What are Team Markets in cricket and how to bet on them this T20 World Cup?

What are Team Markets in cricket and how to bet on them this T20 World Cup?

Cricket betting is one of the massive markets in India with a plethora of T20 leagues being played, especially the Indian Premier League (IPL). Moreover, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has also been organising World Cup in either formats, among Men and Women, almost every year. This is certainly opening up a lot of options to bet on for the cricket fanatics who love to use their knowledge about the sport to earn money.

There are a lot of options pre-match and during the match for the cricket fans to bet on along with exciting odds and markets. Among all of them, Team Markets is one that a cricket nerd opts to bet on most of the times mostly if the user has in-depth knowledge about the players from that particular team and most importantly, the recent form of the team along with the information in detail about the venue, his favoured team is playing at.

There are quite a few options in Team Markets for the fans and with the T20 World Cup going on in the West Indies and the USA, the cricket fans have been getting a treat almost every day with a lot of matches being played simultaneously.

Meanwhile, let us have a look at the types of Team Markets in Cricket betting with examples around T20 World Cup 2024:

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Runs in Team A First over

This is the type of bet where you are allowed to predict how many runs a specific team will score in the first over of the innings. There are multiple options like – Over 3.5, Under 3.5 – Over 4.5, Under 4.5 – Over 5.5, Under 5.5 and the odds for these markets vary. Now using the knowledge of that team, the user places their bet and hope it works according to their way to earn money. Similar bets are available for every over and one can play live betting for such markets as well.

Now, for the bet to get settled, it is obvious that the over should be completed unless the settlement has already been determined. Suppose the innings ends during a particular over, then the over is deemed completed and the bet gets settled. Extras and penalty runs are also counted towards bet settlement during the over.

For example – If Team India is batting first against Australia in a T20 World Cup match, then the user is asked to predict the score at the end of first over with the aforementioned markets and its odds. In case, rain arrives after the first three balls are bowled in the over and the match never resumes, then the bet will be void as the over is not completed unless the predicted runs are already scored by the team according to the bet. In that case, the bet will get settled.

Runs in Team A Group of Overs

These types of bets ask the users to predict the number of runs a team will score in either the first six overs, or the first 10 overs. In fact, there is also an option to predict the score of an entire innings in a limited overs game (20 overs or 50 overs). Meanwhile, all the rules will remain the same as mentioned above.

Runs in Team A First partnership

This is a type of bet where the user is allowed to predict the number of runs the openers will add together. In this case, if a wicket falls before the predicted runs, then the bet gets settled. However, if one of the openers gets retired hurt, then it is not counted as a wicket and the bet continues. Fall of wicket is important to be considered the end of the first partnership.

Now, if the batting team reaches the end of their allotted overs, reaches their target or declares before the first wicket falls, the result will be the total amassed and the bet will get settled accordingly. Rest of the rules remain the same as mentioned in point 1.

Team A Method of First dismissal

This is a kind of a risky bet with the users asked to predict how the first wicket of the innings will fall – Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run-Out, Hit-Wicket, Handling the ball among others and different odds are associated to the mentioned dismissals. In this case, if one of the openers get retired out, then the bet will be void. Moreover, if a wicket doesn’t fall at all in the innings, even then the bets will be void.

Team A Fours and Team A Sixes

These are simple types of bets where users will predict the number of fours the team will hit and the same goes for the sixes type of bet as well. The rules also remain the same for such bets as mentioned in point 1.

 Team A Innings Run Outs

Users are asked to predict the number of run outs that will take place in the team for a particular innings. The bet will be considered void, if the 80% of required overs are not done in the particular innings unless the settlement is already determined. Rest of the rules remain the same.

Team A Maximum Over

A simple way to describe this type of bet is asking the question – How many runs will be scored in the highest scoring over of the match? In this different options are provided with odds for the user and accordingly the bet gets settled. Runs scored in Super Overs don’t count while 80% of the overs are required to be bowled in the innings for settlement of the bets.

Team A Ducks, Team A Wides, Team A Extras

This type of market asks users to predict the number of ducks, wides and extras in the innings of the team. These are three different markets and the user can prefer betting on them according to their knowledge about the team and the match. The rules applied to this are the same as mentioned above.

Team A Wickets Lost

This type of market works similar to match wickets, as the user predicts how many wickets a particular team will lose in its innings. Meanwhile, retired hurt does not count as a dismissal while Super Over wickets are also not considered.

Team A Top batsman, Team A Top bowler

Here, the users are asked to predict the top batsman in a particular innings or a top bowler for the team in the innings. Top batsman is the one who scores the most runs in the innings. Similarly, the top bowler is the one who picks most wickets in the innings. In case, there is a tie, i.e if multiple players score the same number of runs, then dead heat rules will apply.

In terms of top bowler, if multiple players pick the same number of wickets, then the bowler that concedes the fewest runs will be the winner. If there is a tie in this case too, then the dead heat rules will apply.

Dead heat returns are calculated by dividing the stake by the number of entrants involved in the tie.

Team markets in cricket

Bet on the T20 World Cup

Here are some of the top websites for you to bet on in the ongoing T20 World Cup in the West Indies and the USA:

  • 20Bet is one of the go to options for the cricket fanatics during the mega event in the shortest format.
  • 22Bet is one of the better betting platforms for the users thanks to its exciting team markets an odds.
  • Parimatch is one of the oldest and the best betting platforms across the country and even the world in the ongoing T20 World Cup and other T20 leagues too.

The ongoing T20 World Cup is set to enter its Super 8 stage now with the matches set to be played from June 19. Eight teams that are qualified for this round are – India, USA, Australia, England, West Indies, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and South Africa.

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