Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-C Top Parlay Picks

Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-C Top Parlay Picks

With the Euro 2024 just over a week away, fans are raring to see how the group stages will play out. Among the drawn-out collection of teams, Group C, in particular, is looking to be quite engaging. The group consists of  Denmark, England, Serbia, and Slovenia. With England being the high-rated team in the group, the rest of the squads will have their eyes fixated on taking them down. As the players prepare for this truly riveting group stage, punters also ready themselves to place their accumulator bets on how these teams will perform.

The highest-rated team in Group C is undoubtedly England. The top dogs of Europe are heading into their 10th European Championship event. Their performance during the last tournament back in 2020 was their record-best, making it all the way to the Finals where they lost to Italy in penalties. Despite being unable to claim the championship, the morale of the players was set on a high note. Now armed with a few exceptionally talented youngsters like Jude Bellingham playing alongside veterans Phil Foden and Hatty Kane, this team led by Gareth Southgate is looking to make an impactful showing.

The rest of the group consists of Denmark, Serbia, and Slovenia. Even though these teams aren’t as renowned as England or have the same firepower, their recent friendly results display their immense dedication and hard work coming into this event. Denmark, especially, has been performing strongly, taking down Sweden and the Faroe Islands in a convincing fashion. Serbia as well has also geared up a strong squad to try and advance to the Round of 16. Despite not qualifying for the European Championship since 2008, they are hoping to come in with a strong start this year.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at our top picks for accumulator bets on how Group C will shape up after the matches.

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England To Place First In Group C

EnglandEngland to place first in Group C and qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.40 (bet365)

The strongest team in the group is without a doubt England. The runners-up from 2020 are back with a vengeance to claim their championship from Italy. After a heartbreaking 3-2 loss on penalties which came from a 1-1 scoreline, England made a silent promise to strike back in 2024. Since then their squad has seen some drastic changes and for the most part, they have significantly improved their performance. With players like Luke Shaw, Kyle Walker, and John Stones playing on defense alongside the likes of Jordan Pickford as their keeper, there are very few forwards that have the firepower to break through their line.

It is not just the players that make this team a powerhouse, their tactical prowess and chemistry while pushing through towards the goal is a crucial asset in their arsenal. Attackers like Anthony Gordon, Cole Palmer, and Harry Kane have displayed their ability to build their runs with lighting speed during their friendly games against Belgium. Besides, young guns like Jude Bellingham have been on fire individually, promising exceptional showings in the mid-field.

Considering these stats and recent performances, the potential of England taking the top spot in Group C is quite high. This also improves the odds of them qualifying for the Round of 16 with minimal risk, making this a very safe bet to make.

Denmark To Qualify For The Round of 16

denmarkDenmark to qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.33 (bet365)

Denmark has been very consistent with their performance in international tournaments like the European Championship throughout the years. During the 2020 Euro, they went all the way to the semi-finals and placed 3rd in the whole event. Before that, they persistently made it through to the Round of 16 and Quarter-final stages. Their display of skill and teamwork has helped them through some really difficult games. During the international friendly with the Faroe Islands, their cohesion was on full display as they ran at their opponent’s posts with amazing technical talents.

This year they have brought in some insanely gifted individuals who have shown strong promise in their club and league matches. Players like Jonas Wind and Rasmus Hojlund have been incredibly formidable. The attacking potential of these players with suppliers like Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Christian Eriksen at their disposal is a recipe for goals. Despite not having the same proficiency as England, they have a greater potential to book their tickets for the Round of 16 by defeating Serbia and Slovenia.

This adds to their potential of qualifying for the next stage of the Euro 2024. Therefore, the odds of this bet increase tenfold, making this a very safe bet with low risk involved.

Serbia To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

SerbiaSerbia to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 2.25 (bet365)

Serbia used to be a very dominant team in Europe, especially before the 2000s. They consistently climbed to the Quarter and Semi-finals of the Euro. Their best result is fourth place during the 1976 Euro. However, the last time they qualified and played in the Euro was in 2000, when they made it to the Quarter-finals. Since then they have not qualified for the event. This will be their first appearance in quite some time and that means their experience and preparation will not be on the same level. They have not regularly competed against teams of such caliber. This was reflected during their pre-tournament friendlies where they lost to Russia and Austria. Serbia will have to overcome this major hurdle if they wish to make it across to the Round of 16.

However, they have recruited a few worth-mentioning players in their squad who will certainly play an important role in their upcoming matches. Defenders like Strahinja Pavlović and Nikola Milenković will need to step up massively to ensure their team’s fortification against attackers. Nemanja Gudelj is another major asset who will have to supply their star forwards with chances to get the ball in their opponent’s net. Speaking of attackers, Luka Jović and Dušan Vlahović have shown great potential in the Serie A and will be hoping to carry that through into the impending games.

However, statistically speaking, Serbia’s recent results and lack of experience are factors that cannot be ignored. These will be obstacles that may deny them the chance to win matches in the group stage and move to the Round of 16. With that being said, the odds of this bet go up and the risk factor goes down massively.

Slovenia To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

SloveniaSlovenia to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.57 (bet365)

Slovenia has the least experience when it comes to playing in the European Championship among all the teams in Group C. They have played in only one event prior to this, which was back in 2000. Even then they weren’t able to make it past the group stage. They could not win a single match and ended their tournament with two draws and a loss. After 5 tournaments they finally qualified for this year’s Euro in Germany.

Since Slovenia has not competed in such an event for a long time, it is hard to speak in their favor and say they have a high chance of qualifying for the next round. Their lack of experience and recent scores have displayed numerous areas for improvement. These issues can be ironed out to build a team with sound tactical thinking, but that is a lot to ask from them in such a short time. It is very unlikely that they will be able to get themselves in proper shape before the group stage starts and with teams like England and Denmark in their fixtures, their chances are slim

Therefore, the chances of Slovenia not qualifying for the Round of 16 are quite high. This does improve the odds of our bet, making it a very safe option to go for.

After combining these odds, we form an accumulator bet with odds of 6.57 in bet365. Make sure you check out other open markets for deals similar to this and pick the one you will the best about.

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