Betting on Euro 2024 on 22Bet – Tips, Best Bets, and More

Betting on Euro 2024 on 22Bet Tips, Best Bets, and More
Thanks to its extensive coverage and competitive odds, 22Bet stands as one of the biggest bookmakers for the upcoming Euro 2024.

The football fever is stronger than ever this June, with not one but two major international tournaments going down within a couple of days. For fans of Latin football, Copa America hits the screen on June 21st with an exhilarating matchup between the World Cup champions Argentina and Canada. But if you’re not willing to wait that long, Euro 2024 kicks off a week sooner than that, on June 15th!

This year’s Euro promises to be one for the history book as the championship travels to Germany for a grand, month-long spectacle of exciting matchups. Whether you bet on your favorite team or not, you can bet that you’ll bear witness to tons of drama, excitement, passion, and heartbreak.

Seasoned bettors can look at the Euro 2024 as an opportunity to earn a big payday. With the right sportsbook, you’ll be able to make calculated predictions on select betting markets to beat the odds and win big. For the European Championship, we believe 22Bet is the perfect bookie.

In this guide, we’ll dissect all the features and markets available on 22Bet to help you understand why this bookmaker is worth your wagers. Let’s get started.

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Why Choose 22Bet for Betting on Euro 2024?

  • Catch Every Matchup
    Don’t want to miss out on any of the action? 22Bet provides a comprehensive coverage of the Euro 2024, giving you both pre-match and in-play betting options for every single matchup.
  • Lucrative Odds All Across the Board
    One of the best things about 22Bet is its reputation for offering competitive odds across all betting markets. Seasoned bettors know full well that good odds mean greater profits. The oddsmakers on 22Bet do a great job at making sure the bettors get a fair share for their prediction.
  • Live Betting and Statistics
    The live betting features in 22Bet are also top-notch, allowing you to get your bets in real time as the action unfolds on your screen. For a game as unpredictable as football, this gives you some exciting opportunities to place wagers depending on the match’s momentum.
  • Welcome Bonuses and Promotions
    If you’re a new bettor, you’ll enjoy a generous welcome bonus to boost your bankroll the moment you sign up and make your first deposit on 22Bet. The sportsbook also regularly rolls out promotional offers for premium events such as the Euro 2024 to keep their members coming back to the platform.
  • Bet from Anywhere
    Don’t like betting from your desktop or laptop? 22Bet offers a seamless mobile betting experience with its dedicated smartphone app. With a responsible UI and quick, responsive design, punters can seamlessly place bets or cash out their winnings right from the palm of their hands.
Why Choose 22Bet for Betting on Euro 2024
22Bet has a dedicated betting page for Euro 2024, complete with a huge variety of betting markets, competitive odds, and even promotional offers.

Betting on Euro 2024 on 22Bet – Step-by-Step Guide

Placing your bets on the Euro 2024 couldn’t be any easier! 22Bet has a dedicated page covering the event, allowing the betting men to find everything in one place. Here’s a quick guide on how to place your bets on the grand tournament:

  1. Navigate to the official 22Bet website and sign in using your credentials.
  2. Once you’re logged in, look at the upper row of options. You’ll find a button for EU 2024. Click on it.
  3. This will bring you to the page covering the entire event. Scroll down to see all the matchups that are lined up for the event.
  4. Once you’re done checking out the page, choose any of the matchups. This will take you to the betting markets available for the game.
  5. The betting market is huge here, so take a moment to go through them. Then click on the market you want to place your bets on.
  6. Enter the amount you want to wager and click confirm.

And with that – you’ve successfully placed your bet on the sportsbook. All you need to do now is wait for the event to start.

Best Betting Markets for Euro 2024

With so many betting markets available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to place your wagers. Here are some of the most popular and potentially lucrative markets to consider for Euro 2024:

  • Match Winner:
    Match winner bets are pretty easy to win if you’ve got a decent idea of what each team is capable of. 22Bet also offers a 3-way betting option where you can choose between a home win, an away win, or a draw.
  • Correct Score:
    A riskier bet that often yields greater rewards where you need to predict the exact final score of the match.
  • Both Teams to Score:
    This one is a popular betting market where you decide whether both teams will score a goal during the match. 22Bet also lets you choose who will win the matchup in addition to both teams to score for a higher potential payoff.
  • Handicap Betting:
    This market levels the playing field by giving one team a virtual head start or disadvantage, allowing you to bet on the handicap result. It’s a pretty safe bet to make if you can predict the match’s outcome, but it usually offers better odds compared to match-winner bets.

Best Betting Tips and Strategy for Euro 2024

While betting on Euro 2024 can be exciting, it’s important to think with your head if you want to maximize your winnings. Having a solid strategy in place is non-negotiable. Here are some expert tips to help you win bets more consistently on Euro 2024:

  • Understand the Teams and Players:
    The more information you have, the higher your chances of making a correct prediction. Research the participating teams, their recent form, key players, and any injuries or suspensions that could impact their performance.
  • Analyze Head-to-Head Records:
    Past head-to-head records of the participating teams often reveal useful insights. Make sure you read up on their prior clashes to see if one team has a tactical advantage over the other.
  • Consider External Factors:
    Even seasoned bettors often overlook weather conditions or home-field advantage when placing a bet, but they can often play a big role in the match’s outcome. Factor these external elements into your analysis when you’re placing your bets.
  • Manage Your Bankroll:
    Set a betting bankroll and stick to it. Sometimes, it’s best to just cut your losses and call it a day. Establishing a proper bankroll prevents you from betting more than you can afford to lose.
  • Utilize Live Betting:
    In-play betting can be a game-changer, allowing you to react to match developments and capitalize on shifting odds. 22Bet’s live betting and streaming system lets you follow along with the match. Use it to your advantage to place some calculated in-play bets.
  • Stay Disciplined:
    Emotions can run high during major tournaments like Euro 2024. Remain disciplined and objective in your decision-making to avoid impulsive bets. Just because a team is your favorite doesn’t mean you need to bet on it. Use the data you acquired during research to make predictions instead of gambling blindly.

With Euro 2024 just around the corner, you can almost taste the electricity in the air. Football enthusiasts are getting ready to enjoy a month-long spectacle of top-class football, while bettors are setting up their bankroll for a generous payday. With a sportsbook like 22Bet on your side, you’ll be able to claim your share of the profits!

Hopefully, our betting tips and overview of the markets will help you get the most out of the bookmaker. As always, remember to gamble responsibly. Good luck!

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  • Indian Rupee as a currency
  • Very Competitive odds
  • Website available in Hindi
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