Betting Sites That Accept Google Pay (GPay)

Growing numbers of Indian punters are avidly using Google Play as their primary mode of payment. If you are among them or wish to be, this article is for you. Today we will introduce you to the world of Google Pay betting sites
and everything related to it. You will get introduced to the payment system and how it works. Most importantly, you will learn how you can use it to make deposits and withdrawals easier at betting sites.

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What Is Google Pay?

What Is Google Pay

Before we can actually tell you about the betting sites that accept Google Pay, we need to explain a little bit about Google Pay itself. The points below present the most important information that you need to know about this technology.

  • Google Pay is a digital/electronic wallet that can be used for processing payments.
  • Its earliest version (called Google Wallet) began its journey in 2011 and now it is available in more than 40 countries.
  • It can be used via your Android phones, tablets, and even smartwatches. In some cases, the method can be used on iOS devices in a limited way.
  • It makes your existing set of credit/debit cards redundant. You can simply add everything to your Google Pay wallet and make contactless payments almost everywhere you go.
  • It can or has the potential to be used for a number of other purposes as well. Such as storing and using coupons, passes, tickets, etc.

How Does It Work?

The main technology behind Google Pay is called near-field communication, which is better known as NFC. This allows you to make contactless payments using your credit/debit cards from your mobile device. You can do so in both online as well as offline settings.

Basically, you can store your credit/debit card and bank account information on the Google Pay app on your phone. That information is transmitted via NFC to the POS (point-of-sale) terminals if you are making payments at a physical store. The entire process is contactless and makes carrying around many cards redundant. Moreover, you can use Google Pay for online transactions as well. At GPay sportsbooks, for instance, to take just one example.

Using Google Pay for online transactions is just as easy. You simply choose Google Pay during checkout, choose the payment account (if you have more than one stored), and the funds are deducted accordingly. Google Pay has become quite popular among consumers in India and around the world due to the convenience it provides.

For instance, sports betting is one of the biggest industries where Google Pay is a popular payment method. You will find many Google Pay betting sites.

Brief History of Google Pay

Google has become a household name around the world today. There is no need for us to give you too much information about it. But we would like to tell you a few little-known facts about its origins.

The company was founded in 1996 by a couple of friends called Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University, California at the time. Since then, it has grown into a global tech behemoth. From its size and influence today, it might surprise you to know that it started out as a mere research project. But today its tentacles reach into every domain of cutting-edge technological innovation.

Google Pay is just one of its ventures. It began as Google wallet, a peer-to-peer payment network, in 2011. That soon morphed into Android Pay and finally became the Google Pay that we know today in 2018. The main difference between today’s Google Pay and the earlier versions is the use case. The earlier apps were more focused on storing and transferring funds between users of the app. Whereas, the main use case today is contactless payments at Google Pay sportsbooks and other places.

Google Pay in India

gpay betting

Interestingly enough, Google Pay began its journey in India in a completely different avatar.

In 2017, Google launched a mobile payments service called Tez in India and a few other countries. The unique selling point of the app was to avoid the use of NFC as many mobile phones in India didn’t have NFC capabilities. But this was later merged with Google Pay and the entire suite of Google Pay services was launched in India. This was in 2018.

Since then, the app has become one of the most widely used for Google Pay betting and other payments. This is no surprise as most of the smartphone users in India are Android users. Furthermore, you can use Google Pay in India even if you use an Apple device. This is a privilege that only users in India and the United States get. Otherwise, the app and its services are only restricted to Android devices.

The popularity of the app has been further bolstered by its ability to integrate seamlessly with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). If you are not familiar with UPI yet, it is a government initiative that lets you add all your payment accounts and cards into a single platform. This enhances the interoperability between your accounts and lets you make payments from a single platform.

You can easily link your Google Pay account with your UPI account. That ensures all your accounts are easily brought into the Google Pay system. If you are seriously thinking about Google Pay betting in India, this is something we would strongly recommend you do.

Advantages of Using Google Pay

The main advantage of using Google Pay, especially for sports betting, can be summed up as follows:

  • Completely contactless and cashless payments.
  • Unifies multiple cards and bank accounts.
  • Can be used for offline payments, in-app purchases, and online payments alike.
  • Can be used on Android smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.
  • Can be used on iOS devices in some cases as well.
  • Completely free for users in India.
  • One of the fast-growing payment methods in Indian sports betting sites.

