Greyhound Race Betting

We are all aware of the undying love that Indian bettors have for cricket. But over the years, Indian bettors have started exploring more online sports betting events such as horse racing, motor car racing, MMA, ice hockey, table tennis, tennis, badminton, etc.

There is one other sport that has created a massive fan base in India in the last couple of years. Yes! We are talking about Greyhound betting! But are you familiar with the terminology or how it works?
If not, then read ahead to find out more! In this detailed guide, we will be walking you through all there is to know about greyhound bets. This will include the odds, betting markets, betting sites and more!

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What is a Greyhound Bet?

What is a Greyhound BetA lot of people are not familiar with greyhound bets. However, they are familiar with the racing aspect of it. Did you know that around 1000 greyhound races are organized annually in Punjab?

Greyhound racing is basically a race for dogs with an electronic hare that they chase after. And this sport has become extremely popular in many states of India. Although greyhound racing is banned in a few areas, there are no laws that prohibit betting on the sport.

So if you want to bet on greyhound racing, you can do so by signing up for a betting site that offers this particular sports event.

The Best Betting Site for Punters in India

Now that bettors have an overall idea about what greyhound bets are, let us take a look at a betting site in India which is good for placing any type of bets, including greyhound.

  • Indian Rupee as a currency
  • Very Competitive odds
  • Website available in Hindi

One of the best betting sites for punters in India, 22Bet, offers greyhound bet matches for its users. At the time of writing the official website had 4 different events for placing greyhound bets in the sportsbook section. Other than greyhound events, 22Bet also offers sports like cricket, football, snooker, golf, floorball, darts, beach volleyball, horse racing, tennis, table tennis, handball, ice hockey, etc.

You will also find a number of payment options available at 22bet including Paysafecard, bank transfers, ecoPayz, MasterCard, Skrill and many more. In fact, the betting site also has a separate section for live betting, Jackpot, casino, bonuses, esports, pre-match, bingo and other exclusive niches.

Not to mention, the site is extremely easy to navigate. The commands work instantly, giving users fast access to whichever tool or section they want to use.

Which Greyhound Tournaments Are Good To Bet On?

Here are some of the Greyhound tournaments that people can bet on if they no longer wish to place wagers on cricket, football or hockey for that matter.

Greyhound Night of Stars

This event takes place every year where some of the most skilled dogs participate from all around the world to compete against each other. The Greyhound Night of Stars is organized at the Shelbourne Park in Dublin, Ireland annually.

Due to the extreme popularity of the sport, plenty of greyhound betting sites offers it for users to bet on.

Greyhound Night of Stars 1

Sandown Cup

This tournament was first introduced back in 1964. The Sandown Cup is an integral part of Australian greyhound racing as it takes place annually with huge cash prizes. The winner of the Sandown Cup is awarded a sum of 250,000 AUD equivalent to INR. The enticing cash prize helps to attract huge crowds and more talents to participate in the games.

The dogs have to run on a track that is 595m long. The Sandown Cup is a three daylong event that takes place in the Sandown Park.

As you can already tell, the Sandown Cup is offered by a number of greyhound betting sites, thanks to its popularity in Australia, as well as in other parts of the world.

Which Tournaments Are The Most Important in Greyhound Betting?

Since you are now acquainted with some of the common and good dog betting tournaments to bet on, let us now take a glance at the most important tournaments for a greyhound bet.

English Greyhound Derby

For those of you who want to place bets on dog racing, you can try out the English Greyhound Derby. Yes, we saved this one for the important tournaments of greyhounds because the English Greyhound Derby happens to be the most prominent dog racing betting that takes place every year.

The event takes place usually in the months of June or July and draws a huge crowd, given that it is the most prestigious dog race one can find. Initially, the English Greyhound Derby took place in Wimbledon. Now, the event takes place at Towcester. The first-ever English Greyhound Derby was held back in 1927. And the popularity of this traditional dog race has enabled bettors to now sit at their homes and place bets on these events. The prize money for the event is 175,000 pounds equivalent to INR.

Needless to say, sports bettors are always very eager for this event so that they can place their bets on it every year.

The Melbourne Cup

Haven’t heard of the Melbourne Cup yet? Do not worry because we have got your back!

