Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-B Top Parlay Picks

Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-B Top Parlay Picks

As we approach the start of the Euro 2024 in Germany, fans are exhilarated to see how the group stages will shape up. A few of the most intense matchups will be in Group B. The group has both Spain and Italy along with Croatia and Albania, which is a recipe for an action-packed few weeks. As the teams prepare for this difficult group stage, punters around the world are ready to put forth their accumulator bets on how these matches will play out.

The strongest teams in Group B based on ratings and experience are easily Spain and Italy. The two Spanish behemoths have been playing for a long time and have lifted countless trophies. Their success in the European Championship is insurmountable, with Spain winning the tournament thrice and Italy winning twice, being the current champions. The two squads had faced each other during the Euro 2020 semi-finals where Italy won the game after taking it to penalties. After losing to the current champions, Spain will be looking for revenge as they bring in their all-star squad to Germany for the group stages.

The other half of the group consists of Croatia and Albania, who have been contenders for European glory as well. Croatia, despite reaching the quarter-finals back in 1996, has not been able to get past the Round of 16 since then. This time, however, they have performed remarkably well during their international friendlies against North Macedonia, Egypt, and Tunisia. On the other hand, Albania does not have the same experience as they failed to qualify or enter the tournament every year except 2016, where they failed to get out of the group stage. Despite their lack of experience, they have brought in some strong players like Jasir Asani and Armando Broja who look like great additions to the current team.

Considering the sheer strength and potential of the teams, there is no doubt that the matches from Group B will be nothing short of electrifying. So let’s take a look at our top picks for accumulator bets on how this group will look after the matches.

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Spain To Place First In Group B

SpainSpain to place first in Group B and qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.80 (bet365)

Spain’s squad for the Euro 2024 is looking unbeatable. The names alone strike fear deep into the hearts of whoever they face. Dani Carvajal, Pedri, Rodri, Alvaro Morata, and Fabian Ruiz, are a few of the names that this squad has. These players have displayed their immense talent individually during their own league matches. Their star man Pedri has had a relatively strong season in La Liga and is hoping to bring some of that magic in their upcoming matches.

They have also shown their ability to quickly invade their opponent’s side of the field with impeccable chemistry. Their most recent match against Andorra is a great example of their attacking power and how the forwards link up to score some smashing goals. Their defensive setup is a powerhouse on its own. Still fuming after his win in the UEFA Champions League, Dani Carvajal is hoping to continue his winning ways by maintaining his current form for the Euro 2024.

With a squad like this and the form they are in currently, there are very few teams in the entire tournament that can take them down. This also improves the odds of them winning first place in their group and moving on to the Round of 16 with almost no risk involved.

Italy To Qualify For The Round of 16

ItalyItaly to qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.12 (bet365)

Another powerhouse in Group B is Italy. The current European champions look like they are in great shape and are playing with outstanding synergy. They have consistently reached the quarter and semi-finals of the event throughout the years. Italy’s scores from the international friendly matches prior to the Euro 2024 represent their magnificent form perfectly. They have beaten the likes of Venezuela and Ecuador with confidence and minimal trouble. They have remained very disciplined and improved their form superbly, which has put them in a great spot to go ahead and snatch their spot for the Round of 16.

Their squad also consists of players who have tons of experience and skills to display on the field. With Gianluigi Donnarumma at the goal with defenders like Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Raoul Bellanova helping him out, there are very few teams that breakthrough for a clear shot. Their attacking setup includes agile forwards like Stephan El Shaarawy and Mateo Retegui, who has been phenomenal during his friendly games back in March. These players will have a constant supply of balls from the likes of Jorginho and Lorenzo Pellegrini who has had his own riveting moments during the friendly games.

With such potential, the current champions are poised to have a great tournament and safely qualify for the Round of 16. There is also a decent chance that they can overcome their old rivals, Spain, and win the group stage. Regardless, the odds of their Round of 16 qualification is incredibly high, making this a safe and easy bet to make.

Croatia To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

CroatiaCroatia to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 3.40 (bet365)

Croatia has a strong team this year and is ready beyond measure in terms of determination to perform well in the group stages. The players in their squad have phenomenal potential and are unbelievably skilled. They showed the world their willingness to give it their all going into the Euro 2024 by winning their pre-tournament-friendly games. The players are immensely skilled individually and have displayed their talents consistently. Joško Gvardiol, Luka Modrić, and Ivan Perišić are only a few names that are expected to be tremendously critical roles for the team’s success.

However, despite their potential and recent success, the teams that stand between them and the Round of 16 are Spain and Italy. If we look back at Croatia’s records against those teams, it is clearly visible that they were taken down brutally. They have faced Spain a total of 7 times and have won only twice. Against Italy, they’ve consistently drawn games but had shown several weaknesses in their strategies which were greatly exploited. Despite their remarkable potential, the sheer firepower difference between Croatia and the top two teams of Group B may be too much for the Croats to overcome.

Considering the stats above, it is hard to say that Croatia will be able to take down the European giants, Italy and Spain, and book their ticket to the Round of 16. However, this does improve the odds of our bet greatly which makes it a safe option for punters to take.

Albania To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

AlbaniaAlbania to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.22 (bet365)

Albania does not have the best of records when it comes to the European Championships. They qualified for the tournament only once in its history before this year. That was back in 2016 when they won only one game in the group stage and were eliminated. Despite their unsuccessful record, their chances of performing well this year are slightly higher. They won their qualifying by placing first and losing only one game. They displayed their improvements and hard work during the friendly matches against Sweden and Albania.

However, they have not found success against the top-rated teams of the world with whom they are grouped. The sheer difference in caliber between Albania and a team like Spain or Germany is immense. It is highly unlikely that they will be able to put up much of a fight against those squads. Even when we bring Croatia into the argument, those players have lots of experience as they have consistently qualified and played in major tournaments like the Euro 2024. Even individually, they have shown great promise in their clubs and leagues. Compared to all that Croatia does not have much of an answer.

However, this certainly does improve the odds of our bet of Albania not qualifying for the Round of 16. Therefore, this bet becomes an easy one to make as there is low risk involved.

After combining these odds, we form an accumulator with odds of 8.36 in bet365. Make sure you take a look at other deals from open markets before confirming a deal. It is wise to take a look at similar deals in other markets and pick the one you feel the best about.

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