Google Pay in Betting

Google Pay has emerged as one of the most popular contactless payment methods in India. It is being used widely for many purposes including betting at Google Pay-enabled sportsbooks.

The benefits of using Google Pay for betting transactions are manifold. The main benefit is that you no longer need to add several payment methods to your betting account. Since all your payment methods can be stored together in the GPay app, you merely need to add GPay to your betting account. That reduces the hassle and increases the convenience of transferring funds to and from several disparate accounts.

Moreover, there are no fees associated with transactions processed via Google Pay. The app may charge the merchant, which in this case will be the GPay betting site. But not you, i.e., the end-user. However, those are not the only reasons why so many punters prefer to use this method. It is extremely reliable, secure, and speedy as well.

You can, for instance, set things in such a way that none of your transactions will ever go through without your confirmation. You can do this by using a 2FA process. That is helpful for times when you suspect that your accounts may be used for authorised transactions. But that is not all. The app supports you through times when you want to make legitimate transactions too.

Google Pay is extremely reliable and fast. Since it lets you add multiple payment methods, you can use them interchangeably as you please. The transaction processing speeds are also extremely fast, in part thanks to the UPI infrastructure. You will notice this most clearly during deposits, which are usually instant.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Using GPay?

gpay betting sites

Both the deposit and the withdrawal process at betting sites that accept Google Pay is quite straightforward.


Once you have signed up to a GPay betting site, one of the first things you will need to do is deposit some funds. You will find an option to do so somewhere on the site or on the mobile app. You should be able to find an option that says either ‘deposit,’ ‘payments,’ or ‘account balance.’

You need to select that option and it will open the deposit form. Then you can choose a payment method, which in this case should be Google Pay. After that, all you need to input is the amount and click confirm. There may be another step if you have enabled 2FA and then the funds should be transferred. Generally speaking, the deposits are processed instantly or almost instantly. That is to say, it can take somewhere between a few seconds to a few minutes. Or, at least, that is what you can expect at the best betting sites that accept GPay.


If you wish to withdraw from a GPay sportsbook, the initial steps of the process are the same as in the deposit process. You need to find and select the option that will take you to the withdrawal form.

Then you will be allowed to choose between a number of payment methods. Google Pay should be one among them and that is the one you need to choose in this case. Then you simply have to enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and send the request. The GPay sportsbook will then review your request and release the funds if everything looks okay. Since Google Pay does not hold funds itself, it will merely act as the intermediary between the sportsbook and your account. So, this process can take a few business days.

How Secure Is It to Use GPay in Betting?

Google Pay is one of the most secure contactless payment methods in India. Especially since it is intricately linked with the government-run UPI system, which is extremely secure as well.

But Google does not rely on the security of UPI alone. There are certain measures that the app takes to ensure that your data and transactions are safeguarded.

For instance, you may be unable to use the app if you do not have a phone lock system set up. This could be a PIN, password, pattern, face ID, or fingerprint. Whatever form of phone lock/unlock method you prefer is irrelevant. But you must have one set up to use the app. That is one way to ensure as much as possible that only you can access the app.

Moreover, you can enable a 2 Factor Authentication process for every transaction. That will add an additional layer of security to your transactions, especially online transactions like at GPay betting sites. Before every transaction goes through, there will be an additional step where you will be asked to provide a code sent to your phone or something like that.

You should definitely do this during Google Pay betting because you may be making large transactions quite frequently. It is always best to be on the safe side with such things.

How to Open a Google Pay Account?

In order to open an account for Google Pay betting or other purposes, you must have a Google account.

If you have a Gmail account, you also have a Google account. There is no need to open another one. But if you don’t have one, then you need to create one.

Your Google account creates access to all Google services, including GPay. There is no need to open a separate account. So, once you have your Google account in place, follow the steps below to set up Google Pay:

  1. Download the Google Pay app on your mobile device.
  2. Add and verify your phone number (the one you primarily use and is tied to your bank account).
  3. Sign in using your Google account.
  4. Set up security measures.
  5. Add card and/or banking information.

After you have gone through those steps, you can start using the app to start GPay betting or other activities.