The Melbourne Cup is another dog betting event originating from Australia. Similar to the Sandow Cup, it is also held at the Sandow Park. The event is usually held in the months of November and has a whopping cash prize of 350,000 AUD equivalent in INR.

All the fastest dogs of the region gather at one place to compete in the event on a 515m race track. Since this is one of the leading competitions held for dog racing betting, you can rest assured that you will find plenty of these events in any sportsbook.

Greyhound Betting

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race has been active since 1973. If we are talking about one of the premier tournaments of dogs, this event will definitely have a standard to high ranking.

Like most other dog racing betting events mentioned above, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is also held every year during the month of March. The race track for this event is 1100 miles long and continues all the way through uneven terrain. The dogs have to complete the race all the way from Anchorage to Nome, where the finishing line is. The mushers in charge have to stop the sledge at three separate checkpoints on their way to the finishing line.

The first break for proper rest is 24 hours long and the last two are 8 hours long. The three stops are located near the Yukon River and White Mountain of the race track. The event is officially over as soon as the very last musher crosses the finish line situated near the Red ‘’Fox’’ Olson Trail Monument.

However, one downside is that not all greyhound betting sites offer this particular tournament. Therefore, you may have to spend quite a bit of your time looking for the odds for this one.

The Odds in Greyhound Betting

Every sports betting has odds. And based on these odds, Indian punters decide which outcome to bet on.

Like most sports events, the two most common odds for dog betting are decimal odds and fractional odds. Every bookie offers a different odds for the events. Let us look at an example. So, if the odds on the screen are 5/2, which is a fractional odds, if a bettor wagers 2 INR on a particular greyhound, he or she will receive 7 INR if the dog wins. Here, 5 INR is the win that you have made and 2 INR is the initial amount that you wagered on the dog racing betting.

The same rules will apply for decimal odds. But the only difference will be that you will be calculating with decimal numbers.

How to Find the Best Odds?

There are two ways of finding the best competitive odds being offered by bookmakers.

Paid Third Party Website

When you subscribe or join a paid website that promises to offer the best odds for a specific event, half of your work is already done. This means that you no longer have to spend hours before a particular event looking for the best odds being provided by greyhound betting sites. The only downside is that you have to pay for the service.

Own Research

The only other way of finding the best odds for a greyhound bet is to take the time to glance through one bookmaker to the other. Yes, it will take up quite a bit of your time. But you will be learning a lot about the odds, bonuses and the features being offered by each sportsbook.

Which Markets Are Usually Available For Punters When Betting Online?

The betting markets for dog betting are endless. Bookmakers offer unique betting markets for users to try out new bets every time they want to participate in a greyhound bet. So what are some of the betting markets? Let’s find out!

Win Bet

This is the most common type of betting market that you will find at any sportsbook offering greyhound events for betting. For win bets, bettors will simply bet on the greyhound they think will win the match.

But you have to keep in mind that there are always favourites and underdogs in the event. What we mean by favourite is that a particular greyhound is more likely to win. The odds for favourites are generally lesser than the ones set for underdogs. This is because the risk associated with betting for the underdog is a lot more.

Each Way Bet

These types of bets are for Indian bettors who want to play it safe. For each way bets, punters have to wager on which dog will hold the title for being first, second or third.

As you can already take a guess, the odds for this particular betting market is less. Since not a lot of risk is involved, the payout will be less even if you win the bet.

Straight Forecast

The straight forecast bet is slightly trickier than an each way bet. Why? Well, for this kind of bet, you have to predict the order in which the first and second title will be won by the dogs. So not only do you have to get the dogs’ right, but you also have to get the order right as well.

Tricast Betting

Similar to the straight forecast, the only thing different is the number of titles and order that you have to guess right. So, if you are dog betting on tricast bets, you will have to predict which dogs will become first, second and third in the right order.

This type of bets is generally recommended for punters who have a good experience in greyhound bets.


Quite similar to the straight forecast, for an Exacta bet, you have to wager a minimum amount of £2 equivalent to INR. The payout will vary due to the Tote pool dividend.


This type of bet is almost the same as Tricast bets. So, to place a successful trifecta on dog racing betting, a bettor will have to predict the first three titles in the correct order. The only catch here is that the minimum stake will be £2 equivalent INR.

Reverse Forecast

The Reverse forecast bet is an easier version of the straight forecast and trifecta. Here, you will only have to guess the dogs right. It doesn’t matter which title they get. As long as you have predicted the right dogs, you win the bet.

