Formula 1: Canadian Grand Prix Top Parlay Picks

Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix Top Parlay Picks

Following the epic Monaco Grand Prix, the drivers are heading to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the Canadian GP which will start on June 10. After looking at the current stats and recent races, fans are excited to see how 2024 will shape up with Max Verstappen still in the lead. However, after a first-place win in the Circuit de Monaco, Charles Leclerc is hoping to slowly inch to the top of the leaderboard and take down Verstappen. As all the drivers prepare themselves for another riveting race, punters all over the world are also preparing to place their own accumulator bets on the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix.

Currently in first place in the 2024 season is Max Verstappen, racing for Oracle Red Bull. So far he has won 5 of the 8 races this season and accumulated 169 points to his name. The current world champion has been a demon on the track, winning races back and forth. His most recent first-place win was back in the middle of May at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, where he displayed his tremendous skill behind the wheel. Although the season still has a long way to go, Verstappen is poised to hold on to his lead and become the world champion for the fourth time in a row.

Other than Verstappen, a few other racers are looking to snatch the win at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. These drivers include Charles Leclerc, fresh off his win at the Monaco GP and finally breaking his curse of being unable to win a race in his hometown of Monaco, Italy. Being behind Verstappen by only 31 points, Leclerc is in a great spot to creep up and take his spot at the top of the table. Others like Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz are also hoping to grab a few points here and there to inch closer to the leaders.

With the race only a few days away, let’s take a look at the top parlay picks for the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Max Verstappen To Win The Race

Max Verstappen to win the Canadian GP by finishing first at odds of 1.36 (bet365)

Max Verstappen has been phenomenal this season and has a great chance to add to his victory pool at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The 26-year-old has been very consistent with 5 first-place wins out of the 8 races this season so far. He has positioned himself at the top of the leaderboard with a strong 31-point lead against Leclerc. With 6 podium finishes and 7 poles to his name, Verstappen’s stats speak for themselves. Even though there is still a lot of racing to be done, it will be quite difficult to bring down this Dutch legend from his spot at the top.

With his strong stats and consistency, it is hard to imagine anyone denying this man his fourth World Championship. Considering these facts, the odds of Verstappen winning the Canadian GP improves substantially and increase the payouts for this bet.

Max Verstappen To Finish Top 3 in Practice 1

Max Verstappen to finish in the top 3 during Practice 1 at odds of 1.66 (bet365)

During the 2024 season, Verstappen has been a deadly force not just during Qualifying or the main Race, he has been consistently setting incredible times during the practice runs as well. His determination can be seen as he uses every chance he gets to prepare himself for the race during these practice sessions, taking every opportunity he can to improve his form on the track.

Throughout his career, Verstappen has finished on the podium over 100 times out of 193 races. He has set the fastest time during a race over 32 times. These numbers state with confidence that the Dutch demon will be a menace even on practice day.

Considering these stats and Verstappen’s determination to prepare for Qualifying, we can expect him to give it his all during the practice races. This also improves the odds of Verstappen making it to the top 3, making this bet a safe one to make.

Red Bull To Set The Fastest Pit Stop

Team Red Bull to set the fastest pit stop time at the Canadian GP at odds of 1.44 (bet365)

Red Bull has been at the top of the pit stop game for a long time. A perfect pit stop requires precision and communication. Without teamwork and having the ability to make split-second decisions it is impossible to help your driver on the track maintain their position. They have set great times at the pit and have won numerous awards for their consistency many times. Their impeccable sharpness and skill will be on full display for the upcoming race.

Considering their experience and recognition, Team Red Bull has the best odds to set the fastest pit stop time at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. They are one of the most skilled teams on the track and are likely to make this bet an easy win for punters.

After combining these odds we get an accumulator bet with odds of 3.10 in bet365. Make sure you take a look at other markets as they have similar deals to this. Look at every option before you pick the one you feel the best about.

Charles Leclerc To Finish On The Podium

Charles Leclerc to finish top 4 at the Canadian GP at odds of 1.36 (bet365)

Charles Leclerc is currently placed 2nd in the overall leaderboards with 138 points. He is only 31 points behind Verstappen and is in a great spot to initiate a comeback. After his win in the Monaco GP, momentum is at a high for the 26-year-old. This was his only win this season so far, but overall his consistency has been incredible. He has been putting up good lap times and constantly finishing on the podium. This season alone Leclerc has finished on the podium five times. As of now, he is primed to begin his comeback against Verstappen.

Considering his potential and stats, we can expect Leclerc to go into the Canadian GP with everything he’s got. Considering what is at stake for the driver, he will surely perform his utmost, raising the odds of him placing in the top 3 at the end of the race. This increases the payout and makes this a low-risk bet.

Charles Leclerc To Set The Fastest Time In Qualifiers

Charles Leclerc to finish qualifiers with the fastest time at odds of 7.00 (bet365)

Charles Leclerc is well-known for setting incredible times on the track. So far in this season, he has set the quickest lap twice. Throughout his time with Scuderia Ferrari, he has set the fastest lap 9 times, which has helped him start races from the pole position over 20 times. These numbers clearly state Leclerc’s potency in Qualifying races. He is almost always able to get into the grid for the main race with a strong position because of his ability to set fast times. Also because he won the last race in Monaco with a tremendous showing, he can expect to see him going at it with everything he’s got in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Because of Leclerc’s ability to perform well in qualifiers and set incredible times, the odds of him setting some strong lap times during the upcoming qualifiers for the Canadian Grand Prix are quite high. A strong showing here will certainly add more momentum to his chase for the top place in this season’s leaderboards.

No Red Flags During The Race

No red flags to be waved during the Canadian Grand Prix at odds of 1.16 (bet365)

Red flags signal crashes fatal enough to completely halt the race. Drivers have to restart once the wreckage is cleared and the safety of everyone present is ensured. These have been a major concern in Formula 1 as it not only risks the safety of the drivers on the track but also the staff and attending fans near the barriers. We have already seen two major crashes this season that caused red flags to be signaled. The first was at the Japanese Grand Prix and the second was during the Monaco Grand Prix.

However, several initiatives have been taken by the F1 Stewards and the participating teams themselves to avoid collisions and crashes like this. With many safety features in play, it is very unlikely that we will see one during the Canadian Grand Prix, making the odds of this bet quite high.

Combining these bets we form an accumulator with odds of 9.00 in bet365. Before you confirm your parlay make sure you check out other open markets for similar deals and pick the one you feel the best about.

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