Betting on the French Open on 22Bet – Benefits, Tips, and More

Betting on the French Open on 22Bet Benefits, Tips, and More

The prestigious Roland Garros, aka the French Open, is just around the corner, and seasoned bettors all around the world are getting geared up to place their wagers. Will Novak Djokovic secure a consecutive victory? Or will Rafael Nadal’s return mark his 15th win on the clay court? The potential for drama is endless this year, and that means plenty of excitement for all those who enjoy a good tennis game. 

Now, here’s the big question – which sportsbook gives you the best odds? Well, there are plenty of great options out there. But when you also care about quality-of-life features such as user-friendliness, a convenient deposit and withdrawal system, or data security, 22Bet is pretty much the obvious answer.

You don’t have to take our word for it! In this article, we’ll showcase everything you need to know about betting on the French Open on 22Bet so that you can decide that for yourself and reap the full benefits from your wagers.

Let’s hop in!

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The French Open: Tournament Overview

The French Open, or Roland Garros, is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments in professional tennis. It is played annually on outdoor clay courts at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France. The tournament traditionally takes place in late May and early June.

The main draw matches of the 2024 French Open will begin on Sunday, 26th May and will last all the way up to Sunday, June 9th. Here are some key facts about the event:

  • It is the premier clay court tennis championship event in the world.
  • It was first held in 1891 and is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world.
  • Only players who are endorsed by their national association can compete.
  • The event features men’s and women’s singles and doubles competitions.
  • Prominent past winners include Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Steffi Graf.
  • The iconic red clay courts provide a unique challenge for players due to the higher bounce and slower speed.

Why Use 22Bet for Betting on the French Open?

Now that we’ve talked about how the event works, let’s get to the good stuff. In the following section. We’ll discuss some of the benefits you’ll get for using 22Bet for all your betting needs on the French Open.

  • Extensive betting markets
    22Bet offers an incredibly deep range of betting options for the French Open. In addition to the standard match winner markets, you can bet on set scoring, games handicaps, total games, who will win the next game, etc. The sheer variety alone makes the sportsbook a worthwhile choice for betting on the French Open.
  • Competitive odds
    Odds represent the potential payout, so having competitive odds is crucial for maximizing your winnings over the long run. 22 Bet’s odds makers do an excellent job across most tennis events, including the French Open, ensuring you get a fair price compared to other top sportsbooks. Their odds are often even slightly better than average on certain niche markets.
  • Live betting
    The in-play betting suite at 22Bet is top-notch, allowing you to bet on the French Open matches as they are happening live. Odds are dynamically updated after every point based on the current scoreline and momentum. This gives you the flexibility to capitalize on shifts in play and momentum with well-timed live bets.
  • Bonuses and promotions
    22Bet frequently offers valuable promotions for both new and existing customers around major tennis events like the French Open. These can include deposit bonuses, free bets, boosted odds, and more.
  • Mobile app
    With 22Bet’s sleek mobile app for iOS and Android, you can bet on French Open matches from anywhere. The app is highly user-friendly, allowing easy access to live betting, cashouts, and watching live streams. This ensures you never miss getting action down on the big matches.
  • Security
    Peace of mind is key when betting online. 22Bet has gained the trust of bettors worldwide through its encrypted platform, regulation by respected gambling authorities, and secure banking methods. Your funds and personal information are fully protected when using 22Bet.

Step-By-Step Guide to Betting on the French Open on 22Bet

Here are the steps to placing your bets on the French Open 2024 on 22Bet:

  • Head to the 22Bet official website and log into your account.
  • On the sidebar for sports, find the Tennis section and look for “Roland Garros.” You can also use the search bar above if you can’t find it.
  • In the middle section, you’ll see all the upcoming matches for the French Open.
  • Choose any of the matches and you’ll get to see the different betting markets and odds. Take your pick!
  • Once you decide which game you want to bet on, enter your wager amount and hit “Place Bet.”

That’s it, your bet is locked in place waiting to be cashed out once you win!

Who are the Favourites to Win the French Open 2024

  • Rafael Nadal (Spain)
    At 37 years old, Nadal is nearing the twilight of his legendary career. However, the “King of Clay” can never be counted out at Roland Garros, where he has won a staggering 14 titles. His recent injury struggles are a concern though. Nadal suffered a hip injury at the Australian Open, forcing him to withdraw from subsequent events. If he can regain full fitness, his unmatched prowess on clay makes him a top contender to claim a 15th French Open crown.
  • Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
    The world #1 is the early betting favorite after capturing his 22nd Grand Slam at the Australian Open. At age 35, Djokovic is showing no signs of slowing down. He already holds the record for 24 Grand Slam wins. And frankly, he looks geared up to push his records even further. His fierce competitive spirit and recent form make him a significant threat, even on clay.
  • Carlos Alcaraz (Spain)
    The 21-year-old Carlos Alcaraz appears to be the heir apparent once Nadal and Djokovic retire as can be seen from his breakout season in 2022 where he won the US Open. Alcaraz thrived on the clay court in 2022, winning titles in Rio, Madrid, and Barcelona.
    He has split meetings against Nadal 1-1 and lost his only match against Djokovic so far. With his all-court talent and endless potential, Alcaraz could well capture his first French Open this year.

Betting Strategy and Tips for the French Open 2024

  • Understand the Betting Markets
    Before going all-in, take some time to familiarize yourself with the various betting markets offered for the French Open at 22Bet. Outside the standard match winner, you’ll find unique options like set scores, game handicaps, over/under games, and even bets on whether a tiebreak will occur.
  • Set a Bankroll System
    For a lengthy two week event like the French Open, it’s important to have a bankroll management strategy. Set up a starting bankroll amount and bet a small percentage of it for each wager.
  • Study Player Performance on Clay
    Not everyone gives the same level of performance on the unique clay court surface of Roland Garros. Do your research and read up on each player’s performance and skill level on the court to see who gets an edge over the competition.
  • Identify Potential Underdog Value
    There’s nothing sweeter than cashing an underdog ticket, especially at a high-profile event like the French Open. Study rankings and odds to spot potential upsetters before it becomes common knowledge to maximize your winnings on long-shot bets.

The French Open promises two weeks of electrifying clay court tennis action, and 22Bet provides the perfect platform to get in on the drama. With extensive betting markets, competitive odds, live betting capabilities, and valuable promotions, the online sportsbook caters to the needs of every bettor. By utilizing the tips we mentioned above and understanding the key favorites, you’ll be able to cash out big with some strategic bets. So get ready for the iconic Roland Garros starting up on Sunday, May 26th, 2024. Good luck!

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