The Best Parlay Picks for UEFA Europa Conference League Final

The Best Parlay Picks for UEFA Europa Conference League Final

As we near the end of the UEFA Europa Conference League 23/24 after a riveting season, we look forward to an electrifying final match between the two teams, ACF Fiorentina and Olympiacos FC. After seeing their performance throughout the season, we can safely say that football fans are in for a treat on Thursday, May 30, 2024. As both teams prepare to take the field at the AEK Arena in Athens, punters all around the globe are looking to make their last accumulators bets for the season.

Our first team, Olympiacos FC, has been dominating in Super League Greece play-offs. Their display of skill during the regular season was of top quality as they came in third, just a couple of points behind AEK Athens. Their performance has somewhat dwindled over the last couple of matches, especially in the one against Panathinaikos which ended up as a draw and they lost their top scorer Daniel Podence.

The second team in the finals is ACF Fiorentina, currently placed 8th in the Serie A. Despite recent matches going well in their favor, a rough start to the season has caused them to fall in the middle of the table. They have won their last two matches in the league and are attempting to end the season with a top 6 finish. The Purples had to push themselves hard to get to the Conference League finals and are hoping to get on the pitch with fresh minds.

With the end of the tournament upon us, punters are hoping to find the best accumulator bets to make the most of the season wrapping up.

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How Accumulator Bets Work

In case you are unaware of how accumulator bets work, it means taking on multiple bets at once. These individual bets form a chain and to win, you must win each bet separately in the chain. This has risen in popularity in the betting sphere because of its low risk and high potential payoff. Punters everywhere have started taking more and more accumulator bets because of this potential.

Olympiacos FC Lift the Trophy

Olympiacos to beat Fiorentina and lift the Trophy at odds of 2.10 (bet365)

Olympiacos FC is a refined team with a great bunch of players. Their chemistry on the field is exquisite and watching them maintain their possession on the ball is nothing short of delightful. Their overall performance in the Super League Greece displays their excellent team play. Building up from their post with accurate passing and storming their opposition posts is something they excel at. With José Luis Mendiliba at the helm as their manager, the club has gained tactical prowess and is expected to perform well in the Conference League final.

They will have to overcome their recent losses in the playoffs though. Their game against Panathinaikos could have gone better as they ended things in a draw. A late penalty during the first half and an early goal in the second from their opponents definitely disrupted their play. However, the Red-Whites were able to make a quick comeback with two quick goals to tie things up. They still ended the game with a bitter taste as their start right-winger Daniel Podence took a red card at the last minute.

Despite the rough last few days, a team of their caliber is expected to pull through and come into the AEK Arena with confidence and grace. This improves their odds of winning the game, making them a safe bet.

Olympiacos FC to Score Exactly 1 Goal

Olympiacos to score exactly 1 goal in the entire match at odds of 2.50 (bet365)

The Greek club has shown fans immaculate skills at goal this season. They have beautifully scored many goals with their slow buildup to the opponent’s posts and skillfully pounced the ball in the nets. Their ability to maintain possession after gaining the lead is also amazing. They have a solid defensive line and strong chemistry for passing. Keeping the pressure on their opposition. This ability is something they have strengthened over the course of the season and have displayed during their recent matches in the Conference League against Aston Villa FC and Fenerbahçe SK.

Since this tactic has been somewhat of a secret weapon for the team, we can expect them to dominate the field on Thursday, May 30 with it. Fiorentina will have a difficult time even gaining possession of the ball and stopping their well-planned attacks. This will give Olympiacos better odds of scoring a goal and maintaining the lead throughout the match, not needing to extend their lead and risk a counterattack.

Olympiacos FC to Win Either Half

Olympiacos to come out on top on either one of the halves at odds of 2.00 (bet365)

Our discussion about Olympiacos’s strategy to gain an early lead and maintain it till the end goes hand in hand with this bet. This tactic follows the team to hold on to a well-crafted goal expertly till the end of the game. With top-notch scoring from players like Daniel Podence and Ayoub El Kaabi alongside accurate supply from Kostas Fortounis and Georgios Masouras, who have been wreaking havoc against all opposition in the matches leading up to the finals, Olympiacos will be able to win out on either one the halves of the game with their tactics.

Every player works in unison to create magical goals on the field and stands together in holding on to those goals to take the victory. This makes the bet of Olympiacos to win either half much safer and plausible. Their strategies should ensure an easy victory if they can properly execute it.

Combined together, these bets have an accumulator odds of 6.50 on bet365. There are many more markets where you can make similar accumulator bets. Before settling for one make sure you take a look at every market and assess every option, then pick the one that you feel the best about.

ACF Fiorentina to Lift the Trophy

Fiorentina to defeat Olympiacos and lift the trophy at odds of 1.66 (bet365)

Fiorentina are currently recovering from a pretty rough start to their season in the Serie A. Currently, in 8th place, the team has started performing well in their recent games. Their showing against U.S. Salernitana 1919, AC Monza & U.S. Sassuolo Calcio was exceptionally good. Their forward players like Nicolás González and Lucas Beltrán have had a great season.

Their mid-field has some talented players as well, such as Giacomo Bonaventura and Alfred Duncan who have been dominating the field in the Serie A. Their head coach, Vincenzo Italiano, has guided the team through a very tough phase and is helping the lads slowly regain their form and confidence.

With their current stature and boosted confidence, the odds of Fiorentina taking the Conference Cup have certainly gone up, making the bet quite safe to add in the accumulator.

ACF Fiorentina to Win in the 2nd Half

Fiorentina to have the better score in the 2nd half of the game at odds of 2.62 (bet365)

Fiorentina have definitely improved all aspects of their performance over the course of the season. Their goal-scoring capability has improved and their overall confidence going into any game is now much better. This makes them a force to be reckoned with. Their attacking tactics have also improved, allowing them to score multiple goals within one half.

Players like Lucas Beltrán and Antonín Barák have shown great performances recently. Their ability to take shots from difficult angles and find space through hordes of defenders has proven to be quite useful. Their mid-fielders have had a great season too, supplying their attackers with numerous opportunities and also preventing quick counterattacks.

Players like Cristiano Biraghi holding on to the defensive line have also allowed the team to roam further ahead hunting for goals. Overall, the team’s potential during the second 45 minutes has gone up significantly. This improves their odds of winning the second half and coming out with a better scoreline.

ACF Fiorentina to Score More than 1 Goal

Fiorentina to score more than 1 goal in the game at odds of 2.50 (bet365)

We just discussed the attacking prowess of the players in Fiorentina and talked about the strong passing of the players in front of the goal. Their players have pulled off unbelievable shots because of their improved tactics. They can run up to the goal in numbers and use their passing to find a clear shot. Players like Nicolás González, who has scored 10 goals in the Serie A this season, and Lucas Beltran, with 4 goals in the Conference League, will be the prime shot-takers during the finals in Athens.

The team’s mid-fielders will be looking to enable the forwards with accurate passes and exploit open spaces left by defenders. Such comprehensive tactics allow Fiorentina to have better odds of scoring more than 1 goal during the final match, making this an easy bet to make.

When we combine all the bets mentioned above, we get a total accumulator odds of 4.00 on bet365. However, there are many more open markets that have accumulator bets similar to this. It is wise to take a look at all the options before settling for the best ones you find.

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