ICC T20 World Cup: Australia vs Scotland Top Parlay Picks

ICC T20 World Cup: Australia vs Scotland Top Parlay Picks

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is picking up speed with several high-octane matches set to take place. Starting off another day filled with hair-raising matches, we have Australia taking on Scotland on June 16 in Group B. Considering Australia’s stats as of now, the Scotland team will need a lot of effort to take them down. As the players get ready, punters prepare to make their parlays for an explosive match.

Australia has been on fire in the tournament so far, winning all three of their matches without any trouble. Their most recent game against Namibia showed fans their incredible proficiency in bowling as they let their opponents set a target of only 72 runs. Adam Zampa took 4 wickets while giving away only 12 runs. Alongside Zampa players like Josh Hazlewood and Marcus Stoinis performed remarkably well too. Their ability to maintain a strong economy and quickly take wickets by targeting the opposition’s weaknesses has been a crucial asset. The batting line-up has been phenomenal as well, as seen in their match against England. Their opening order does a great job of setting the tempo for others to catch on to. With players like Travis Head, David Warner, and Mitchell Marsh scoring nearly 40 runs each, the overall score from Australia ends up being around the double-century margin consistently.

Scotland’s performance has been impressive too as they beat both Namibia and Oman without trouble. Their batting proficiency was key, allowing them to chase high targets without losing too many wickets. Their recent game against Oman displayed their batting abilities as they chased a 150-run target, losing only 3 wickets. Players like George Munsey and Brandon McMullen played tremendously well. McMullen scored more than 60 runs off of 31 balls against Oman. Other notable performers include Riche Berrington and Michael Leask, who played phenomenally against Namibia. Despite the significant difference between Scotland and Australia, the potential of Scotland ending their winning streak is significantly high.

With this riveting game ahead of us, let’s take a look at the top parlay picks for this match.

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Australia To Win The Match

Australia to defeat Scotland and win the match at odds of 1.10 (bet365)

Australia has been dominating every team they come across in the ICC T20 World Cup. Their run in Group B has been unstoppable, taking down teams like England, Oman, and Namibia. The squad has proven their incredible abilities in every factor of the game. Their bowling proficiency has been visible during their match against England where Pat Cummins and Adam Zampa took 2 wickets each. Others including Josh Hazlewood and Marcus Stoinis also contributed massively, helping the team maintain a strong economy. The Australian bowlers have a knack for analyzing their opponent’s weaknesses and forcing them into taking risks.

Their batting abilities have been tremendous as well, setting high targets and chasing down runs without losing their cool. Players like David Warner, Travis Head, and Mitchell Marsh build a strong early partnership and give their team an edge in the upcoming overs. The synergy between the players on the crease is remarkably good, allowing the rest of the batting order to get into the groove of the match slowly. This has been a crucial asset for the team and for their recent wins.

Considering these stats and past results from Australia, the odds of their win against Scotland go up significantly.

Travis Head To Score 30+ Runs

Travis Head to score more than 30 runs against Scotland at odds of 2.00 (bet365)

Travis Head’s batting has been phenomenal in the tournament so far. The left-handed batter has been a reliable opener for the Australian top order. His ability to not let the pressure get to him and start the innings strong for his team has been vital for Australia’s success. He has an average of 30.66 runs in international T20s, making him a danger man in the game against Scotland.

Head’s performance against Namibia has put him on the radar of cricket fans everywhere. He scored 34 runs off 17 balls and maintained his scoring until his team eventually won. Even against England, another team in Group B whose ratings are secret, he was able to start strong for the team, scoring another 34 runs. His talents on the pitch will be on full display on June 16.

With ratings and scores of this caliber, it is hard to deny Travis Head’s chances of delivering again for his team. This increases the odds of our bet and reduces risks, making this a great option to go for.

Australia To Score Over 30 Runs at First Dismissal

Australia to score more than 30 runs at their first wicket at odds of 2.05 (bet365)

We’ve already mentioned Australia’s batting capabilities with the likes of Travis Head on the team. However, that is not all the team has to offer. In addition to Head’s recent performance, players like David Warner have been playing tremendously well too. His opening score against Oman was a joy to watch as he scored over 50 runs with six fours. He was able to keep his composure and frustrate the opposition bowlers even when threw everything they had at him.

Alongside Warner, Marcus Stoinis played exceedingly well in that game too, scoring almost 70 runs for his team off of just 36 balls. Despite not having played as much as other batters like Mitchell Marsh and Tim David, he was able to deliver such a masterclass for viewers. This shows just how strong the batting order for Australia is.

Considering the number of exceptionally talented batsmen in the teams and their recent scores, the odds of this bet are quite high. As Australia puts a lot of emphasis on starting strong with their openers, this is a very safe bet to make.

After combining them together, we can form an accumulator bet with odds of 2.70 in bet365. Be sure to take a look at other deals available in the market. Settle for the one you feel the best about.

Riche Berrington To Score 30+ Runs

Riche Berringtion to score more than 30 runs against Australia at odds of 3.25 (bet365)

When we look at the batting line-up for Scotland, one of the best contenders is Riche Berrington. The 37-year-old has strong stats when it comes to international T20s. With over 80 innings under his belt and over 2100 runs scored, the right-handed batsman has an average of 31.64. He also boasts 10 half-century’s in his career, making him an integral part of the team’s top order.

His skills have been displayed numerous times so far in the tournament. His performance against Namibia was exceptionally good, scoring nearly 50 runs off of 35 balls. His ability to keep his team alive during tense scenarios was massively helpful for Scotland during that game. Berringtion is a threat worth mentioning going into their game against Australia.

Considering his stats and recent performance, the odds of Riche Berrington displaying something similar against Australia are very high. This makes our bet quite risk-free while increasing its payouts.

Riche Berrington To Be Scotland’s Top Batter

Riche Berrington to be Scotland’s top batter at odds of 4.75 (bet365)

We’ve already mentioned Riche Berrington before and his potential to have a massive impact against Australia in their upcoming match. As an opener, Berrington is exceptionally good at keeping his momentum steady and not getting boxed in under pressure. His prowess against tactical bowlers is remarkable, as he beautifully counters their attempts to pressure him into taking risky shots. This paired with his ability to sneak powerful shots toward the boundary enables him to be a true asset to the team.

Considering his abilities, Berrington has the potential to make a massive impact going into the match against Australia. This improves the odds of our bet and reduces the risks involved.

Brad Wheal To Take 2+ Wickets

Brad Wheal to take more than two wickets against Austalia at odds of 3.40 (bet365)

Brad Wheal is one of the most skilled bowlers in the Scotland team right now. His performance has been frustrating for batsmen throughout the entire tournament. His strategic analysis has been phenomenal paired with his way of intricately setting up the fielders. We saw him find massive success against Namibia, dropping 3 wickets. Wheal maintains a strong economy against batters while he figures out the best way to counter their shots.

After taking a look at his stats, the odds of this bet improve massively, making this a safe option to go for.

After combining the bets above, we form an accumulator with odds of 19.00 in 20bet. It is recommended that you take a look at some of the open other markets as they tend to have similar deals. Check out all of these deals before settling for the best option.

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