Bundesliga 2021/22 Relegation Predictions I Odds & Picks

The Bundesliga 2021/22 season began on 13th August 2021 and will run all the way to 14th May 2022. Each of the team in the top league will have to play 38 games, with 3 points awarded for a win and a point for a tie. Two sides with the fewest points at the end of the season will face relegation and play in the 2nd tier of German soccer.

One club is already available at negative odds to face relegation, while there are 4 others that are listed at +275 or under. Coming into this 2021/22 campaign, the battle to avoid demotion from the Bundesliga is something that will be worth watching. But if the recent years are anything to go by, we should except to witness even more drama and excite unlike the race itself. Germany’s battle to stay on the top and beat relegation is one of the most exciting football events to watch.

German Bundesliga 2021/22 Relegation Odds

Things are beginning to take shape in the German Bundesliga after 11 games of play and from the look of things, one club, Greuther Furth may not be playing in the German top flight come next season. A host of other teams who aren’t looking safe either joins them too. The following are the current German Bundesliga 2021/22 Relegation Odds:

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Greuther Furth and Arminia Bielefeld seem that they will be up against it in German’s top-flight soccer league this season. In fact, none of them are completely sure as to whether they’ll be playing in the Bundesliga come next season. In 11 top-flight matches, for instance, Furth hasn’t managed even a single win, losing 10 matches and drawing one match.

Arminia Bielefeld aren’t doing good either. In their 11 matches, they only managed a single win, lost 5 and drawn 5. They sit 17th on the table and face real danger of relegation. If things don’t improve, we might not see them on German’s top-flight soccer next season.

German Bundesliga Relegation: How does it Work?

bundesliga relegation iconUnlike plenty of other soccer leagues that are made of 20 teams/clubs, the case is quite different in German Bundesliga. Here, 18 teams battle out for a chance to be crowned winners. Of importance to note, though, is that 2 teams that finish in position 17th and 18th in the Bundesliga standings face automatic relegation to Germany’s 2ndDivision. However, the side that manages to finish in position 16 heads for the relegation play-off against the team that managed to finish third in Germany’s second-tier Bundesliga. The victor of that two-legged tie plays in the Bundesliga for the season that follows.

Of importance to note is that two or three clubs face relegation from the Bundesliga every season, and this mostly depends on the outcome of the relegation battle or play-off.

Relegation: What does it mean in the German Bundesliga?

Relegation brings an end to the participation of a club in German top-flight soccer, the Bundesliga. A team that faces relegation will have to spend the next season in Germany’s second-tier division. Just like in almost every other European nation, relegation is an essential part of the soccer system in Germany. This is unlike in the U.S. where MLS sides are immune from being demoted.

As things currently stand, there’s no push or desire to have relegation abolished in the German Bundesliga. In fact, teams’ battle to avoid the drop has for the longest time remained one of the most successful storylines each season. German soccer has been mostly sustained by clubs’ dream of a place in the top flight.

While Schalke 04, Hamburg, and Nurnberg remain three of the five most successful clubs in the history of Germany’s top-flight soccer, unfortunately, none of them are taking part in the 2021/22 season after having been relegated last season.

Bochum Slightly Safe from Danger

Bochum FC emerged winners of their 2nd tier title their previous 2020/21 season, a move that secured their return to the Bundesliga for the first time in 11 years. However, many believe that their stay may not last long. They currently occupy the 12th position after 11 games, and just 4 points above the relegation zone.

Hertha Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Augsburg are also other favorites for the drop, with all these sides failing to impress so far this season. Fans of Arminia Bielefeld should also be a worried lot and shouldn’t feel too comfortable, especially with their side having a 19% chance of going down when the competition ends on 14th May 2022.

Even though we are on match day 11, things are already looking bleak for Greuther Furth who only have a single point. Much worse, they have shipped in more goals (-21) so far, and there seems to be no chance for them surviving in the German Bundesliga this season.

Arminia Bielefeld and Greuther Furth: Probable Relegation Candidates

Arminia Bielefeld may survive if they try to get things right now. They sit in the 17th position and a little push may see them safe, though a bit hard. Much worse, motivations seems very low at the Arminia Bielefeld camp, something that has made them probable relegation candidates.

As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing positive to say about Greuther Furth either. Nobody sees them surviving this season with one of the worst defenses in German top-flight soccer. Most likely, they’ll join Arminia Bielefeld as part of relegated teams next season. But again, things may change along the way in the favor of Arminia Bielefeld, only if they tighten things at the back and attack more.

German Bundesliga 2021/22 Relegation Prediction

Are you looking for an almost certain German Bundesliga 2021/22 relegation prediction? If you are here, count yourself lucky. Based on how everything is going so far, it appears as if Arminia Bielefeld and Greuther Furth will be missing from Germany’s top-flight football next season.

So far, both of them have one of the worst defense records, something that may see them being relegated to Germany’s second-tier football league. We believe that this two clubs won’t feature in the Bundesliga come next season. For a safe bet, you may want to wager or predict that Arminia Bielefeld and Greuther Furth will face demotion.

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