Roland-Garros 2024 Quarterfinals: Zverev vs Minaur Top Parlay Picks

Roland Garros 2024 Quarterfinals Zverev vs Minaur Top Parlay Picks

Things are heating up in the Roland-Garros 2024 tournament as we approach the quarter-final match between two extremely skilled athletes, Alexander Zverev and Alex De Minaur. Both of these jocks have fought tooth and nail to make it to this stage and are hoping to get through to the upcoming semi-finals of the tournament. They are set to face each other on June 6 at the Philippe-Chatrier court. As they prepare for this very important match, punters all over the world prepare to make their final accumulator bets.

On one hand, we have the Australian underdog, Alex De Minaur. He has had an incredible tournament so far, beating numerous athletes. His streak includes athletes like Daniil Medvedev, Jan-Lennard Struff, and Jaume Munar. Currently ranked as the 11th-best men’s singles player, he is looking remarkably well on the court. He has proven his skill consistently throughout the tournament. This is the farthest he’s ever reached in the French Open and is hoping to take it all the way to the finals.

On the other, we have the German powerhouse Alexander Zverev. He is well-known in the ATP. He has been playing professionally since 2013 and has played in numerous major events throughout his career. He has put up some tremendously great results in Roland-Garros 2024 and has dominated every game he played. His fourth-round match against Holger Rune was quite a nail-biter but he managed to clinch the win. Zverev has managed to reach the semi-finals of the French Open for the last three years, but this time he is planning to give it his all to advance on to the finals.

Let’s take a look at the top parlay picks for this electrifying game which is the Roland-Garros 2024 Men’s Singles Quarter-finals.

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Alexander Zverev To Win The Match

Alexander Zverev to win the match beating De Minaur at odds of 1.40 (bet365)

Alexander Zverev is currently one of the highest-rated athletes in the ATP, ranked 4th as of now. Throughout his career, he has shown his discipline and talent in major tournaments all over the world. He has won 22 titles overall and has a career win-loss of 422-186 which is beyond impressive. His performance during the 2024 Roland-Garros has also been quite thrilling. He has beaten numerous top-level jocks like Holger Rune, Tallon Griekspoor, and David Goffin. These names show how hard Zverev had to work to get here.

Considering his performance in these last few matches and how he consistently puts up great scores in the French Open over the years, we can expect him to show up big for the Quarter-finals. This also improves the odds of the bet and reduces its risks.

Alexander Zverev To Win Set 2

Alexander Zverev to win the second set of the match at odds of 1.54 (bet365)

Zverev, the 27-year-old right-handed jock has been playing mighty well throughout this year’s event. There have been matches where he has struggled and lost sets here and there. One of the things that can be observed from his previous matches is that Zverev doesn’t put a 100% during the early stages of the match.

He observes his opponent and strategically plans his next plays. This can be risky as momentum may work against him in certain scenarios, but results from his previous matches have consistently shown him getting the upper hand from the second set.

After observing the scores of his past matches and his track record of successfully turning the tide in his favor from the second set improves the odds of this bet. That means this bet will be quite safe with a massive payout.

Alexander Zverev To Score 3+ Aces

Alexander Zverev to score 3 or more aces at odds of 1.02 (bet365)

Zverev is a natural at scoring aces. We have seen evidence of his strong serves in his recent matches. His ability to serve well and ace consistently has placed him amongst the top-rated players in the world.  Throughout his career Zverev has scored over 4800 aces and has won 74% of his 1st point serves. These stats speak volumes on how skillful he is at serving and collecting points through aces.

These stats allow fans to easily expect Zverev to attempt aces during his match against De Minaur. He has always scored crucial points this way and is an essential part of his arsenal. This also means that the odds of him scoring more than 3 aces go up significantly, making this an easy bet to make.

After combining these odds we can form an accumulator bet with odds of 1.83 in bet365. Make sure you take a look at other deals in markets that have similar accumulator bets. Choose the one you feel the best about after going through every option.

Alex De Minaur To Win The Match

Alex De Minaur to defeat Zverev and win the win at odds of 3.00 (bet365)

Alex De Minaur has been the dark horse of the French Open this season as he isn’t the most experienced athlete in the pool. He definitely has potential and immense talent, but no one expected him to make it this far. His career spans almost a decade and this is the farthest he has ever gotten in Roland-Garros. For the last few years, he has been jumping up and down between the first and second rounds but this could be his big break.

However, the journey has not been easy as De Minaur has had to play against some incredibly talented and experienced players. Despite the rating gap, the Aussie has risen up to the challenge and surprised everyone by defeating the likes of Jan-Lennard Struff, and Jaume Munar. Alex De Minuar has been taking them down with straight sets.

Considering the momentum De Minuar has found after his last match against Jaume Munar, fans are expecting him to carry through to the next match and move to the semi-finals. This also means that the bet will have significantly better odds with a much larger payout.

Alex De Minuar To Not Win In Straight Sets

Alex De Minuar to not win in straight sets at odds of 1.062 (bet365)

Alex De Minuar is an exceptionally talented athlete and his recent performances have shown us just how much potential he has. He is quick and has a steady hand, however considering the gap in experience between him and his next opponent, Alexander Zverev, it is hard to imagine De Minuar taking the win with straight sets. Zverev has a more tactical approach to the game and will throw everything he has at De Minuar.

Even though De Muniar has beaten other more experienced and hardened veterans prior to this, the following match will be much harder because of the stakes. There is a decent chance that he will be able to snatch the win from Zverev but he will to improve his strategies and pick his fights smartly. By doing so he stands a chance to outsmart his opponent and counter his plans.

This means there is a decent chance that the game will be quite intense. Zverev will fight back with all his might and that will cost De Minuar to lose a set or two. However, this will increase the odds of this bet and make it a much safer and low-risk option to go for.

After combining these odds we form an accumulator bet with odds of 3.75 in bet365. Before you settle for a deal make sure you take a look at a few other markets. There are tons of deals similar to this and it is wiser to go through them before settling for the one you feel the best about.

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