Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-F Top Parlay Picks

Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-F Top Parlay Picks

With the Euro 2024 kicking off on June 15, fans are beyond excited to see the European teams clash against each other for glory. The competition within Group E in particular seems very fierce among all the different combinations of teams. The group comprises Portugal, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Georgia. Being the European Champions of 2016, Portugal will have all eyes on them as they commence on this grueling group stage journey. As the teams prepare to begin their perilous path for European glory, punters begin placing their parlays on how the group stages will play out.

Considering their history and records, Portugal, without a doubt, is the top team in the group. After losing to Belgium in 2020, the squad is back with a vengeance. Alongside veterans like Cristiano Ronaldo and Joao Felix, a few youngsters eager to prove themselves on the international stage have been recruited. Their synergy and technique is unmatched. Star-man, Bruno Fernandes is also looking to make an impact during this tournament with his creativity and consistency. Considering the team’s records of past Euros and each player’s individual talents, Portugal has the potential to go all the way this time.

The remaining teams in the group are the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Georgia. These squads have not had the same success as Portugal during their recent tournaments, however, this year they plan to give a hundred percent. The Czech Republic, in particular, has spent a lot of time building a team for the Euro 2024. The 1976 champions have consistently made it to the Quarter and Semi-finals of the event and have no plans of letting their foot off the gas. Alongside them, Turkey has made strong preparations. Despite losing most of their pre-tournament group stages, they have formed a team comprising very talented players including Hakan Calhanoglu and Yunus Akgun. Considering how the squads are looking currently, we can expect powerful attempts from Turkey to make it through to the Round of 16.

With such a fiery group at hand, we can expect some explosive games ahead of us. Let’s take a look at our top picks for accumulator bets on how the results will look for Group F.

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Portugal To Place First In Group F

Portugal to place first in Group F and qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.44 (bet365)

Roberto Martinez’s squad for Portugal is currently looking unstoppable. The team has a great record when it comes to the European Championship, reaching the semi-finals 3 times and has consistently made it to the Quarter-finals in every tournament. Their run back in 2020 showed the team’s ability to maintain momentum and uphold a strong sense of control in their matches. The squad has a great mix of veterans and newer players, like Gonçalo Ramos and Nuno Mendes. They have shown great promise in their recent friendly games. Their win against Finland is a great example of mid-fielders supplying balls to strong strikers and smashing them through for a goal.

Other than their attacking line-up, Portugal has a few defenders that bolster their abilities to keep attackers off their pitch. Diogo Costa as a keeper has been phenomenal during their recent matches. He will be a critical asset alongside players like Ruben Dias, Pepe, and Joao Cancelo. These players and many more have been potent in guarding their posts. With seasoned players supporting the young guns up ahead, Portugal presents itself as an explosive threat all over the field.

With that being said, there is very little doubt that Portugal has primed itself for a strong showing in the upcoming group stages and has great odds of making it through to the Round of 16 without any trouble. This makes the bet quite a safe one to make with a decent payout.

Turkey To Qualify For The Round of 16

Turkey to qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.28 (bet365)

Turkey isn’t as experienced as some of the other squads in Group F. Their record in the European Championship is not as flashy either. Prior to this year, Turkey qualified for 5 more Euros where the farthest they got was in 2008. They made it to the semi-finals but were unable to defeat Germany. The match ended in a 3-2 scoreline despite their incredible attempts at goal. After that tournament, Turkey failed to qualify for 2012 and was unable to get out of the group stages in 2016 and 2020. Despite their best attempts, their international performance has been quite sluggish recently. Even their recent friendly matches saw them losing to teams like Hungary and Poland.

However, we have seen glimpses of potential from this squad that may come into full display during the official tournament games. Players like Ahmetcan Kaplan and Abdulkerim Bardakci have been great on defense, holding down the fort from attackers and denying every counter-attack with precise tackles. With Altay Bayindir between the posts, the defensive line-up looks to be in great shape. Meanwhile, upfront, Kenan Yildiz and Yunus Akgun have been formidable. They delivered some insanely powerful shots while slipping through defenders. They have also received great assists from the mid-field. Arda Guler particularly has supplied crucial balls for the strikers every chance he gets.

With the current line-up and their capacity for attacking, Turkey has a chance to play some strong football and make it through to the group stages. This improves the odds of this bet greatly while also reducing risks, making this a great option to go for.

Czech Republic To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

The Czech Republic to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 2.20 (bet365)

The Czech Republic is one of the most experienced teams in the group, having played 10 Euros since 1960. With two third-places and a single win under their belts, they have remained consistent throughout the years. They make it through to the Quarter and Semi-finals every now and then. However, there has been a major drop in their performance recently. Despite their wins in the friendly games, major weaknesses in their defensive line-ups were seen. These are opportunities that strategic like Portugal will exploit.

Their attacking setup has also seen some flaws on the counter-attack. Players like Vaclav Cerny sending the ball forward for strikers with great accuracy, constant fumbles have squandered numerous shots for the team. The Czechians have also struggled with fast slow buildups as they have trouble maintaining possession. This will be a major hurdle against teams that remain cool under pressure and have better cohesion.

After considering these facts and addressing the issues, it is very hard to see the Czech Republic squad being able to make it out of the group stages this year. However, this does improve the odds of our bet and reduce all risk factors.

Georgia To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

Georgia to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.40 (bet365)

Georgia is the least experienced squad in the entire group. This will be their first Euro and first major international tournament. Prior to this, the nation has failed to qualify for any of the European Championship tournaments. There is very little experience among the players when it comes to an event of this caliber. Their team also lacks individual experience as there are very few players who have played in the top leagues of the footballing world.

This lack of proficiency will be a major obstacle if they want to perform well in the group stages. Their recent friendly games won’t be helping them much either as they have not played against any seasoned nation that is well-competent in international matches. This means that Georgia will have to use this opportunity to not only learn on the fly but also quickly counter strong tactical teams like Portugal and Turkey.

With stats and records like that of Georgia, it is hard to say if they will find much success in their group-stage matches, much less qualify for the Round of 16. However, this does help with our bet as the odds grow highly in our favor. This makes the bet an easy one to make for punters.

After combining these bets, we form an accumulator with odds of 5.68 in bet365. Make sure you check out other deals in the open market before you make a choice. It is wise to go through every option you find before settling for the deal you feel the best about.

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