Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-E Top Parlay Picks

Euro 2024 Group Stage Group E Top Parlay Picks

As we approach ever closer to the Euro 2024, excitement boils over the footballing world as everyone is eager to see the exhilarating group stages. Group E is going to be particularly lively among the collection of teams, captivating a lot of eyes on how it will play out. The teams in the group are Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia. Within this group, Belgium has the highest ratings and experience. That also makes them a major target for the rest of the teams. With only a few days till the players take the fields, punters prepare to make their accumulator bets on the results of this group.

Among all the teams in Group C, Belgium has the highest rating and is considered to have the strongest squad. The European veterans are looking to add another international trophy to their collection. After making it to the Quarter-finals in 2016 and 2020, they hope to make it even further this time. With this objective in mind, the squad has made a few noteworthy changes to increase their odds of coming out on top. Their attacking line-up has been gifted with some remarkable players like Romelu Lukaku, Leandro Trossard, and Jeremy Doku. Their abilities have also been amplified with the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Youri Tielemans supporting the forwards from the mid-field. Their attack-concentrated chemistry makes them a powerhouse in the whole event.

The rest of the group consists of Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia. Despite having a considerable gap compared to Belgium when it comes to ratings and experience, their performance in the recent international friendly games has shown great promise for the Euro 2024. Specifically, Ukraine’s showing against Germany a few days back was exceptional. Although the game ended in a draw, considering Germany’s squad, that is a result the Ukranian players won’t be disappointed about. Romania, as well, has loads of international experience as they regularly participate in international tournaments and play against the top teams in the world. Even though their record in the European Championship is not the best, their current squad and potential allow them to hope for a strong showing in this year’s group stages.

With such a riveting group stage ahead of us, let’s take a look at our top picks for accumulator bets on how the results will look for Group E.

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Belgium To Place First In Group E

BelgiumBelgium to place first in Group E and qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.44 (bet365)

Out of all the teams in Group E, Belgium is undoubtedly the strongest and is armed with the most experience. Their consistency in the European Championship for the last couple of tournaments has been impeccable. They have reached the Quarter-finals both in 2016 and 2020, displaying their immense talent and skills on the pitch. Their squad for this year has been built solely to maintain their reliable scorelines and place further ahead in the tournament. The defensive line-up for Belgium has tons of promise to be one of the finest in this tournament. With players like Timothy Castagne, Wout Faes, and Axel Witsel with Matz Sels at goal, any opposition facing them will require a lot of potency to defeat them.

Despite Thibaut Courtois not participating in the Euro 2024 because of injury, Matz Sels has earned high praise because of his performance in the recent friendly games. Belgium’s attacking setup is quite strong as well with veteran Kevin De Bruyne, Youri Teilemans, and Arthur Verneeren supporting the strikers with their exceptional skills in building up attacks. They will be supplying players like Leandro Trossard, Romelu Lukaku, and Jeremy Doku with shots at goal. There is no doubt that this squad has great potential when it comes to invading the opposition’s goalposts with numbers at great speed.

With such prospects and experience in the Belgium squad, it is hard to take away the first-place position in the group stages from them. This also improves the odds of this bet and reduces all forms of risk, making this an easy bet to make.

Ukraine To Qualify For The Round of 16

UkraineUkraine to qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.40 (bet365)

Ukraine has shown some great potential ahead of the Euro 2024 in their international friendly games. They put up great results against Germany in their match, finishing the game in a nil-nil draw. This may not seem like much but after considering Germany’s skills and experience, Ukraine won’t be disappointed with the result. During the match, Ukraine displayed their strong passing accuracy and set-piece potential.

Their mid-fielders and forwards have developed strong chemistry which was on full display against Germany. Mykhailo Mudryk and Oleksandr Zinchenko are a couple of the strongest suppliers for the attackers. Strikers like Roman Yaremchuk and Artem Dovbyk will be constantly on the front lines, looking for a chance to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses and openings. Considering Ukraine’s result back in 2020, the team will be looking to improve their synergy and skills to further improve their placements in the European Championship.

Considering the squad’s high potential and recent scores, the odds of Ukraine making it through to the Round of 16 is quite high. This also increases the odds of this bet and the payout, making this a safe option for punters to go for.

Romania To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

RomaniaRomania to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 2.10 (bet365)

Romania has loads of experience as they have regularly played against some of the strongest teams in the world. They have qualified for the European Championship numerous times over the years. Despite being unable to move past the group stages in their recent tournaments, Romania has shown great promise and glimpses of their talents in every game. This time especially they have put together a strong team for the Euro 2024 and have been displaying their potency in friendly matches. With the likes of Denis Man performing well, players of the squad are looking forward to showcasing their improvements in the coming matches.

However, because teams like Belgium and Ukraine are also in Group E, it will be very difficult for Romania to place in the top two. Because of the sheer difference in skill and player ratings with Belgium, it is very unlikely that Romania will be able to defeat them. The odds are a bit more fair when it comes to Ukraine, but due to their consistency in the European Championship and recent showings of immense individual talent, it will be quite an upset if Romania can take down Ukraine.

After looking at these stats and understanding the current form of the team, it is hard to say if they can make it through to the Round of 16. With Belgium and Ukraine standing in their way, the odds of Romania not qualifying for the next stage of the tournament are quite high, making this an easy bet for punters.

Slovakia To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

SlovakiaSlovakia to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.72 (bet365)

Compared to the rest of the teams, Slovakia has the least experience in recent times when it comes to international matches. Despite winning the 1976 Euro, as Czechoslovakia, their performance since then has seen a significant drop. After 1976, the team failed to qualify for the European Championship till 2016 when they reached the Round of 16. Then in 2020, they lost at the group stage and weren’t able to move forward. This inconsistency lowers their odds greatly in the event.

Their results against other teams in international friendlies isn’t that great either. Their loss against Austria back in March showed their lack of synergy as a team and several openings in their defense. These will be weaknesses that teams like Belgium and Ukraine will exploit they are great at strategizing and preparing against their opponents. Unfortunately, Slovakia have not shown much promise in recent matches, making this not a very hard game for the rest of the group.

After considering these facts and observing Slovakia’s record in Europe, it is very hard to say that they will qualify for the Round of 16. Their inexperience against stronger international teams and lack of tactical analysis make this an easy bet to make.

After combining these bets, we form an accumulator with odds of 7.28 in bet365. Make sure you check out other deals in the open market before you make a choice. It is wise to go through every option you find before settling for the deal you feel the best about.

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