair play.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is one of the oldest and trusted licensing authorities to exist in the gambling industry. You can get licenses for bookmakers, gaming machines, lottery promoters, gambling licenses, betting intermediaries, etc.

Other notable licensing authorities include Curacao eGaming, Canadian Kahnawake, Costa Rica Regulatory Organization, The Isle of Man Gaming Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, UK Gambling Commission to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Online Casinos in India

These are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by users of casino online real money platforms.

blankWhich casino is the absolute best for players in India?

It is difficult to site a single name for being the top online casinos for players in India. Casinos are enhanced every now and then to offer the best service to players. For example, additional features are added, new games are introduced, bonus offers and made more competitive etc.

All of these can change the entire performance of an online gambling operator. We at [ ] are always working to the best of our capabilities to keep our readers updated on the latest iGaming sites offering the best services.

Therefore, if you are confused about choosing an operator on your own, you can choose one from our list without a second thought.

blankWhat are the advantages of playing in an online casino?

As we have already mentioned above, the advantages of playing at a casino online real money operator are plenty. To begin with, you no longer need to commute to play casino games. You can enjoy the games from your home. Furthermore, you can have access to the iGaming platform from wherever you are.

Other advantages include bonus offers that keep players motivated throughout their online gambling journey. Perhaps the best part about top online casinos is that they provide a huge list of games, which would not have been possible at a land-based casino.

blankWhat is a payout percentage?

Payout percentages refer to the average wins you will make against the amount of money that you have wagered to participate in the casino game. For example, if the payout rate is 95 %, you will get a 95 INR payback with every 100 INR you deposit.

blankHow can I deposit money in online casinos?

One can successfully transfer money in iGaming platforms using payment options like bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets or event cryptos. You should use whichever casino online real money payment option that you prefer.

blankIs my money safe in an online casino?

This will depend on the type of payment option you have selected and the gambling platform that you have signed up for. If the third party payment option is not a reliable one, there might be issues related to successful transfers of payment.

Moreover, if the site that you have joined does not have a valid license or security tools set in place, it might become an issue while transferring money. Therefore, it is suggested that you only opt for reliable payment options and casino online real money sites.

blankCan casinos be trusted?

Yes, casinos can be trusted. But you can only trust the site if it has a good user review, proper license and high-grade security in place. These features should be enough for ensuring safety while using an iGaming platform.

If you are unsure about an iGaming casino website, you can simply choose any of the casinos that we have listed above. These online operators can surely be doubted as they are one of the top online casinos in India.

blankHow much money can I win online?

This is dependent on your gambling skills. Especially if you are playing casino online real money table games. Other times, you just have to keep faith in your luck as casino games are games of chance.

blankWhich casino games are the most popular?

Every player has a different set of preferences when it comes to casino games. Some are absolute fans of slots, while others like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and many more.

blankWhich slot machine is the most popular?

Slot games are the easiest of all casino games online. Here is a list of some of the most popular ones in India – Goblin’s Cave, Starburst and Mega Moolah.

blankWhich casino has the best payouts?

Payouts will differ from one casino to the other, depending on the RTP. The higher the percentage, the higher the payout.

blankWhat casino game has the best chance of winning?

The casino game with the best odds has the best chance of winning. Usually, it is a classic game of blackjack. But it will vary from one iGaming platform to the other.

blankWhich online slot machines have the highest RTP?

Who doesn’t like high RTP’S? Here are some of the casino online real money slot machines with the highest RTP – Ugga Bugga 99.07 %, Mega Joker 99%, Ooh Aah Dracula 99%, Jackpot 6000 98.8%, The Catfather 98.10%, etc.

blankCan online casinos be rigged?

As long as an RNG software is being used by the casino online real money platform, you can rest assured that the games on the site are not rigged. Furthermore, licensing authorities do not provide licenses to casinos that they think are not fair to the players.