Euro 2024 Group Stage: Group-A Top Parlay Picks

Euro 2024 Group Stage Group A Top Parlay Picks

With the groups for the upcoming Euro 2024, settled fans are excited to see how the impending matches will play out. Each group features some very riveting face-offs. Group A especially will have very captivating matches. The contenders in the group are Germany, Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland. These teams always deliver when it comes to action-packed games. As the players ready themselves for a truly electrifying group stage, punters prepare to make their own accumulator bets on how the results will look after the matches.

The team that stands out the most in Group A is Germany. The host nation of the tournament has a very potent star-studded squad coming into the event. The 3-time European champions have left no stone unturned in building a team that has the potential to dominate the tournament. The team has played a few friendly matches so far in 2024. They beat the likes of Netherlands and France back in March. Their most recent game was against Ukraine which ended up as a nil-nil draw. With players like Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, Toni Kroos, and Thomas Müller in the squad, they definitely have the firepower to dominate whoever they face.

The rest of the group includes Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland. Even though these teams aren’t the best based on ratings, they have definitely put in time and work into preparing for this tournament. Switzerland specifically has shown glimpses of their potential during this year’s friendly matches. Their most recent match against Estonia is a great example of their attacking strength. They won the game 4-0 with unbelievable goals from the likes of Nico Elvedi, Zeki Amdouni, and Steven Zuber. Hungary has been in top form as well. They have played matches against Ireland and Türkiye where their recent improvement was on full display.

With such strong teams set to take each other on in Group A, we can easily expect to see some riveting games. So let’s take a look at our top picks for accumulator bets on how this group is going to play out.

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Germany To Place First In Group A

Germany to place first in Group A and qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.33 (bet365)

The German squad for the Euro 2024 is truly a sight to behold. Not only has the squad been on form individually with great results from players in their own respective leagues, but as a team, they have been improving their chemistry and teamwork. We saw their performances in their recent friendly matches where they showed great cohesion.

Individually as well, Germany’s attacking mid-field is as powerful as ever. Players like Florian Wirtz and Kai Havertz have mastered the ability to slip around defenders and score powerful goals. Adding Toni Kroos and Thomas Müller to the equation, we have a team that can go all the way.

After considering these factors, we can say with minimal doubts that Germany is in a great spot to win the group stage and advance to the Round of 16 with ease. This also improves the odds of the bet and makes it a low-risk option.

Switzerland To Qualify For The Round of 16

Switzerland to qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 1.50 (bet365)

Switzerland has been playing remarkably well during their friendly games prior to the Euro 2024 group-stage matches. Their most recent match against Estonia showed the world their incredible attacking power. The players have developed an impressive ability to find passes to each other and build up to their opponent’s posts. Even at range, their forward players are ruthless. The goals scored by Nico Elvedi and Steven Zuber were phenomenal.

Their defensive abilities have also seen major improvements. Defenders like Ricardo Rodriguez and Fabian Schär have shown their defensive prowess during their individual league games. Despite critics having doubts whether those talents would show up in International games, they were silenced immediately after their hard-fought match against Ireland.

Since the Switzerland team has been in great shape recently and has held their own against much stronger teams, it is hard to deny their chances of advancing to the Round of 16 from this group. This reduces the risks of this bet and also increases the payout by a massive extent.

Scotland To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

Scotland to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 2.00 (bet365)

Scotland has had a rough start to the year as they haven’t won any matches against major teams. They played 3 friendlies this year and won only one. Their only victory was against Gibraltar. Despite it being an impressive showing with over 70% possession in their favor and 25 shots on target, numerous weaknesses in their plays went unpunished. Considering the caliber of the teams in their group for the Euro 2024, it is very unlikely that those weaknesses will go by unexploited.

Teams like Germany and Switzerland have a much greater tactical prowess compared to them. They will find those gaps in their defenses and deny their attackers any openings into their side of the field. Even with players like Kenny McLean and James Forrest, it will be quite difficult for Scotland to find success in Group A unless they can fortify their defenses and fix the issues that hold them back.

Hungary To Not Qualify For The Round of 16

Hungary to not qualify for the Round of 16 at odds of 2.10 (bet365)

Hungary has a decent chance of qualifying for the Round of 16. Their squad has a good mix of defensive and attacking players. Players like Ádám Lang have been great at zipping through defenders and supplying balls to the strikers in front of the goal. They also have great potential in their forwards with the likes of Martin Adam and Ádám Lang.

However, there is also a very high chance of that being not enough against the likes of Germany and Switzerland who have been dominating their friendly games this year. Their tactical superiority and experience of playing against the top teams in the world give them an edge against Hungary. Despite being more prepared than Scotland, winning against Germany or Switzerland will be a task that may be a little too difficult for Hungary to safely say that they will qualify.

After considering these facts, we can say with confidence that there is a high chance of Hungary not being able to deliver enough to get through to the Round of 16. This does, however, improve the odds of this bet and reduces the risks involved. Because of the low risks and high payouts for this bet, it is a great option to consider for this parlay.

After combining these odds together, we can form an accumulator bet with odds of 8.37 in bet365. Make sure you take a look at options from other markets before picking a deal. Go through every option and select the parlay you feel the best about.

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