Accumulators Bet

The accumulators’ bets are one of the most difficult bets. Even the most expert bettors have difficulty with this one. In this type of betting, you have to guess the outcome of several races at one go.

Short-Term Betting in Greyhound

Short-term bets are placed by bettors who want to have a faster payout. Since you are placing the bets on events that do not take up a whole lot of time, you will be able to see the outcome instantly.

However, the odds for short term bets are comparatively lower than the long-term bets.

Long-Term Betting in Greyhound

Conversely, when you wager for long term bets, you get higher payouts due to greater odds. Some people enjoy long-term bets a lot more than short-term ones. They love the thrill and anticipation that comes with it. And since you have to wait longer, the thrill only builds up and adds to your gambling experience.

Live Betting / In-Play Betting in Greyhound

Nowadays almost all of the greyhound betting sites have the live betting feature. Some advantages of this feature include the following.

  • The betting experience is a lot more fun as everything happens in real-time. Punters are on the edge of their seats as a single internal or external factor can change the entire outcome of an event.
  • Sometimes the bookies are not fast enough to change the odds during an event. This can enable bettors to bag in huge wins.
  • Arbitrage betting often goes undetected while placing live bets. And if you are familiar with arbing, you know that there is a good chance of making a huge profit under these circumstances.
  • Perhaps the best perk about live bets is that you can change your bets while the game is going on. This way you will not incur a huge loss in case luck was not in your favour.

The Best Betting Sites for Greyhound

The popularity of this type of betting has encouraged bookmakers to add greyhound sports events to their sportsbooks. This is why numerous sportsbooks offer the greyhound bets today. One of them is Betwinner.

At the time of writing, Betwinner has at least 5 greyhound events for betting in the sportsbook section. But if you are not a fan of dog betting, you will be pleased to know that the bookmaker offers plenty of other sports like cricket, football, esports, basketball, ice hockey, table tennis, tennis etc.

What’s more, the site offers a number of bonus offers and promotions for visitors who sign up on their website. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get started with greyhound dog bets at Betwinner.

Frequently Asked Questions for Greyhound Betting

blankIs Greyhound a good sport to bet on?

Greyhound racing is a very popular sport that is widely held in certain parts of India. Since online betting is still legal in India, Greyhound is definitely a good sport to bet on.

blankIs there any opportunity to make a good profit within Greyhound?

Yes, you can bag in huge profits if you place the right bets. We have already given you a gist of what the betting market for greyhound bets looks like. So if you play it right, you might be able to cash out huge wins.

blankHow do I best get started by betting on Greyhound?

To get started with betting for greyhound events, you have to join a sportsbook that offers it. It is only after completing the deposit requirements that you will be able to wager on the events.

blankIs Greyhound a safe and fair market to bet on?

If you have signed up for a licensed and well-known sportsbook, it should be safe to place bets on any sports event that you like. And that includes greyhound.

The Stars in Greyhound

If you were hoping to get to know more about some of the greatest legends who participate in these events, your wishes have been answered. Here’s a little peek into some of the most popular greyhounds of all time.

Rapid Ranger

He is one of the extremely rare dogs who has won an English Greyhound Derby more than once. Rapid Ranger is popularly known for being defeated in the first few races, only to come out as a winner in the end.

Patricia’s Hope

Patricia did not have a good start to his dog racing career. This is evident from how the odds were not in his favour in the Derby held in 1972. However, he won against all the odds that were against him and won the hearts of many.

Ballyregan Bob

Ballyregan Bob is a fan favourite in the UK. In his long successful career of greyhound racing, he has only lost a total of 5 times.

Mick the Miller

He is also known as the ‘greatest greyhound racer’ of all time. Mick the Miller has a record of winning 51 titles out of the 68 races that he participated in.

The Stars in Greyhound

The Best Events in Greyhound

Here are some of the best events for greyhound racing that we know of.

Association Cup

This event is held every year and the winner gets to win a prize of $250,000 INR equivalent. The racing track is 720m long.

Select Stakes

The event was established in 1996 and is still one of the most popular greyhound events that is held at the Nottingham Greyhound Stadium.

East Anglican Cup

The East Anglican Cup has a 462 m long race track and is held in the Yarmouth Stadium. The first-ever event took place in 1975.