Copa América 2024 Best Accumulator Tips: Quarter-finals

Copa América 2024 Best Accumulator Tips Quarter finals

With the quarter-final stage starting soon, we bring you our Copa América 2024 best accumulator tips. Only a few steps remain between these teams and the semi-final stage. After a grueling and difficult group stage, these squads have earned their place in the tournament and hope to continue. With the danger of elimination looming nearby, these players will have no room for errors as they prepare for their upcoming matches. Alongside the teams, punters all over the globe also prepare to place their accumulator bets before the matches begin.

The quarter-final stage for the Copa América is set to start on July 5. The first day will feature only one match, Argentina vs Ecuador. The second match between Venezuela and Canada will start the next day, July 6. The last two games are set to take place on July 7. These are Colombia vs Panama and Uruguay vs Brazil. The winners of these matches will finalize their spots in the semi-finals while the losers will be eliminated from the tournament. The stakes are at an all-time high as the chances of being disqualified are more present than ever.

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Copa América Best Accumulator Tips

Our first match between Argentina and Ecuador is set to take place on July 5. Between the two teams, Argentina not only has a better track record in the Copa but has displayed a stronger performance in the recent group stage with their first-place finish. They won all three of their games with Lautaro Martínez showing his exquisite prowess as an attacker after scoring in every match. Ecuador, on the other hand, did not have the best performance. After a 2-1 loss and Enner Valencia’s red card to Venezuela, the squad felt a slight surge of confidence beating Jamaica 3-1. However, a 0-0 draw with Mexico had them end the group stage with wavering momentum.

The second game, Venezuela vs Canada, shapes up to be another one-sided game on paper. With a major lack of experience, Canada seems unprepared for the upcoming match. Not only is this their first Copa América, but their score in the group stage is not very encouraging either. After a devastating 2-0 loss to Argentina, they managed to scrape together a win against Peur. But their momentum didn’t last long as they suffered a draw against Chile and ended the group stage with a second-place finish. Meanwhile, Venezuela has been in top form after earning first place in their group and winning all of their matches in incredible fashion. They are looking forward to playing against Canada, buzzing with excitement.

July 7 will feature two matches, the first one being Colombia vs Panama. Colombia’s results in the group stage have been fairly strong considering the fact that they finished first after being in the same group as Brazil. They won the first two games against  Paraguay and Costa Rica with impressive skill. They did draw against Brazil, but that did not stop them from earning 7 points. Meanwhile, Panama has shown some incredible promise as well, with a second-place finish in Group C. Their wins against the USA and Bolivia show strong promise for this team and their attacking abilities.

The second game of the last day is between two giants in South America, Uruguay and Brazil. The 15-time Copa América champions have dominated their group stage by winning every single match with tremendous acumen. Their attacking strength was on full display against Bolivia as they won the match with a score of 5-0. Their opponents, Brazil, on the other hand, didn’t have the strongest performance this year. They seemed to have lost touch with their Brazilian playstyle which contributed to their two draws and second-place finish in the group. Despite winning 4-1 against Paraguay, the Brazilian squad seems to be lacking motivation and skill which is quite worrying for the fans of the 9-time Copa América championship holders.

With such riveting matches up ahead, let’s take a look at our picks for the best accumulator tips for how these games will play out.

Argentina To Win The Match

ArgentinaArgentina to beat Ecuador and win the match at odds of 1.45 (bet365)

The 15-time Copa América winners, Argentina, have so far played incredibly well in the tournament. They finished first in Group A after winning all of their matches. They showed consistency and incredibly accurate passing in those matches. Their control over the ball while playing against Peru was nothing short of superb. In dicey situations, the players keep their composure and do not falter under the pressure. Their calm demeanor during counter-attacks allows them to easily hold off any striker.

Meanwhile, players like Lautaro Martínez have been playing immensely well. He has already scored four goals in the tournament so far. His performance in the Serie A has been incredible as well, with over 100 goals. With the tournament still unfinished, there are no limits to how far this center-forward will go. Alongside Lautaro, Julián Álvarez, Lionel Messi, and Enzo Fernández have been magical as well.

Considering these stats and individual prowess, Ecuador will have a hard time trying to beat Argentina, especially with their recent form seen from the group stage. This improves the odds of our bet, making this a great option for punters.

Venezuela To Win The Match

VenezuelaVenezuela to beat Canada and win the match at odds of 2.55 (bet365)

Venezuela has been in top form since the start of the group stage. They have won all three of their games and earned nine points. This shows their impressive shape and momentum heading into the quarter-finals. Their attackers have shown amazing talent and proficiency while running at their opponent’s posts. Jhonder Cádiz, Eduard Bello, Salomón Rondón, and Eric Ramírez have been performing with immaculate skill and speed. They have been ruthless upfront and their prowess has been evident against Jamaica.

On the other hand, Canada has struggled quite a bit during their group stage. Their loss against Argentina and draw against Chile definitely affected their confidence. Even against Peru, they struggled in numerous aspects, despite winning the match. This will definitely be a major factor as they prepare for their game in the quarter-finals.

Considering the recent performance of the two teams, the chances of Canada winning against Venezuela are quite low. This makes our bet a safe option to go for with great payouts.

Colombia To Win The Match

ColombiaColombia to beat Panama and win the match at odds of 1.33 (bet365)

Colombia’s scoreline in their recent group-stage matches has been nothing short of impressive. They won 2 of their three games and ended the other in a draw. This put them at the top spot of the group. Their draw against Brazil showed fans how capable their defenders are. Davinsin Sánchez and Daniel Muñoz, who scored that match, were incredibly decisive and astute in their defensive abilities.

This also helped the attacking midfielders and strikers to move forward. Luis Díaz and Jhon Córdoba have been dangerous in the penalty box. With a line of strong midfielders supporting them, the strikers can easily run behind defenders and finish off attacks with finesse. This will be a tough play for Panama to read and overcome.

With such impressive form from Colombia in mind, we have to say that Panama winning against them is quite unlikely. This increases the odds of our bet and decreases its risk factors, making this a great option to go for.

Brazil To Win The Match

BrazilBrazil to beat Uruguay and win the match at odds of 2.60 (bet365)

Brazil did not have the best group stage this season, with only 5 points to their name. Their draw against Colombia and Costa Rica has severely affected the momentum of the team. We have seen an interesting style of play from the players that has been very different from their traditional South American way of football. This has caused massive hindrance in their matches and disrupted the flow of their passing. We’ve seen players like Vinicius Junior and Lucas Paquetá perform with great mastery upfront, but the rest of the team has struggled to do so.

Uruguay on the other hand, has been dominant in their group stage games. They had beaten Panama and Bolivia with an impressive display of attacking power. The 15-time champions have been extremely sharp and agile this season, however, despite Brazil’s recent lackings, the odds of them being able to beat the South American giants in terms of firepower, is not very likely. Brazil’s attacking line-up may be too strong for Uruguay to overcome.

With such stats, the odds of this bet go up massively, making Brazil the most likely to win. This reduces the risk factors and makes the bet much safer.

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