ICC T20 World Cup: USA vs Pakistan Top Parlay Picks

ICC T20 World Cup: USA vs Pakistan Top Parlay Picks

Things are heating up in the sphere of international cricket as we get into the thick of the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup. With the tournament beginning to intensify, we approach another epic group-stage game between USA and Pakistan in Group A. Both teams are riled up and eager to get started. In the meantime, punters all over the world prepare to make their accumulator bets before the players take the field.

On one side, we have the USA, led by Monank Patel at the captain’s helm. The up-and-comers have already played their first match of the competition against their neighbors Canada. They finished the game with a convincing victory and are hungry for more wins in the group stage. Despite having slight complications while bowling, the team rallied back during their second innings. The contenders hope to continue their winning streak against their next opponents on June 6, 2024.

Facing them will be Pakistan with its formidable squad. They will have Babr Azam as their captain and players like Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Rizwan, and Imad Wasim ready to take the tournament by storm. Even after their recent losses on the Pakistan tour of England, the team is eager to get back into the international sphere and redeem themselves. We saw great potential from bowlers like Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf, and are hoping to see them show up once again for their team.

So let’s dive and take a look at our top picks for accumulators for this captivating group stage match in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

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Andries Gous To Score 30+ Runs

Andries Gous to score more than 30 runs while batting at odds of 2.62 (bet365)

Even though he is primarily a wicketkeeper, Andries Gous has been tearing up the pitch and causing immense frustration to every bowler he comes across. His recent showings have been more than impressive, especially during his first game in the tournament against Canada. When their star openers, Steven Taylor and Monak Patel, lost their wickets without being able to put up enough runs for the team, Gous rose to the occasion and kept USA’s hopes alive. He scored 65 runs off of 46 balls which included seven fours and three sixes. After such an inspirational showing, he was finally caught out but not after reinvigorating his team’s spirit to fight back.

Even though Gous has played only seven T20 International matches, his current form and proficiency in being able to remain calm during intense situations may prove to be valuable tools in upcoming matches. This also improves his odds of scoring more runs against Pakistan and makes this bet a safe one to make.

Shadley Van Schalkwyk To Take 1+ Wicket

Shadley Van Schalkwyk to take more than one wicket at odds of 1.61 (bet365)

The bowlers for the USA have struggled in their recent games as they lack proficiency in figuring out the weaknesses of the batsmen they face and force them to take shots in those areas. Their inability to deny batters the chance to take massive hits to the boundary has been seen during their previous warm-up games.

However, Shadley van Schalkwyk is one of the few bowlers in the team who has been able to methodically obstruct batsmen on the pitch and snatch wickets within a couple of overs. His bowling during the match against Canada was very impressive as he displayed glimpses of prowess with his right arm.

Even though Van Schalkwyk hasn’t been able to claim any wickets during the game against Canada, his potential is undeniable and can be a major factor in their showdown against Pakistan. The odds of him claiming more than one wicket during the match go up significantly, making this an easy bet with great payouts.

USA To Score a Boundary in the First Over

USA to score either a six or a four in their first over while batting at odds of 1.90 (bet365)

We have already mentioned how the batsmen from Team USA have a knack for hitting cool-headed shots during pressing situations. Their mastery in gathering runs and disrupting their opponent’s bowling economy is truly remarkable. Batsmen such as Aaron Jones, Monank Patel, and Steven Taylor have been displaying their capacity for being able to stay focused in stressful scenarios and play smartly without a fuss.

We’ve also talked about Andries Gous and his recent exploits against Canada in the team’s first game in the World Cup. He is a crucial factor in the middle order for the USA. Such firepower and prowess will definitely add to their odds of scoring big against Pakistan, especially during the early innings. They will look to get their footing in the game ahead of their opponents by trying to score big as soon as possible.

After we combine these bets, we can form an accumulator bet with odds of 7.50 in bet365. Make sure you check out every other option in the market as there are tons of other deals available and settle for the one you feel best about.

Pakistan To Win The Match

Pakistan to defeat the USA and win the match at odds of 1.071 (bet365)

Pakistan is considered to be one of the best teams coming into the World Cup with a stellar line-up. Within group A, they are the second strongest team based on ICC ratings, just behind India. Compared to the other teams in the group, like Canada, Ireland, and the USA, Pakistan has been playing the sport for a longer time. They have a stronger understanding of the game and more experience. They are also much more skilled in producing and developing talented players.

Speaking of talented players, their squad consists of a great blend of new and old cricketers who have shown great teamwork in their recent T20 games. Players like Usman Khan, Haris Rauf, and Shaheen Shah Afridi have played tremendously during the Pakistan tour of England. Their cohesion and capacity for maintaining momentum are worth applauding.

Such skills and potential will help improve the odds of Pakistan winning this without any trouble. This will also reduce any risk and massively improve the payouts for this bet, making this worth taking a look at.

Babar Azam To Score 50+ Runs

Babar Azam to score more than 50 runs while batting at odds of 2.75 (bet365)

Babar Azam is one of the most consistent batsmen from Pakistan and has a great track record in T20 International matches. During his past few games, he has displayed his expertise on the pitch with a few great innings. While on the Pakistan tour of England, he scored 36 runs off of 22 balls during their fourth match and 32 off of 26 during the second.

If we go back even further to their tour of Ireland, Babar Azam scored a massive 75 runs off of 42 balls with six fours and five sixes. This shows Babar Azam’s ability to hold the fort for his team on the pitch and consistently maintain his team’s run rate at a strong pace. This will be quite valuable going into their match against the USA and also improve the odds of this bet being successful.

Pakistan To Score The Most Sixes

Pakistan to score more sixes than the USA at odds of 1.14 (bet365)

We just talked about Babar Azam’s potential with the bat and how dangerous he can be in hair-raising situations. However, there are a few other batsmen in the line-up that may pose a threat to the other teams in the tournament. We’ve seen hints of these player’s abilities coming in handy during their earlier games.

Batters like Fakhar Zaman, Azam Khan, and Mohammad Rizwan have been phenomenal during the matches before the tournament. They put up solid scores against England during their tour back in May. If they can maintain this pace and continue to dominate strategically, the odds of this bet being successful go up massively. The risk factors also reduce while the possible payouts increase as well.

After combining these odds, we get an accumulator bet with odds of 3.40 in bet365. It is wise to check out other markets before picking a deal as there are tons of other ones available.  Make sure you assess each option and pick the ones you feel the best about.

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