No Deposit Bonuses in India 2024

No-Deposit Bonuses are offered out at nearly all online casinos and sports betting sites. They are essentially a way to reward or entice a new player into signing up! That’s why they tend to be really generous, doling out tons of free cash, free spins or other rewards. However, there are always terms and conditions attached. Plus, you can’t expect to with every single free spin bet bonus.

No Deposit BonusMost welcome bonuses tend to be deposit bonuses. Meaning you get extra bonus cash when you make a deposit. However, there are a few bonuses that are not deposit bonuses but rather a no deposit bonus. As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus is the exact opposite of a deposit bonus!
They do not require players to make a deposit, but instead, gives out the bonus right away without making any deposit at all (subject to T&Cs). Keep on reading to learn more about No Deposit Bonuses, how they work, and how you can find the best offers out there that are available to Indian players!

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What Is A Betting Bonus?

What Is A Betting Bonus

So, what exactly is a betting bonus? If you are new to the whole online casino and betting scene, then you won’t have encountered as many of these offers. So, let’s explain them all.

Here are the main types of betting Bonuses at Indian online casinos, both for new and existing players.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is extremely simple, as we just mentioned. This bonus is given out to anyone who fulfils the requirements. There is no deposit needed or anything. The bonus rewards will simply appear in the player’s account.

Let’s take an example of a no deposit bonus: INR 500 Bonus Cash to all new players. In this case, the bonus funds – INR 500 – will appear in a new player’s account as soon as they sign up and confirm their account. They won’t even need to place any bets or make any deposit.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonuses are also fairly self-explanatory. The bonus is given out after you make a deposit. This bonus can be applicable to both brand new players and existing ones.

An example of a deposit bonus would be a 100% Bonus up to INR 2000. That means when a user deposits funds into their account with the bonus active, they will get a corresponding bonus amount as described.

For a 100% bonus, 100% of their deposit amount will be added as a bonus. This effectively doubles how much they get in their account. Of course, it can only be doubled up to INR 2000, as stated in the bonus.

Free Bets / Spins Bonus

Free Bets or Spins skip the middleman of giving players bonus cash. Instead, they directly give players free bets that players can place on a sporting event of their choosing. Similarly, Free Spins are rounds on a slot machine that players can spin for free.

Of course, there are usually lots of caveats with free bets and free spins. The free bets might be restricted to specific games and specific odds. For example, a requirement might be that the free bets are limited to multi-bets with 3 or more games where each bet has odds of 1.5 or more.

Similarly, the free spins from these bonuses might be restricted to specific slot machines. The value of each stake could be low; maybe even too low to benefit from the various game features or even a potential jackpot win. The amount paid out from the free bets may also be limited.

Ultimately, Free Bets and Free Spins are a way to play for free (albeit for a little bit). Don’t expect to get huge wins from these bonuses. The winnings will ultimately be either capped or locked behind a high wagering requirement.

Cash Back Bonus

The last common type of bonus is a cashback bonus. This does not directly add extra funds or free gaming opportunities. Instead, this bonus usually comes into play afterwards – when the player has completed betting.

Basically, the Cash Back bonus gives players back some of their losses. For example, if you bet INR 1,000 and only won INR 400, then you’ve lost INR 600. With a cashback bonus, you could get back a percentage of that. If it’s a 20% cashback, then you could get INR 120 as bonus cash.

While the amount from a cashback is low, it takes away some of the sting of losing. The luckiest of the lucky players could even win back their entire prize pool from cashbacks.

Other than that, here are some more factors to be aware of!

Wagering Requirements

Wagering RequirementsWagering requirements are another thing to consider. Basically, players cannot get a bonus and immediately take the money and run. Rather, the wagering requirement must be fulfilled before the money can be withdrawn.

The wagering requirement is usually expressed as a multiple of the bonus amount. For example, with an INR 2000 bonus and a wagering req. of 5x, the total requirement would be INR 10,000 wagered.


As mentioned, the bonuses cannot be withdrawn immediately. The exact terms and conditions vary. But generally, there are wagering requirements and other terms to fulfil. Once they have been fulfilled, the bonus balance will be merged into your real cash balanced and can be withdrawn through it.


The odds also matter quite a lot when it comes to bonuses. That’s because they are often used as requirements as well. Generally, bonus spending or wagering requirements contribution is limited to high-odds games. They could set a wagering requirement as such that the bets only contribute to the WR if their odds are sufficiently high.

