Formula 1: Best Parlay Picks for the Monaco Grand Prix

Formula 1 Best Parlay Picks for the Monaco Grand Prix
Bruno Senna driving the F1 car that his legendary late uncle Ayrton Senna once drove, at the Senna Tribute at the Monaco Historic GP event on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

Motorsport fans rejoice all over the world as we are just a few days away from the iconic Formula 1: Monaco GP. From Friday, May 24, 2024, a weekend of exciting and fierce F1 racing is set to go down. With some of the biggest names in racing already set to attend, the Monaco GP is about to be one of the most exhilarating events of the whole season. As the drivers and their teams prepare for the Circuit de Monaco for race day on Sunday, May 26, 2024, punters all over the globe are preparing to make their final accumulator bets before the main race begins.

Currently sitting at the top of the table with a comfy 48-point lead, is Max Verstappen. With 161 points, 5 wins, and 6 podium finishes, the Red Bull driver is on fire right now. Hot off of his first-place finish in the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, the table leader is hoping to extend his lead further by setting another impressive lap in Monaco and hopefully another podium finish.

Besides Verstappen, racers like Charles Leclerc are hoping to use the rest of the season to slowly creep up onto the top of the table. With a decent 3rd place finish in the Emilia Romagna GP, just behind Lando Norris, Leclerc hopes to close the points gap between him and Verstappen starting with Monaco. With 7 race starts and no wins, the 26-year-old driver must dig deep and drive like never before.

With a few days left before the first practice race on Friday, May 24, 2024, punters are preparing to set their final accumulator bets for the race with hopes of landing major payouts.

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Max Verstappen To Win The Monaco Grand Prix

Verstappen to win the Monaco GP by finishing first at odds of 1.72 (bet365)

Max Verstappen is on a bit of a hot streak right now. The 26-year-old Dutch has been on fire this season with 5 wins out of 7 race starts. He has set the fastest lap twice already and has qualified for the pole position for every race this season. Verstappen aims to make this his fourth consecutive World Championship with Red Bull. Even though the season is far from over, it is hard to not imagine anyone else winning this race, especially after considering his last few races. From the Jeddah Corniche Circuit to the Suzuka Circuit, Verstappen’s consistency is undeniable.

With that in mind, the odds of this race’s winner being Max Verstappen increases tenfold. With high confidence after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the Dutch driver is primed to add another win to his stats in Monaco.

Max Verstappen To Set The Fastest Lap Time

Verstappen to set the fastest lap in the Monaco GP at odds of 2.25 (bet365)

The 26-year-old Dutch demon has been setting circuits all over the globe on fire with his lap times. So far Verstappen has only set the fastest lap time twice. Over the course of his 9-year-long career, he has set the fastest lap more than 30 times. Since the season still has a long way to go, Verstappen still has numerous opportunities to set record times across circuits all over the world. However, his experience and stats suggest that he will surely give us a performance of a lifetime in Monaco. Ever since he won the fastest Monaco GP back in 2021, he has been a menace on this circuit.

After considering these stats and his past performances on this very circuit, it is hard to deny the possibility of Verstappen not setting the fastest lap in the Monaco GP. His current form also improves the odds of winning this bet and lowering its risk.

Red Bull To Set The Fastest Pit Stop at the Monaco Grand Prix

Team Red Bull to set the fastest pit stop time at odds of 1.44 (bet365)

As experienced drivers and mechanics say, “An F1 pit stop is much more than just stopping, changing tyres and accelerating away.” It is an incredibly difficult task that requires teamwork and split-second decision-making. Each stop is a test of the team’s precision and communication, and Red Bull has been at the top of the game for a long time. They have set incredible pit stop times and have won the Fastest Pit Stop Award numerous times. This makes them incredibly sharp during races which comes in handy in tight scenarios.

With their past achievements and overall experience, the Red Bull garage has one of the strongest teams out there and is highly likely to be the one who set one of the quickest pit stop times. So we can safely say that the odds of Red Bull setting the fastest time in Monaco are quite high, making this a very safe bet to make.

Combining these bets we can form an accumulator bet with a total odds of 5.00 on bet365. Before you pull the trigger, remember that there are tons of other open markets everywhere that have similar deals. Make sure you check all of them before settling for an accumulator you feel the best about.

Charles Leclerc To Finish On The Podium

Leclerc to finish Top 3 in the Monaco GP at odds of 1.61 (bet365)

Charles Leclerc, driver for Scuderia Ferrari, has had a pretty strong season so far. Even though he has been unable to land a race win so far, with 4 podium finishes, he is a prime contender for a top 3 finish. The Monocan driver has been consistent throughout the season in starting races with a good grind position after qualifiers. He is currently placed 2nd in the season with 113 points. As the season still has a long way to go and only a 48-point difference between him and first place, Leclerc is geared up to claim his spot on the top of the standings. To make his comeback a reality, he needs to complete the Monaco GP with a strong finish.

With everything at stake and his current stats for the season, it is easy to identify that Charles Leclerc has high potential to finish the Monaco GP with a top 3 finish on the podium. This allows punters to safely make this bet with low risks.

Charles Leclerc To Set the Fastest Time in Qualifiers

Leclerc to finish Qualifiers with the fastest lap time at odds of 3.60 (bet365)

When it comes to setting fast times, Charles Leclerc is no stranger. He has already set the fastest lap twice this season. During his time with Ferrari, the 26-year-old has set the fastest lap numerous times. During his 7-year career, he has set the fastest lap 9 times and has started races from the pole position 23 times. This proves that Leclerc always performs well during qualifying. He consistently sets strong times and ends up with a strong grid position going into the main race. Adding to that fact, he is from Monaco and has raced on this track all his life, so naturally he should be comfortable on the circuit.

So because Leclerc is great at setting fast lap times and has a lot of experience on this circuit, we can expect him to set some strong lap times, especially during qualifying. This makes this bet very safe with good payouts.

Charles Leclerc To Finish Top 3 During Practice Day 1

Leclerc to finish top 3 on the podium during Practice Day 1 at odds of 1.72 (bet365)

As we mentioned previously, Charles Leclerc has great stats during the stages before the main race day. He consistently puts up strong lap times and finishes strongly. His performance hasn’t been the best for this season, however there is still a lot more racing to be done. So starting with Monaco Leclerc needs to start showing up more on the podium. He needs to be able to finish strongly not just for the main race day, but also for the practice races and the qualifiers.

Knowing his strengths and capabilities and also what’s at stake for him and his team, it is not difficult to imagine how much emphasis the 26-year-old is putting on the Monaco GP. So we can expect him to put up some fast lap times and finish strongly during the practice races.

When we combine all the bets, we form an accumulator bet with odds of 7.00 on bet365. Before making the bet, it is wise to remember that there are other markets open with similar accumulator bets. There are plenty of other options to bet on given the sheer number of markets available out there, and you might fancy some other combination of bets after browsing around. Be sure to check out all the possibilities before betting on the deal that you feel the best about.

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