What are Player Markets in Cricket and how to bet on them this T20 World Cup 2024?

What are Player Markets in Cricket and how to bet on them this T20 World Cup 2024?

Betting market in India is massive, especially when it comes to cricket. With a lot of T20 leagues and ICC events going on every year, the cricket fanatics who also love to use their knowledge and earn money, there is no break whatsoever. The ninth edition of the T20 World Cup is currently in progress and the mega event has closely followed the Indian Premier League (IPL) that ran from March 22 to May 26.

But that hasn’t stopped the fans from betting on the ongoing tournament. There are so many betting platforms nowadays in the market and all of them offer different types of markets. Moreover, they are a plethora of pre-match and in-live betting markets for the users to choose from. This keeps the cricket fanatics hooked to the sport.

Among so many markets, one of the most popular markets or the one that thrives most of the times is the player market. Several users prefer opting for player markets before or even during the match depending on the match situation. Looking at the recent form or the way the batter is batting, the users make sure to bet on the player thereby earning big through his good or bad form.

There are different types of player markets in cricket betting. Let us have a look at those one by one and in detail with examples specifically from the ongoing T20 World Cup.

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1. Batsman runs

In this player market, the user predicts whether the particular batter will score specific runs or not. In these types of bets, there are either Yes and No bets or above and below bets. The bettors can place the ‘Batsman runs’ bet before or even during the match. Let us take an example from the ongoing T20 World Cup:

If India is slated to face the West Indies, there are specific bets which ask you to predict the players’ performance. In this player market, if we consider Virat Kohli, then the market will be – Kohli to score 25 runs – Yes and No. The user will make his prediction according to his knowledge and favoured odds and place a bet by putting a certain amount at stake.

Another type of bet in this is a particular player scoring above or below a certain score. Again, considering Kohli is the batter, the bet could be Kohli to score above 18.5 or below 18.5. Even here, the user looks at the player’s current form before placing a bet that is favourable to them.

If you have placed a bet in this player market before the start of the match and the batter finishes the innings not out due to team declaration, or end of overs or due to team winning, his score will be considered final and the bet will be settled.

However, if the batsman does not come out to bat or is not in the playing XI, then the bet will be void. When it comes to first-class matches, the bet will be considered void if less than 200 overs are bowled unless the batsman has completed their innings or the result has already been determined.

2. Combined Batsman Runs

In this type of player market, the user bets on multiple batsmen to score a specific number of runs. If either of their predictions goes wrong, then their bet fails. It is mandatory for both the players in the bet to satisfy the condition placed to earn the winnings.

3. Batsman Fours

In this type of player market, the users can predict the number of fours a particular batter can hit in the innings. For example, during a live match, if Rohit Sharma comes out to bat, then the market will be – Rohit Sharma total fours – Over 2.5 and Under 2.5. Now the user, can place his bet according to his knowledge and research.

Now in case, the batter remains not out due to any reason apart from the match getting abandoned due to weather, the bet gets settled. Moreover, even if the match gets abandoned but before that, the player gets dismissed, even then the bet gets settled.

Another possibility here is, if the batter gets retired hurt and doesn’t return to bat but the match gets completed, then the bet gets settled. The bet is a void in case the batsman doesn’t come out to bat.

4. Batsman Sixes

This is a similar type of market like fours. Users can predict the number of sixes, the player can hit in the innings and all the rules and regulations applied to the ‘Batsman fours’ market are the same.

5. Player of the match

Another interesting player market is predicting the player of the match winner. It is very difficult to predict the winner of the man of the match but this type of market keeps the fans hooked to the game till the end. Now, if the player does not get to bat or bowl but is in the starting XI and the game is completed, then the bet will get settled. The bet will be void only if the match gets washed out or the concerned player is not in the starting XI.

6. Bowler Wickets

As it is for the batsman, there is also a player market that allows the user to bet on the specific bowlers. This market is specifically available before the match that allows you to predict how many wickets a particular bowler will pick. For example for Shaheen Afridi, the market could be – Shaheen Afridi to pick more than 1.5 wickets in this match – yes or no.

There is also a combined betting market for bowlers like – Afridi and Amir both to pick more than 1.5 wickets. In this case, it is imperative for both the bowlers to pick at least two wickets each or else the bet fails. Now considering the same example, if Afridi picks up two wickets and Amir, despite being in the playing XI, doesn’t bowl, then the bet fails. On the contrary, if Amir is not in the starting XI itself, the bet gets cancelled.

Interestingly, the runs scored and wickets picked in the Super Over do not count. Also, in the first class games, only the runs scored in the first innings will count.

Bowler Wickets How to bet on Cricket

Bet on the T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is currently in progress and the betting platforms are in full flow providing the users with exciting markets, offers and odds with every passing match. Here we suggest some top websites to place your bets in the T20 World Cup 2024.

  • 20Bet is one of the leading betting platforms at the moment in the mega event.
  • 22Bet is another betting website that is offering exciting markets and odds for its players.
  • Parimatch is one of the best platforms across the world and even in the T20 World Cup, it is going strong thanks to his bonus offers and other advantages.

As far as the ninth edition of the T20 World Cup is concerned, the first phase of the tournament is about to end with seven out of eight slots for the Super 8 round confirmed. Pakistan and New Zealand are the two big teams who are not making it to the next round this time with the likes of USA and Afghanistan teams knocking them out in their respective groups.

Five other teams who have qualified from different groups are – India, Australia, West Indies, England and South Africa. Bangladesh and the Netherlands are fighting it out for the last spot with the Asian side almost a certainty.

However, they will have to make sure to not lose to Nepal by a huge margin in their final group stage game. The Dutch, meanwhile, will have to beat Sri Lanka and also hope that Bangladesh lose to Nepal by a specific margin.

In the Super 8 round, India, Australia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh/Netherlands are in Group 1 while South Africa, West Indies, England and USA have been slotted into Group 2. Top two teams from these two groups will qualify for the semifinal. The winners of the semis will lock horns in the final that is scheduled to take place on June 29 at the Kensington Oval in Barbados.

T20 World Cup matches in the USA will end as the group stage concludes and all the Super 8 round matches along with the semifinals and final will take place in the Caribbean Islands now.

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