Top Parlay Picks for UCL Final – Get the Most From Dortmund vs Madrid

Top Parlay Picks for UCL Final Get the Most From Dortmund vs Madrid

The 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League season draws to a close, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable memories. From the dominant runs of European giants to the thrilling upsets by underdogs defying the odds, this year’s competition has truly been one for the ages. With only the grand finale on June 2nd separating us from the crowning of the champion, football fans with a keen eye for prediction are gearing up for one last thing – the accumulator bet.

To cater to a range of preferences, we’re offering two distinct accumulator options, each catering to a different path a team might take to victory. So, whether you support  the favorites or the underdogs, we’ve got you covered.

What Is an Accumulator Bet?

If you are new to the world of betting, an accumulator bet is when you place multiple bets in a chain. In this case, all of the bets you set up will have to go in your favor for you to win. This has risen in popularity amongst betters recently as it presents the chance of earning massive rewards without putting much at stake.

Here are our picks for the UEFA Champions League Final accumulator bets.

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Bet 1: Real Madrid to Beat Dortmund

Real Madrid to win against Borussia Dortmund at odds of 1.30.

Real Madrid has had a breathtaking season not just in the Champions League but in other competitions as well. Still hot after winning the La Liga 23/24 season after dethroning their rivals FC Barcelona, the Whites are set on taking the Champions League title as well. After a rigorous few months, Carlo Ancelotti’s new super squad is primed to dominate the finals in Wembley Stadium.

Meanwhile the boys in black and yellow haven’t had the best of seasons. They weren’t exactly in shambles but they certainly could have done much better. Ending their Bundesliga season in 5th with 7 losses and 8 draws certainly shows that they aren’t in top form. Even their last couple of matches in the Champions League against PSG were fairly rough, and they delivered just enough to scrape into the finals.

Considering recent performances from both teams, Real Madrid should take the final victory without much hassle.

Bet 1: Real Madrid to Score in Both Halves

Real Madrid to score goals in both halves at odds of 2.37.

We have seen the Real Madrid attacking line-up wreak havoc across defenses all over Europe for the past season. Their forwards have been absolutely unstoppable at scoring goals and that is what’s likely to happen in Wembley on June 2. Players like Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Jr have had an incredible season with both players hitting 15 goals in La Liga. Meanwhile, in the Champions League, Rodrygo Silva de Goes has shown up immensely, scoring 5 goals.

On the other hand, Dortmund have had a tough time on both their attacking and defending fronts. We have seen instances where center-backs like Niklas Sule and Nico Schlotterbeck have been unable to hold off attackers. In their last few matches, the club has seen some unexpected defeats and displayed lackluster performances.

Even though the forward players of Dortmund will surely put up a fight, Real Madrid has a more consistent attacking line-up giving them better odds of scoring in both halves.

Bet 1: Real Madrid to Win in 90 Minutes

Real Madrid to win within the official 90 Minutes at odds of 1.61.

Just as we discussed previously, the Whites have the better-attacking side and will be keen to finish the game within the first 90 minutes. Real Madrid with their meticulous attacking strategies are poised to claim a strong lead before the final whistle blows. They aim to deny any chance of the game going to Extra Time or Penalties because in those scenarios Dortmund has a greater chance of clinching the victory with a well-placed goal. That is exactly what Ancelloti will be looking to avoid.

Dortmund will be tested constantly as Real Madrid will be pounding at their defenses. Because of their weak showings during recent matches, the German club will have a hard time holding on to the scoreline and is likely to fall under a massive lead within the official first 90 Minutes.

Real Madrid has the better odds of forming a winning lead within the first 90 Minutes, because of their ability to attack on the fly and make their chances count.

Altogether, these bets combine to form accumulator odds of 2.70 on bet365. There are many more markets open for making accumulator bets like this and it is best to take a look at every option before betting on whichever ones you feel the best about.

Bet 2: Borussia Dortmund to Beat Real Madrid

Dortmund to lift the Champions League trophy at odds of 3.50.

Dortmund has had a tough season this year and their recent matches displayed their conditions quite vividly. They had a few standout performances here and there, such as, Niclas Fullkrug scoring 12 goals in the Bundesliga and Julian Brandt with 11 assists in 31 appearances. Stars like Mats Hummels have shown promise as well. However, the main driving force that can rally the German club’s squad is a proper farewell to a legend, Marco Reus. After 12 years with the club, the midfielder is looking to leave with a bang after taking home the Champions League trophy for his team.

Despite the strong incentive, Real Madrid have had a stronger season and have looked extremely sharp during their last few matches. With the form they are currently in, the boys in Black and Yellow will have to show us something no less than magic to take the win.

With their current form and stats, the odds of Borussia Dortmund winning the Champions League final stands at quite unlikely but not impossible, making the payoffs for this bet even more massive.

Bet 2: Borussia Dortmund to Score Exactly 1 Goal

Dortmund to score exactly 1 goal at odds of 2.50.

Even though Real Madrid has a more refined and sharp group of forwards, Dortmund’s strategy involves getting the lead early on and holding on to it as long as possible. With the likes of Donyell Malen and Niclas Fullkrug shooting at goal, if they are given proper chances even Thibaut Courtois may struggle to keep them at bay. Additionally, players such as Julian Brandt and Marcel Sabitzer have been setting up their strikers beautifully and are poised to perform the same during the final match.

Even with their star-studded attackers, Real Madrid struggles if they give away the early lead. They tend to slowly build up their play and strike back in the last minutes of the match. But if Dortmund can clinch the lead early on, it will surely disrupt the entire Madrid squad and give BVB a fighting chance.

The strong potential of Borussia setting up their forwards for an early goal is what gives the team better odds of scoring the one goal that may lead to their victory.

Bet 2: Borussia Dortmund to Win Either Half

Dortmund to win either one of the halves against Real Madrid at odds of 2.75.

Dortmund has an extremely tough game ahead of them. Considering ratings and seasonal performances, there is no denying that Real Madrid will be a hard team to take down. However, Dortmund can hold out and come out with the lead in either half. With strong suppliers to strikers and on-form attackers, Dortmund can set themselves up for one-half to dismantle their opponent’s foundation. This is something that has proven to be successful against Real Madrid, like in their semi-final match against Bayern Munich.

Real Madrid undoubtedly has an issue where if they concede a goal in one half, it becomes very difficult for them to fight back until they take a breather. During their second-leg semi-final game against Bayern, after Alphonso Davies’s goal, the entire squad was distraught. Only in the last few minutes were they able to pull back with back-to-back goals.

Due to Real Madrid’s relative weakness in being unable to fight back during halves they are scored against, Dortmund has the better odds of winning either one of the halves.

Combined together, these bets form accumulator odds of 12.00 on bet365. Again, we encourage you to explore all the other markets that are available for accumulator bets and settle for the parlays that you feel the strongest about.

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