Some Examples To Help Understand The Situation

All of these can be confusing to understand in one go. So, here are some examples of bonuses you might encounter at Indian online betting sites!

  • Welcome Bonus: 1 Free Bet on Football equal to First Deposit, min odds at 2.0

This bonus gives you a free bet that you can spend on a Football wager. The football game must have minimum odds of 2.0 in order to use the bet.

  • First Deposit Bonus: 100% Deposit Bonus up to INR 20,000, 40x WR

In this bonus, you get a bonus equal to your deposit, up to a maximum of INR 20,000. So, if you deposit exactly that much, you will have INR 40,000 in your balance. At this point, your wagering requirement would be 20,000×40 = INR 800,000!

  • No Deposit Bonus: INR 500 + 25 Free Spins, 5x WR

There is no need to deposit for this bonus. The bonus cash will be automatically added to your bonus balance. The winnings from the Free Spins will also go there. Once you wager INR 2,500 as the wagering requirement, you can withdraw all the bonus rewards.

Find the Best No-Deposit Bonus

Find the Best No Deposit Bonus

It is quite difficult to determine a standard no deposit bonus in Indian online betting sites. For starters, they are widely varied. Some sites offer less than INR 500, while others might offer up to INR 4,000! The number of free spins or free bets also varies a lot.

Many sports betting sites only offer a single free bet. However, this free bet might scale off your deposit rather than being a no deposit bonus. This means the free bet could potentially be worth thousands in one wager. The best way to find a betting bonus for your needs is to consider your budget. Consider these two bonuses: INR 600 + 25 Free Bets, 5x WR, 2.5 min odds, and INR 5000, 20x WR.

The first one has the advantages of free bets and a low wagering requirement. However, the disadvantage is that the Free Bets can only be used on games with 2.5 minimum odds. This odds value is quite high, so you might lose most of the free bets anyway. This might not appeal to punters who prefer to make safe bets. Also, a higher odds requirement means a lot of bets are actually ineligible for the bonus. You might not be able to wager on your favourite teams or a highly anticipated event!

The second one has the advantage of a higher cash bonus. However, the wagering requirement is also higher. Generally, the second bonus is better for punters who have plenty of money. Meanwhile, the first one would be better for a player who likes to take risks. If you are a casual player, you should pick the first one. That is because a higher wagering requirement is harder to fulfil. You might not want to blow all your money trying to catch up to a bonus’ wagering requirement, after all.

Always keep in mind that betting is a matter of luck. It is possible to simply blow your entire budget and lose every match you bet on. So, don’t count on bonuses to always get you out of an empty wallet. Always treat them as a nice bonus.

5 No-Deposit Bonus Tips for Punters

5 No Deposit Bonus Tips for Punters

Here are some tips for punters using betting bonuses! Use these tips when you aim for bonuses, and you won’t get blindsided.

Bonuses Can Be an Opportunity to Experiment

Bonus money isn’t really your money. It belongs to the sportsbook unless you fulfil the requirements. So, why not experiment with it? Throw a few wild bets with nearly impossible odds! Check out and bet on sports and markets you aren’t really familiar with and shoot your shot.

Remember to Read the Terms and Conditions for the Bonus

The terms and conditions include a lot of important information about the bonus. For example, any betting odds requirement or wagering requirements may be hidden in the terms and conditions. Another important factoid that might be hidden there is a maximum stake allowed while the bet is allowed. The latter could drastically affect your gameplay, so it’s best to know about it.

Don’t Always Settle for The Offer That Seems to Give You the Biggest Bonus

As we mentioned earlier, there are always upsides and downsides to a bonus offer. So, don’t just immediately accept the one with the biggest numbers. Rather, try to compare it objectively and look at other bonuses as well. Often, the biggest bonus also has the most restrictive and frustrating terms.

Don’t Always “Go for The Gold” When Utilizing a Bonus

Many punters make the mistake of trying to complete the wagering requirement first thing. They simply want to ‘earn’ the bonus money. However, this can be a mistake.

For starters, the wagering requirement is usually designed so that you will spend most of the bonus money before you can reach it. They set the number based on the Return-to-Player and House Edge percentages.

Another issue with ‘Going for the Gold’ is that players can get tired or frustrated. Rather than having fun, they are just trying to win money. A player could spend all their budget trying to win a bonus too. At that stage, there’s no point in playing, as they are not having any fun!

