Euro 2024: Portugal vs Czech Republic Top Parlay Tips

Euro 2024: Portugal vs Czech Republic Top Parlay Tips

With the Euro 2024 already underway, football fans are excited to discover how some upcoming matches will play out. One of the games to keep your keeps peeled for is Portugal vs the Czech Republic for Group F on June 19. Considering Portugal’s track record in the recent European Championships, the Czech Republic team will need to put in extra effort to defeat them. As players from both teams prepare to take the fields, punters ready themselves to place their own parlay bets on how this game will play out.

The 2016 Euro champions, Portugal, are coming in this year with an explosive squad. Their star man, Christiano Ronaldo, is in top form. The 39-year-old has scored more than 30 goals in the Saudi Pro League. Even during Portugal’s pre-tournament international friendly match against Ireland, the forward scored twice, solidifying their win. Alongside CR7, the squad has quite a few veterans who are also performing remarkably well. João Félix, Bernardo Silva, and Ruben Neves are a few who have been showing massively for the team. With 3 semi-finals, a 2nd place spot, and one championship, Portugal has consistently displayed their prowess in the European Championships and has no plans to slow down.

Speaking of consistency, the Czech Republic is no stranger to the Euros, having a trophy of their own from their win against Germany back in 1976. Their stats also include three third-place finishes and a second-place finish. After their 2004 semi-final elimination, the team has consistently made it to the quarter-finals but could not go further. However, this year their momentum is quite strong. After winning all of their friendly games with tremendous form, everyone in the squad is fired up for the tournament. The players with the highest potential include Antonín Barák, Patrick Schick, and Adam Hložek. These players have shown great form and are worth keeping an eye out for the upcoming match against Portugal.

With such a riveting game up ahead, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best accumulator bets for the match.

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Cristiano Ronaldo To Score Anytime

Cristiano Ronaldo to score at any point during the match at odds of 1.90 (bet365)

When talking about the strongest forwards for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is always at the top. The legend has always been a critical part of the squad. There are very few players in the international sphere who have shown the same consistency and immense skill at the same level as Ronaldo. The star player has broken numerous records including scoring the most hattricks, most goals scored in a single Euro, and most matches played in the Euros. The list goes on when we talk about his exploits.

As of right now, Cristiano Ronaldo is in great form, despite his age. He is still at the top of the Saudi Pro League goal scorers table with 31 goals. Even during the international friendly matches prior to the Euro 2024, he showed how crucial of an asset he is for the squad. With two goals against Ireland, Ronaldo is hoping to continue such form heading into their match against the Czech Republic.

After looking at such stats, it is hard to deny Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of scoring for his team at any point during the match. This massively improves the odds of the match and makes the bet a safe option to go for.

Portugal To Score 1+ Goals

Portugal to score more than one goal against the Czech Republic at odds of 1.57 (bet365)

We just talked about Cristiano Ronaldo being an incredible goal scorer and how he will attempt to snatch a goal for his team during the match. However, despite Ronaldo’s incredible talents, he is not the only dangerous man on the field for Portugal. Players like João Félix have also shown great potential prior to the Euro. His individual performance in La Liga was been remarkable. Félix is immensely talented when it comes to creating room for attackers to move in and get the ball close to the opposition’s goalposts. His shooting skills are also exceptionally well, scoring 7 goals as a secondary striker.

Alongside João Félix, players like Rafael Leão and Diogo Jota have been phenomenal as strikers. With support from experienced mid-fielders like João Palhinha and Vitinha supplying balls accurately in place for them to take shots, the possibility of Portugal scoring in numbers i quite high. This incredible fusion between strikers and mid-fielders makes the attacking potential of the team very high.

As we look at these records and stats, it is hard to take away the possibility of Portugal scoring more than one goal against the Czech Republic. This means the odds of our bet goes up while reducing all the risks involved.

Portugal To Take 4+ Corners

Portugal to get more than four corners against the Czech Republic at odds of 1.50 (bet365)

Portugal is a team that is incredible at set pieces. Be it free-kicks or corners, they attempt to make the most of it. Because they have players with immense shot potential like Cristiano Ronaldo and João Félix, the chances of Portugal scoring from situations like that are very high. Other than taking direct shots, the Portuguese players attempt to set up players running inside the penalty box.

With their shooting and finishing capabilities, the Portugal squad has a high chance of connecting a strong shot at goal from corners. Players like Ruben Neves and Joao Palhinha have proven countless times why they are so dangerous within the 18-yard box. This will be critical coming into the game against the Czech Republic and will certainly need to be marked.

Considering these records, players from Portugal will be hunting for corners as their goal-scoring potential from those scenario’s are incredibly high. This means the odds of our bet improve quite a bit, making this a perfect option for punters.

After combining these bets, we form an accumulator with odds of 3.50 in bet365. Make sure you check out other deals in the open market before you make a choice. It is wise to go through every option you find before settling for the deal you feel the best about.

Czech Republic To Score 1 Goal

The Czech Republic to score one goal against Portugal at odds of 2.50 (bet365)

Even though Portugal has more individual skill and firepower, the Czech Republic players have consistency when it comes to building up attacks. After their recent friendly game wins, the synergy within the players has increased a lot and they have created some magical runs at goal. We saw glimpses of their scoring abilities against teams like Malta and Norway. Their slow-methodical passing allows the players to invade the penalty box with numbers.

Players like Patrick Schick, who has been consistently scoring for his team, are filled to the brim with talent. He has massive potential to have an incredible impact in this tournament. Schick’s showing during the 2020 Euro was exceptionally good, which makes him a great contender for this year. After his performance in the Bundesliga, he is the one to keep your eyes on from the Czech Republic squad.

With potential like this, the odds of the Czech Republic scoring against Portugal are quite high. This means that the odds of this bet have gone up immensely, making this a great one to pick.

Patrick Schick To Score or Assist

Patrick Schick to score or assist against Portugal at odds of 3.20 (bet365)

We’ve already discussed how strong Partick Schick’s scoring capabilities are. He has played incredibly well individually in the Bundesliga, scoring 7 goals and 2 assists. His performance in the Europa League has been incredible too, making him a critical part of the squad. Going into the match against Portugal, it will be vital for the Czechians to have Patrick Schick in top form.

Schick’s capabilities in assisting teammates have been great as well. He has been supporting his teammates during the international friendlies with conviction. This improves the odds of him either scoring or assisting against Portugal during their game. This reduces the risk factors involved and increases the payouts.

After combining them together, we can form an accumulator bet with odds of 5.50 in bet365. Be sure to take a look at other deals available in the market. Settle for the one you feel the best about.

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