GPay Fees

GPay Fees

Google pay actually does not charge any transaction fees to its Indian users at the moment. There have been rumours that it may start charging fees. However, the company has clarified on a number of occasions that such plans were not applicable to India.

The merchants are charged a fee by the company and not the end-users. So, for instance, if you use the method to deposit money at a GPay betting site, the site will be charged a fee. Whereas, you will simply pay whatever you owe.

That has recently changed in other countries such as the United States where Google Pay has started charging some fees. So, this is definitely on the cards for India as well irrespective of what the company says. But this may be well into the future.

Alternatives to GPay

As far as fintech products and services is concerned, you will be spoiled for choice in India. The market is crowded with so many formidable that a global giant like PayPal couldn’t compete.

In addition to Google Pay and Apple Pay, you will find a number of homegrown brands to choose from. This includes names you may have already heard like Paytm, BharatPe, and so on. You might be using one or several of them already.

Moreover, you can use international online payment methods like Skrill and Neteller. They are both quite popular among punters internationally.

You can use them at Google Pay betting sites as well. A Google Pay betting site does not mean that it accepts Google Pay exclusively. Instead, betting sites that accept Google Pay are more likely to accept other forms of contactless payments as well.

So, if you wish to use other digital wallets, you can do so at Google Pay sportsbooks. They work in more or less the same manner, at least in so far as the fundamental mechanics are concerned. Your financial information is stored on an app on your phone and you use that to make payments.

FAQ: Betting Sites That Accept GPay

Get quick answers to some of your most important questions about GPay betting and sportsbooks in the sections below:

blankIs it safe to use google pay for sports betting?

Google Pay is absolutely secure for making payments in any setting. The app will not work unless you have a phone lock set up. Moreover, you can use 2 Factor Authentication for every transaction.

blankWhich deposit/withdrawal methods can I use when using google pay?

Google Pay can centralise all your payment accounts including debit/credit cards and bank accounts. You can add them manually or you can link your Google Pay account with your UPI account. That should enable seamless interoperability between GPay and all your other accounts.

blankDo I have to verify anything when using google pay?

You need a valid phone number (that is tied to your bank accounts), a valid debit/credit card, and an Android/iOS smartphone. That is all you need for a Google Pay account. There are no other verification or KYC requirements.

blankWill there be any fees when I use google pay?

Google Pay does not charge any fees for payments or transfer of funds from the users, at least as far as India is concerned. Instead, the company charges a small fee to merchants for every GPay transaction and that is how it makes money.
However, it has recently started charging for transfers in other countries, so it may do so in India at some point in the future as well.

blankWhat do I do if my payment is declined?

Your payment could be declined for a variety of reasons. For instance, the problem could originate from the Google Pay app, your payment account, or the POS terminal at the store. You need to identify where the problem has originated from and only then can you take appropriate action.

blankHow long time will it take before my deposit is received by the betting site?

Deposits at Google Pay betting sites are most likely to be instant or almost instantaneous. That is, taking a few minutes. That is a general rule of thumb that you can expect at the best GPay sportsbooks. But the timeline may vary from one site to another.

blankHow long time will it take before my withdrawal is received from the betting site?

Withdrawal from GPay betting sites may take time depending on the account in which the money is to be deposited. The Google Pay app doesn’t take deposits itself. So, it will merely be the intermediary between the site and your account.
That said, assuming you are ultimately withdrawing to a card or a bank account, it may take a few business days. That is a general rule of thumb that holds true for most Google Pay sportsbooks. But the actual timelines may vary.


Even though this article is about Google Pay betting sites, we would like to give you some general tips about payment methods at betting sites in general.

The first thing we would like to say is that just because we are writing about Google Pay does not mean it is the best method for you. So, you need to read about all the methods and decide which one is best for you.

There are many factors that can make other alternative methods more suitable for you. They can be processing speeds, fees, or just compatibility. For instance, if you use an iOS device, you can use Google Pay but only with limited functionality. In that case, Apple Pay may be better suited for you.

Furthermore, your favourite betting site may not be one of the betting sites that accept Google Pay. In that case, you may perforce have to choose another method.

The good news is that there are many methods for you to choose from at the best betting sites in India. Including many digital payments services such as Google Pay.