Stay Within the Terms and Conditions, So the Bet Doesn’t Get Invalid

As mentioned earlier, the terms and conditions are always extremely important. If you breach the terms and conditions, your bonus may be invalidated and taken away. This can be really frustrating, especially if you were close to completing the wagering requirements or something.

So, always keep the terms and conditions in mind and play accordingly.

Terms and Conditions Regarding Betting Bonuses

Typically, every bonus has its own terms and conditions. However, there are a few conditions that tend to appear universally across Indian casinos. They are explained here.

Each Person Can Claim A Bonus Only Once

This is particularly in the case of a welcome bonus or no deposit bonus. If this restriction did not exist, players could repeatedly create new accounts and claim the bonus over and over again. As you can imagine, that is quite a big abuse of the sportsbook’s generosity. So, the bonus can only be claimed once per account.

If you create a second account and are revealed, your bonus will be taken away and the account may be disabled.

You Cannot Withdraw Until The Wagering Requirement Is Fulfilled

The bonus cannot be withdrawn until the playthrough or wagering requirement is fulfilled. However, there are also certain bonuses where you cannot withdraw any funds at all. This is one of the reasons why players should always check the terms and conditions.

This term is usually present in No Deposit bonuses since you can get the bonus in your account without spending any money at all.

Different Games Contribute To The Wagering Requirement Differently

Different games behave differently with the bonuses. This mainly applies to casino games, but it can also apply to sports betting.

For example, in Casino bonuses, Slots titles contribute 90-100% of the wagered amount to the requirement. Meanwhile, Table and Live games contribute very little.

Similarly, in sports, the WR might be restricted to Football betting only, or Cricket betting, or something else. It all depends on the bonus.

Some Bonuses Impose A Maximum Stake

As mentioned, some bonuses will limit how much you can bet. The stake might be limited to INR 500 or INR 250 per bet. This is so a player cannot get lucky and complete the entire playthrough requirement in a few bets. After all, one of the goals behind a bonus offer is to encourage players to keep playing.

FAQ: No Deposit Bonuses

blankWhat Is A Betting Bonus?

A bonus is a small amount of cash, free spins or other rewards given to a player by a casino or betting site.

blankWhere Can I Get A Betting Bonus?

You can find betting bonuses at nearly all online casinos and sportsbooks in India. You can also get links to bonuses from our site!

blankWhich Betting Bonus Is the Best?

Different betting bonuses are good for different people. For example, some big bonuses are best for high rollers, while a more limited one would be perfect for a casual player.

blankCan I Use More Than One Bonus?

It depends on the betting site. Most of the time, you can only have one bonus offer active at a time. If you already have one active, you cannot claim a new bonus.

blankHow Often Will I Be Offered A Bonus?

It varies from sportsbook to sportsbook! Some betting sites have different bonuses on different days of the week, every week! Others give out bonuses on a monthly basis, or irregularly.

blankIs There A Maximum Amount I Can Bet When Utilizing A Bonus?

It depends on the bonus. Some bonuses impose a maximum amount you can bet. Check the terms and conditions to learn more.

blankCan I Wait with Utilizing My Bonus?

You must claim a Welcome bonus the first time you create an account and log in. Other bonuses can be claimed at any time they are eligible. The eligibility is usually given in the terms and conditions.

Pros & Cons with no deposit bonuses


  • Extra rewards can be fun to play with
  • No deposit bonus funds let you experiment or practice without spending any money
  • It is possible to win extra money from bonuses if you are very lucky

  • Some bonus terms and conditions can be restrictive.
  • Some people get too occupied with chasing a big bonus and stop having fun.

Betting Predictions

Are you an Indian punter looking to place bets and claim bonuses? Then you have come to the right place. You can check out our statistical analyses and prediction for upcoming matches for all of your favourite sports.

From these predictions, you can get an idea of what to bet on next! Find inspiration and start planning your bets before you claim a bonus.

Where Can Punters Find the Best Betting Bonuses?

If you are wondering where to find the best betting bonuses, don’t. This is the best site for punters, both newbies and veterans, to find betting bonuses and promotional offers.

We always list the latest promotions and bonuses along with their most important terms and conditions. Stay up to date and you will never miss out on an opportunity to earn extra cash or free bets!